Getting Our Futures Read by PSYCHICS! (Love Life, Living Together, Marriage!?)

  • Published on: 05 March 2019
  • We met with the psychic twins to see what our futures hold. We Talked about many things including our futures on YouTube, Our love lives, living together, and marriage!?


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  • Runtime : 24:44
  • Dolan Twins Getting our futures read by physics psychic twins


  • Rae Lewinski
    Rae Lewinski   13 hours ago

    kinda spooky hearing them talk about them getting involved with charities after they posted their documentary about their father...

  • Puppy Flores
    Puppy Flores   15 hours ago

    14:30 they talk about them producing documentaries and just 1 day ago they produced and published their dads documentary😭❤️

  • — zeren —
    — zeren —   16 hours ago

    anyone here after they DID a documentation about their dad?

  • Elle Bee
    Elle Bee   1 days ago

    Watching this after their documentary about their father to see how many predictions have come true so far...

  • Sofia hey
    Sofia hey   1 weeks ago

    If u think about it it's actually creepy bc they know everything about u like what if u have something rlly secretive THEY KNOW HHHHHHAAAAAHHH OMG!!!!!!!

  • Julie Russell
    Julie Russell   2 weeks ago

    you have a pastlife connection to New Zealand? Forget buying a house in Australia boys, you need to come way down under good old Gods Own. New Zealand would suit your personalities and content being the Extreme outdoor and sports etc. You need to come!

  • sam boyko
    sam boyko   2 weeks ago

    hey ethan im always open for wife applications. so HMU idgaf im 12 years old.

  • Unicorn Love
    Unicorn Love   2 weeks ago


  • Sophia
    Sophia   2 weeks ago

    I got really sad when they said the girls they would meet would be talented and creative :,(

  • kawininja
    kawininja   2 weeks ago

    how could you not be twins in a past life? if youre a twin, youre a twin. idk that kind of disappointed me to hear

  • Beth Treasure
    Beth Treasure   3 weeks ago

    just me or was there an annoying ringing throughout the whole vid

  • Alexandra Pacheco
    Alexandra Pacheco   3 weeks ago

    I kept trying to imagine myself as graysons wife 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Alannis Vallarino
    Alannis Vallarino   4 weeks ago

    Terry: I can see you both married with at least two kids.Me: FUCK!!!

  • BlueChees
    BlueChees   1 months ago

    She said that Ethan was gonna eat something with dairy and in their video, where they're becoming Emma, he drank dairy. Idk i feel stupid lol

  • rewan ghoneim
    rewan ghoneim   1 months ago

    i predicted 9/11 so u can come visit me and i’ll predict all the good tea 😂😂

    TGHAMPS   1 months ago

    I have an identical twin sister and I loved this 😂😂

  • Jasmine Ramos
    Jasmine Ramos   1 months ago

    when they told them that they dont know the person they will love in the future i bet that ethan was sad because he knows emma lol

  • puffy yoongles
    puffy yoongles   1 months ago

    The word 'whole' on E's shirt look s as if I tried to write 'whole' with my left hand lmao😂

  • Marlie Mouton
    Marlie Mouton   1 months ago

    Everyone is obsessing over Grayson but my love is Ethan ❤️

  • Amber Knight
    Amber Knight   1 months ago

    Who’s here before all the “ WhOs HeRe In 2020?” Comments? 😂 x

  • Ela Land
    Ela Land   1 months ago

    Wait u should of asked if your future wife was like a fan or if she knows you

  • Liv Loeffler
    Liv Loeffler   1 months ago

    At 20:25 through like the rest of the time they were with the girls Grayson looks so embarrassed😂🥺Love you Gray!!♥️

  • Ashleigh Naugle
    Ashleigh Naugle   1 months ago

    I personally love the idea of the gym for people who have special needs. Most of my best friends have special needs and I know it would mean a lot them. For them to have a place to feel accepted

  • Andy Webster
    Andy Webster   1 months ago

    I kinda love how the first thing that happens is one of them gets Graysons name wrongEDIT: No hate to the twins though

  • Sld ayoz
    Sld ayoz   1 months ago

    Twins........!Dolan twins......!They both could be easily differentiated through their looks.

  • rojas acevedo
    rojas acevedo   1 months ago

    I was seeing the video and they mention 9/11 (part where it says it 6:22) and I just check the time and it’s 9:11pm I’m like shocked and scared and it’s about psychics.... yo I’m scared

  • Zayy F
    Zayy F   1 months ago

    i can imagine they were feeling so bad when they found out that they haven’t met their future partners. plus ethan broke up w emma soooo

  • Huda Alsaleh
    Huda Alsaleh   1 months ago

    Happy that Grayson is going to be a dad

  • Lillian Towery
    Lillian Towery   1 months ago

    OMG wait they plan to live with each other forever