Do Teens Know Their Parent's Favorite 90s Hip Hop Songs? | React: Do They Know It?

  • Published on: 04 August 2019
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    Do Teens Know Their Parent's Favorite 90s Hip Hop Songs? | React: Do They Know It?
  • Runtime : 11:56
  • Do Teens Know Their Parent's Favorite 90s Hip Hop Songs? Tupac Biggie 90s Hip Hop 90s music Will Smith do they know it react reaction thefinebros fine brothers fine brothers entertainment finebros fine bros fbe laugh challenge try not to laugh try to watch without laughing or grinning react gaming People Vs food staff reacts lyric breakdown poker face the 10s guess that dtki1926


    REACT   6 months ago

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  • Zykiera
    Zykiera   6 months ago

    "I've Failed you" lol

  • Kiya Lee Levy Runaya
    Kiya Lee Levy Runaya   6 months ago

    How in the F can you have never heard a 2Pac song like Dear Mama? O.o these kids living under technology rocks or something? xD

  • MrNissetuta
    MrNissetuta   6 months ago

    that white kid need a god slap so his brain activates... how do i know the name of this song? His mom - couse he say it over and over again.... omg i just want to slap him lol

  • queentalktoomuch
    queentalktoomuch   6 months ago

    Next time bring Jackson’s mom on here... but without Jackson. Thanks❤️

  • Crystal Rico
    Crystal Rico   6 months ago

    “I’ve failed you” lady your child failed himself 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  • James Matthew
    James Matthew   6 months ago

    dear mama comes on"come on, you gotta know this""i don't tho"SHE FACE REACTION!! SAME LMFAOOOO

  • SquidTeamSIX
    SquidTeamSIX   6 months ago

    That blonde mom a FREAK!! YES I will take one of her to go lmao

  • eduardo66109
    eduardo66109   6 months ago

    Dream Theater, plssssss 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Kyra and Jocie
    Kyra and Jocie   6 months ago

    I knew every lyric to all of these lmao I'm 16 my dad taught me well

  • Jacqueline Marie
    Jacqueline Marie   6 months ago

    The fact these are now considered classics hurt my heart..i just realized im old.

  • The Locust God
    The Locust God   6 months ago

    Listen. No one sincerely likes Vanilla Ice. That woman is a liar. She lies.

  • ShAdOw DuSt 1946
    ShAdOw DuSt 1946   6 months ago

    Do this the other way around with the teens new hip hop rap music

  • ShAdOw DuSt 1946
    ShAdOw DuSt 1946   6 months ago

    The white kid with the long hair is such a nerddddd I don’t know how but some how he made me mad

  • Fudge_BarZ
    Fudge_BarZ   6 months ago

    I never wanna hear a white woman say the 90s had the greatest hip hop again

  • Tia Alexandria
    Tia Alexandria   6 months ago

    I agree with Trudy the mom 90s had the best hip pop anything after the 90s sucks for the most part

  • Nace Ops
    Nace Ops   6 months ago

    I got an heartbrake when they don't know dear mama

  • Jeff H
    Jeff H   6 months ago

    I watched this twice in a row just to watch Zoe's reactions...:) And Trudy on a couple too...:)

  • Gagey Gage Designs
    Gagey Gage Designs   6 months ago

    The blonde haired mom was like "I failed you" lol. Loved her reactions!

  • Joey Mamiscal
    Joey Mamiscal   6 months ago

    The blonde mom was always my reaction when this kids dont know 90s songs.

  • cecilia torres
    cecilia torres   6 months ago

    Omg Tupac should still be relevant today. His albums need to be re-released. ❤️

  • Kiri Fuller
    Kiri Fuller   6 months ago

    Love how disappointed the blonde mum looks 😂

  • Quiz Gifts
    Quiz Gifts   6 months ago

    8:29 i love the look on her face :D

  • Mattnis
    Mattnis   6 months ago

    Personaly I was way better than everyone

  • Pouya Fard
    Pouya Fard   6 months ago

    these are the coolest parents in the whole universe!!!and there's my parents be like: what's rap?? :/

  • Jose Rocha
    Jose Rocha   6 months ago

    8:27 when you realize you raised your child wrong 😂