Slow Lorus, Black Vulture & More w/ Jack Hanna, Betty White & Amar'e Stoudemire

  • Published on: 13 January 2016
  • Animal expert Jack Hanna brings along some friends, including a giant lizard and an Australian stick insect, for James, Betty White and Amar'e Stoudemire to see up close.

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  • Runtime : 8:33
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  • David Guile
    David Guile   5 hours ago

    Me: DAAAAW he brought betty some flowers wHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?!?

  • Ellen Karlsson
    Ellen Karlsson   1 days ago

    I love how Betty is not that interested until the giant lizard come out, then she's all like "Let me cuddle him!"

  • Lucas 7076
    Lucas 7076   3 days ago

    I had those stick insects as a kid and spent all my money on the cage and animal. And then died.

  • Tim Jung
    Tim Jung   3 days ago

    I miss David Letterman. :(

  • Black widow
    Black widow   1 weeks ago

    I had one of those when I was 8. Her name was nelly. And she was the most docile and loving animal I ever had. Out of ALL my reptiles at the time. She was my fav

  • ThePerson1357
    ThePerson1357   1 weeks ago

    Omg I love Betty “iiii don’t wanttt oneeee” I love it

  • ECU Tt
    ECU Tt   2 weeks ago

    Lmfaoooo Betty's reaction makes sense with the lizard after remembering her feeding the alligators in lake placid

  • Ant 1
    Ant 1   3 weeks ago

    Amar'e was a beast, just as athletically gifted than Dwight Howard. Too bad injuries stopped his career

  • Xi M
    Xi M   1 months ago

    Dont use your meaty hands!!Lol i swear to god it'll bite you! 😂😂😂😭😭

  • Rogelio Vidal
    Rogelio Vidal   1 months ago

    I love Jack he would take the fear of any animal from have no chance and he just simply hands it to you

  • taleenie weenie
    taleenie weenie   1 months ago

    Betty is the most beautiful woman inside and out. I absolutely adore her 🧡

  • Aaron Adams
    Aaron Adams   1 months ago

    Betty white a god damn living legend

  • Dani Kenney
    Dani Kenney   1 months ago

    Love Betty and Jack for their love of animals! I love them too

  • Potato
    Potato   1 months ago

    "don't worry i'm with you, you can trust me" that part was hilarious

  • exo's vocals
    exo's vocals   1 months ago

    "She'd wear 3 leaves, id wear 1 leaf" lmaooo

  • Ferrets7
    Ferrets7   1 months ago

    don't put your meaty hand down there

  • DocMalk
    DocMalk   1 months ago

    Jack doesnt know what day it is lol.

  • Zach yamakoshi
    Zach yamakoshi   2 months ago

    it's so funny how he said here kitty and James said it wasn't a cat 😂😂

  • Zach yamakoshi
    Zach yamakoshi   2 months ago

    the thing James should do is let the man give the information before doing anything

  • Random Person
    Random Person   2 months ago

    Is it just me or that lizard is wearing lipstick?

  • errieta zeha
    errieta zeha   3 months ago

    Does the animal guy seems unprofessional only to me?

  • Justin Wilcox
    Justin Wilcox   3 months ago

    whoever disliked this why are you gay lol Betty White is in this

  • Kate 1221
    Kate 1221   3 months ago

    for a guy who knows so much about animals he sure has no idea what he is doing

  • Kudmond
    Kudmond   3 months ago

    Umm chillest black guy on a talk show with animals?

  • CristinaM
    CristinaM   3 months ago

    just came from Jimmy Kimmel's animal videos where they hold and pet cute animals and this dude is just like YEET here's a scorpion on you no bid deal

  • Swapnil Sahu
    Swapnil Sahu   4 months ago

    in 1988 jack embarrassed so much. he beaten by beaver in david latter man show.he tried to do so many things but nothing worked 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣i love his expression though.act like no idea whats happening.

  • JAWHeals
    JAWHeals   4 months ago

    Ugh how do you call a bird? Ugh come here... Ugh Here kitty kitty.