The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer

  • Published on: 13 January 2017
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild available now on Nintendo Switch!

    Available Now!

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    Forget everything you know about The Legend of Zelda games. Step into a world of discovery, exploration and adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a boundary-breaking new game in the acclaimed series. Travel across fields, through forests and to mountain peaks as you discover what has become of the ruined kingdom of Hyrule in this stunning open-air adventure.

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  • Runtime : 3:50
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  • Amyleigh Martindale
    Amyleigh Martindale   14 hours ago

    I have the game and I've played it through but watching this makes me want to get back into playing it. This is epic!

  • Nocturn Noya
    Nocturn Noya   1 days ago

    I'm just at 333 korogu 🤐😭... Mais je n'abandonne pas !

  • Psychic Pebbles
    Psychic Pebbles   1 days ago

    I remember when this made me want a switch the most I launch. I’ve always been in love with Zelda games

  • Helsic en China
    Helsic en China   1 days ago

    I finished it with 897 Koroks!!! I want to play it all over again! Such a magical game.

  • Insert name Here
    Insert name Here   1 days ago

    Masterpiece of a game seriously this game was did good not perfectly like everyone said it was in fact I can point out quite a few flaws this game has but god I don’t want to it’s just so good it may not be perfect but it’s still a masterpiece

  • MetBlayz 37
    MetBlayz 37   1 days ago

    End of Botw.Link - now that Ganon has been defeated Hyrule will be a peaceful place againBotw 2Ganon - thats where your wrong kiddo

  • Lettuce Bee
    Lettuce Bee   2 days ago

    Botw 1 trailer: lalala seems doable Happy sunshine horsies!Botw 2 trailer: basically a horror movie

  • Kevin Broderick
    Kevin Broderick   2 days ago

    2 reasons for coming back:the music of this trailer is remixed in Smash UltimateBOTW2

  • Patt Galloy
    Patt Galloy   2 days ago

    i've been coming here every once in a while since it came out to cry over the fact that i still can't afford a nintendo switch i'm okayn't

  • Julian Olavegoya
    Julian Olavegoya   2 days ago

    Woooowww still get chills from this after all these years

  • Birbily
    Birbily   2 days ago

    1:46. The epicness starts here

  • Jack Hyland
    Jack Hyland   4 days ago

    Came back because im starting to try and 100 percent it. Anyone else? Good luck!

  • Marrathans World
    Marrathans World   4 days ago

    É incrível como esse trailer me faz chorar de tempos em tempos quando o revejo é a mesma sensação que sinto quando tem a introdução no jogo, é uma mistura de emoções, lembranças e talvez nostalgia se é que isso é possível. É inexplicável <3

  • Arveen
    Arveen   5 days ago

    this theme is so good, yet nowhere to be seen in the game

  • Linda
    Linda   6 days ago

    Now i can finally afford this game. It‘s downloading right now and I‘m thrilled to play it for the very first time!

  • NinjaKidYT Paul
    NinjaKidYT Paul   1 weeks ago

    My Reaction: I love this gamegets it for b-daycompletes game in 6 hoursMom: Your done already??????!Me: To Easy

  • Sky Blue
    Sky Blue   1 weeks ago

    Nintendo:Put BOTW2 on the selfsMe:I think I'm ready to see what happend 2 years ago

  • João Pedro
    João Pedro   1 weeks ago

    I'm still watching this trailer until today

  • Gosmel
    Gosmel   1 weeks ago

    2:50Essa parte até hoje me faz arrepiar de tão épico.Essa música é muito BOA

  • Harrison Ingalls
    Harrison Ingalls   1 weeks ago

    I was 17 when this was announced. I remember bawling my eyes out with joy. I'm 20 now. And stillGet that tingling feeling when I watch this

  • maiguk
    maiguk   1 weeks ago

    Even up to today, I cannot be the only one that gets hella emotional over this trailer, don’t leave me hanging 🥺

  • Alex Martin
    Alex Martin   1 weeks ago

    Wow so glad I didn't see this trailer before playing the game through

  • Link Rinku
    Link Rinku   1 weeks ago

    This trailer is entirely well done. It's brilliant from the start to the end.On fact, when you analyse you can realize the purpose of each footage and speech. For example, to the end of trailer, the king says " my daughter" to remember us why this game is called ZELDA and "Open your eyes" in the end is the beginning of the adventure in the actual game (because after of all, this is just a trailer)

  • Martine Nergaard
    Martine Nergaard   1 weeks ago

    this game was so good I just wish there was an post-defeating-ganon part of the game :( genuinely depressed that its over

  • king storm
    king storm   1 weeks ago

    Who's watching this in November anxiously waiting for the release date time for botw2

  • Aer
    Aer   1 weeks ago

    I literally just started playing this game and I can't get my hands off. There's so much to explore.

  • nvir
    nvir   2 weeks ago

    Nintendo in 2019: Mario Maker, Mario Maker 2, Zelda Botw, Zelda Botw 2.... rip Zelda games