First "Simple" Mods for my 2020 Toyota Supra!

  • Published on: 11 August 2019
  • Special thanks to GP Customs and SunTek Films:

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    Special thanks Calen for the b-roll footage!
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    Ooyy - Retriever from Epidemic Sound
  • Runtime : 13:47
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  • Z4VIAT10N 26
    Z4VIAT10N 26   3 weeks ago

    RIP the bird it tried to take a closer look at the supra and you know

  • NeonCreeperLord
    NeonCreeperLord   1 months ago

    No Kidding you were about 10 miles from me at the start of the video

  • Jerry Lopez
    Jerry Lopez   1 months ago

    At first I thought it was whiteboy7thst maybe twin

  • Robin Mwangi
    Robin Mwangi   1 months ago

    U are the man u are the first. To have a supra 2020!

  • cathy naval
    cathy naval   2 months ago


  • frostwolf_ jdm
    frostwolf_ jdm   2 months ago

    I live here bruh it was on car spotters on Facebook and i was mad

  • Walter FJK
    Walter FJK   2 months ago

    Man love the energy and content! You are an amazing person James!

  • Cole Fawcett
    Cole Fawcett   2 months ago

    How much time would having window tint shave off the qtr mile time being a mod and all ??

  • Ritvik A
    Ritvik A   3 months ago

    When u live in omaha and missed out on stradman visiting your city

  • Scott Meridew
    Scott Meridew   3 months ago

    Welcome to the beautiful state of Utah ... where there is only one road in and out ... lol.

  • Charko
    Charko   3 months ago

    speaking of Carbon, i found a Bugati Chiron 1/40 delivered to the US and to the world Full exposed Carbon Chiron

  • trunks ko
    trunks ko   3 months ago

    pesssewwww ... lady and gentleman

  • jonleigh1001
    jonleigh1001   3 months ago

    Car looks mean (apart from the red mirrors)

  • Daniel Gamer 8
    Daniel Gamer 8   3 months ago

    The Stradman: This thing needs an exhaust!! (Aka The thing being the Subaru)Me: smh I agree dude The Stradman: In some scenarios this car sounds amazing!!!Me: wait what... 🤨

  • Vong Lee
    Vong Lee   3 months ago

    Even if I have money I will not buy that BMW.

  • Jake Jackson
    Jake Jackson   3 months ago

    I just met the owner of gp customs and got rev his new Supra amazing car

  • Shawn White
    Shawn White   3 months ago

    Did you forget to put music on the Cinematics?

  • pittbullninja
    pittbullninja   3 months ago

    He said cams... its it's a pushrod tho 😅

  • tjissabird
    tjissabird   3 months ago

    I know exactly what road that Senna drove on thats crazy