Inside Billie Eilish's Tragic Real Life Story |⭐ OSSA Radar

  • Published on: 18 May 2019
  • Billie Eilish is one of the youngest superstars ever. You will be surprised to hear what Billie Eilish age was when she wrote her first song Fingers Crossed.

    Thanks to early Billie Eilish songs, within a couple of years Billie Eilish earned a net worth of $5 million! It all would not be real without Billie Eilish's brother Finneas and constant support of the Billie Eilish family.

    Her first international hit "Ocean Eyes" brought her insane popularity and led to the decision to make a debut album "When We All Fall Asleep." This album made millions of fans wonder about the question: "where do we go in our dreams?" Though all the popularity brought Billie not only pleasant stuff.

    For instance, the word found out about Billie Eilish's Tourette syndrome. And so she was forced to explain her decease publicly. During pauses between the tours, Billie Eilish depression becomes stronger and seems that nothing can help her to deal with that.

    Recently Billie Eilish visited Ellen show and fans got to know about the relationship between Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber.

    As it turned out, the girl had a huge crush on Bieber and finally, Billie Eilish got the chance to meet her idol on Coachella. The two became really friendly ever since.

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  • synchromorph
    synchromorph   1 weeks ago

    The way Billie talks reminds me of an ultra hot young woman who I ultimately rejected because she couldn't stop lying. I think she was so used to lying to guys she wasn't interested in that when she got around ones she was, it had become a habit, an unconscious defense mechanism. One day she asked me if I had any weed. I said yeah. She asked where it was. I told her it was in my apartment. She asked what it was doing there. I asked, "How else am I supposed to get you into my apartment?" It was obvious she was DTF, but on the way there, another lie. It was the straw that broke the camel's back. We get to my apartment, she makes a beeline to my kitchen and sort of bends over my stove, and I didn't act on it. Then she sat on my couch and I sat on the floor. No matter how attracted we were to each other, uh uh, no way. At one point, she even married another guy and had a kid with him to try to make me jealous. No matter how hot she was, it just wasn't worth it. She ended up leaving him because of domestic violence. Her lies and games probably drove him to it. Sometimes a beautiful woman is like a bullet that you're lucky to dodge.

    HAZEL HARTWIG   1 weeks ago

    It's her way of thinking that's depressing not her back story. I don't understand her so I can't say more than that. I don't even like her music. Her songwriting is good but the music is just too dark for me. I am not a Billie Eilish fan. In fact, I strongly dislike her. If ur a fan of hers don't chew me. Just my opinion. I have to understand where an artist comes from to enjoy there music.

  • The risen Phoenix
    The risen Phoenix   1 weeks ago

    I haven't watched the video and I'll edit this later, but I just wanted to say asking someone is like asking someone why they were born. They don't know exactly why they just know it happened someday. I'm in no way a fan of Billie, I just wanted to say this.

  • Micaiah Scott
    Micaiah Scott   1 weeks ago

    Actually only finneas wrote ocean eyes and he gave the song to Billie to sing it because he thought it would sound better with her voice so they didn’t both write the song

  • Vivek tomar
    Vivek tomar   1 weeks ago

    Whatever happens to her,I will always Love her

  • nobody
    nobody   2 weeks ago

    fun fact: just bc someone is rich and have money doesn't mean their life is all unicorns and cupcakes, celebrity's are ppl just like us, they have feelings just like us, and when they talk about depression they are not attention seeking, they are letting other ppl know( who struggle w the same thing) that it is ok and they are not alone, billie held back from talking about depression but when she got happier she started to talk about it so ppl w depression can see that you just need to be patient and your time will come, also some of the celebrities saved ppl life bc they talk bout this things.... just keep that in mind

  • nobody
    nobody   2 weeks ago

    the tragic is that she was actually clinical depressed but she is in a better place now

  • Jacqueline Jellybean
    Jacqueline Jellybean   3 weeks ago

    Billie eilish was friends with xxxtentation and when he died she was so sad 😞

  • Shubhadeep Dam
    Shubhadeep Dam   3 weeks ago

    Bellie EyelashIs this a comment ?Yeah....and it's enough 😎

  • Edward Garner
    Edward Garner   4 weeks ago

    turrets my ass.. sulky sooky.. generally up herself syndrome.. enter drugs = ?

  • Dr. Gill
    Dr. Gill   1 months ago

    She just want to be spiritual & religious but she can't get it!

  • Catfish sensei
    Catfish sensei   1 months ago

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm depressedI amnot like the other guys, I know a lot so I'm depressed. It's so sad to just sit here waiting for my death. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaNobody understands me. And I'm 14 WAAAAAAAAAA.....WAAAAAAAAA. IM SO depressed. The very thought of human being living in a illusion is so depressing. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......waaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Meera Varma
    Meera Varma   1 months ago

    1 in 5 people have a mental illness. It's way more common than you think. So next time don't try to use mental illness as clickbait.

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman   1 months ago

    Having listened to popular music from the 1920s through to today’s fare… Yes, Billie Eilish is overrated, overhyped and overly pretentious. And she’s laughing all the way to the bank.Musically… Her music isn’t particularly creative or even remotely original. It is derivative. Borrowed from pop, R&B, blues, folk, etc…Lyrically…Oh, my… yet another angst ridden young woman who tries to sound like she knows what real pain and suffering is. Meandering lyrical gobbeldigook. It is saying next to nothing in a way that has been employed by too many young pop stars in the past. A 17 year old generally knows NOTHING about life, as a rule.

  • lil Doggo
    lil Doggo   1 months ago

    Damn you call this tragic it makes me upset that this is considered tragic bruh my life is. Alie

  • Hobert Ball
    Hobert Ball   2 months ago

    She became a star because she’s awsome

  • its Dizzle
    its Dizzle   2 months ago

    1:35 i thought so he said "little billie" I'm done !! lol

  • Peter James Ledwith
    Peter James Ledwith   3 months ago

    Play with darkness....not suprising she is depressed. Look at her empty.

  • Adrian
    Adrian   3 months ago

    Did you think worshiping and promoting satan and the new world order would set you free? Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

  • Pomegranate Omar
    Pomegranate Omar   3 months ago

    Let’s be realShe’s faking all thisMy opinion, respect it

  • AstroTutorial -Tuli Mukhopadhyay

    Billie at 16: Writes songs and wins Grammys.Me at 16: Depressed because I am studying a course I am not good at. And no one appreciates my sketching skills.Edit: I threw my artist pencils in the rubbish.