Inside Tyler Perry’s 300-Acre Studio Compound in Atlanta | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • Published on: 07 November 2019
  • Today we take you to Atlanta, Georgia to tour the sprawling Tyler Perry Studios. Home to productions like Marvel’s “Black Panther” and AMC Networks’ “The Walking Dead,” the self-made entertainment legend’s production compound is larger than Warner Bros. and Walt Disney’s Burbank studios combined. 12 newly-dedicated sound stages are joined by an entire backlot neighborhood called “Maxineville,” featuring a perfect replica of Madea’s house. Tyler Perry Studios is the centerpiece of Georgia’s burgeoning film industry and a testament to the vision, success, and generosity of its founder.

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    Inside Tyler Perry’s 300-Acre Studio Compound in Atlanta | Open Door | Architectural Digest
  • Runtime : 10:11
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  • Sean P
    Sean P   11 hours ago

    Soul gone while back

  • Sean P
    Sean P   11 hours ago

    When he says h e l l, he actually means it, demon puppet, o bama and oprah, goat lucy minions

  • wanda harris
    wanda harris   14 hours ago

    Congrats Mr. Perry on achieving your dreams. The world is yours.

  • Nasir Lanier
    Nasir Lanier   14 hours ago

    If you watch Madea Movies when it was in its Early Building Stages You can see Madea has Nothing but Grassland Next to her House

  • Michelle Boyd
    Michelle Boyd   15 hours ago

    I love this type of carrying on. You're doing GREAT things Tyler Perry. God bless you!!!

  • James Chandler
    James Chandler   1 days ago

    Hey, Tyler Perry, how are you? I was wondering if I can't get you to direct a script I wrote to make a movie, could I sell it to you?

  • willie williams
    willie williams   1 days ago

    Hollywood isn't the Only show in Town Anymore.....Move In Peace My Brother.....He's opening Doors where there were Few....Blessed!

  • wesley robinson
    wesley robinson   1 days ago

    The guy who makes horrible and degrading black jokes...???

  • Jahworldinc.
    Jahworldinc.   2 days ago

    Dream big and see that it comes to pass because dreams no matter how big it seem can come to pass.

    ROSALYN WAWIRA   2 days ago

    No one has a reason to not dream and hope and love. Godbles Tyler, you are the greatest.

  • Connie Nobles
    Connie Nobles   2 days ago

    That was simply magnificent Tyler!!! You are a natural of stellar quality.

  • Thomsa Davidson
    Thomsa Davidson   2 days ago

    God bless you Tyler Perry keep up the good work of being a great person what you did for covid-19 for people I would love to meet you one day and have a beer with you and maybe have a small part in your fantastic Venture just to meet you my name is Thomas Davidson I live in Chandler Arizona be strong stay strong

  • Catina Miller
    Catina Miller   2 days ago And And. And.

  • Catina Miller
    Catina Miller   2 days ago

    Tyler,Tyler this breaks my heart. I thought you had escaped making a FAUSTIAN BARGAIN but now I 👀 it's all lie.. You the so called Elite have sold humanity out. And. And. And. And. And. And. And. And. And. And. And.

  • Beverly Nixon
    Beverly Nixon   2 days ago

    Love everything about this! Tyler Perry is a genius!!!! Godspeed!

  • jordan selemani
    jordan selemani   2 days ago

    The living room he was in at the last video was the living room of the guy who became rich in acrimony 😂🙏🏿

  • Ikram Hussain
    Ikram Hussain   3 days ago

    Hate or love his films you cannot deny this mans hard work ethic and ambitions.

  • Garvel St.Fleur
    Garvel St.Fleur   3 days ago

    With this purchase. Atlanta is Now officially BLACK HOLLYWOOD

  • Vanessa Opitz
    Vanessa Opitz   4 days ago

    One day I will act for his studios. Love the end message!

  • Katherine Kass
    Katherine Kass   4 days ago

    May 30, 2020 THANK YOU for helping save America from the Russians!

  • Emma Oto-Pale
    Emma Oto-Pale   4 days ago

    TYLER PERRY IS A LEGEND!!! This is amazing. And to think this is just the beginning of his "Tyler Perry Studio" :D I love how Madea makes some appearances as well ;) <3 Mahalo for this inspiration!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Jason Jantjies
    Jason Jantjies   4 days ago

    how does 1k people dislike this ???.....a man, once poor now living his legacy

    RDRC RC   4 days ago

    Actor malisimo y como escritor peor

  • Pauline Ford
    Pauline Ford   4 days ago

    And he’s always helping people....So beautiful... his property and his heart. God bless you Tyler Perry!!!

  • alex
    alex   4 days ago

    my friend’s rich grandparents are his neighbors haha