Getting Our Futures Read by PSYCHICS! (Love Life, Living Together, Marriage!?)

  • Published on: 05 March 2019
  • We met with the psychic twins to see what our futures hold. We Talked about many things including our futures on YouTube, Our love lives, living together, and marriage!?


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  • Runtime : 24:44
  • Dolan Twins Getting our futures read by physics psychic twins


  • Da boss ;P
    Da boss ;P   4 hours ago

    Psychics: The girl you will end up with Is very talented, etc.Me: PLOT TWIST: the psychics want it to be them

  • katherines vibes
    katherines vibes   12 hours ago

    13:30 they ended up doing a cancer charity 16:15 they ended up getting a traveling van

  • Monique Mustra
    Monique Mustra   1 days ago

    Grayson : We want to buy a property in AustraliaMe : Fangirls in Australian

  • MarZ
    MarZ   1 days ago

    “I see you making films, documentaries..”. A year later they released their first documentary.

  • Turtle_Rifle_XD
    Turtle_Rifle_XD   2 days ago

    Psychics laughing so much that they actually guessed right. 10:16

  • hannah lembke
    hannah lembke   2 days ago

    when she said producing and documentaries my jaw dropped because of the one they’re making about their father

  • Ana Nieskes
    Ana Nieskes   3 days ago

    When Grayson says he thought he knew his wife 😔

  • Ashy H
    Ashy H   3 days ago

    Rest and take a break..not to feel obligated to make content..same thing shane asked to them to do and they are now doing. Interesting.

  • Georgia Stevens
    Georgia Stevens   4 days ago

    Omg I’m watching this in 2020 she just said she can see them making a documentary omfg losing a friend just came out

  • Samantha Mae Valeza
    Samantha Mae Valeza   4 days ago

    The psychics said that at some point in their lives they will take a step back and take care of themselves and they were right. Ps: hereafter they announced the end of weekly videos

  • Houda Albaba
    Houda Albaba   5 days ago

    Watching this back, so many things they predicted have actually happened and I'm kind of getting creeped out. 😅😅I think they should do a reaction video to this.

  • Nathalie Sardiñas
    Nathalie Sardiñas   5 days ago

    every one that shipped Emma and Ethan sobbed when they heard "you haven't met your wife yet" oof 😬

    TVD FAN   6 days ago

    Nobody:Not a single soul:Not even Donald Trump:Or Boris:Me: did they predict Corona Virus?!?!

  • Habxx 04
    Habxx 04   1 weeks ago

    They gon marry the merrell twins

  • Sadie Lam
    Sadie Lam   1 weeks ago

    Oh, my word! My brother has down syndrome! I wish you guys could meet him! I wish he could meet you guys! He loves working out and if you open a gym for people with special needs that would be amazing! <3

  • Caitlin Cope
    Caitlin Cope   1 weeks ago

    Making documentaries 😮 the one with their dad (rip mr Dolan) 🥺🤭 14:30

  • Banana Split
    Banana Split   1 weeks ago

    “Grayson thinks he’s found his soul mate like 7 times already” that’s the cutest thing I’ve heard all week 20:22

  • Emily Martinez
    Emily Martinez   1 weeks ago

    Watching this in 2020 and it’s crazy some things DID happen

  • Detective Taylor Swift

    I know that no one will see this comment cause this video is old. But in 5th grade I was just having a hard time, and I watched a physic Twins video and they said something along the lines of, “if you’re having a tough time and just need a day, look up and ask god.” I didn’t believe it would work but I did it anyway. That night I cried myself to sleep cause I was just sad and wasn’t happy, then the next day I woke up and there was a snow day. But there was no snow and wasn’t that cold. I didn’t believe it would work, but it did...

  • Klara Bilan
    Klara Bilan   1 weeks ago

    Wait grayson said "i thought i knew my wife but i guess i don't" UHM TEAA?!?!?

  • ok boomer
    ok boomer   1 weeks ago

    I like how I come here to get a smile on my face

  • G Chua
    G Chua   1 weeks ago

    After watching this I went to the psychic twins channel. Why did they stop making videos?

  • tracey pavett
    tracey pavett   1 weeks ago

    5 off the soulmate things they said fit my sister

  • Kyra Marquez
    Kyra Marquez   1 weeks ago

    Omg when they said “producing documentaries” I was like 🤯 they literally did !!

  • Lucy Zee
    Lucy Zee   1 weeks ago

    I want to know if the two girls are wearing wings so look sorry I really want to know...

  • Syd Vlogs
    Syd Vlogs   2 weeks ago

    i genuinely would love to marry gray but like i’m too young lol

  • Syd Vlogs
    Syd Vlogs   2 weeks ago

    grayson hasn’t met his wife- me screaming my heart out for joy

  • Connie B
    Connie B   2 weeks ago

    When she said your wife will be talented imagine billie eilish and grayson dolan together