Saying Hello and Goodbye; Tilly's Story

  • Published on: 09 March 2013
  • I made this video in memory of our daughter Tilly Jean. After a very healthy pregnancy her heartbeat was not found at my 39 week appointment, and she was pronounced stillborn for an unknown cause. She was born 12/12/12, one day before her due date. This video documents the 9 months and 12 hours we were able to spend with our sweet Tilly. She was a beautiful baby and is now our beautiful guardian angel. We miss her every second of everyday and she will forever be in our hearts.
  • Runtime : 9:44
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  • Gabriela Adell
    Gabriela Adell   4 hours ago

    😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️ happy seven years little angel up above

  • Smart Cat
    Smart Cat   1 weeks ago

    This was on recomend I just decided to see what it was about I'm glad I stated rip tilly we miss u and wish we could have more time with us here on earth but god need you to look out for tour mommy and daddy we will meet u in heven 1 day

  • Safia Diba
    Safia Diba   1 weeks ago

    We love you forever in our hearts 😇😇😇💞💞

  • Oneda Deloach
    Oneda Deloach   1 weeks ago

    I don’t know how I ended up here but REST IN PEACE SUNSHINE 🙏🏽

  • chilady 3
    chilady 3   1 weeks ago

    So sorry for your loss...😢

  • PJ Celeste
    PJ Celeste   1 weeks ago

    I cannot even imagine the pain of the loss of a child, I do not think I would survive. My heart breaks, she was so beautiful.

  • Linda Edvardsson
    Linda Edvardsson   1 weeks ago

    🥺♥️👼🏼.. so sweet❣️ Im soo sorry for your loss😢♥️..

  • Estefani Evaristo
    Estefani Evaristo   2 weeks ago

    I can’t even imagine how every mom most of felt, I am sorry for each mom’s loss

  • Melissa Nisbet
    Melissa Nisbet   2 weeks ago

    I think it I did the math correct she will be about eight. Happy birthday (or happy late birthday) little one! You were absolutely beautiful. You are a blessing tilly!

  • *Giraffe-Gamer-Roblox*
    *Giraffe-Gamer-Roblox*   1 months ago

    Plz replyIs the number 13 unlucky or lucky for you?It’s my lucky number I was born on the 13th if December and 13 weeks early But I’m fine!!

  • Leslie Janicke
    Leslie Janicke   1 months ago

    Sweetie, we were blessed with our first grandson for 20 days. We didn’t get to hold him til he went home into our Lord’s Blessed Arms, we also have held an Angel. My heart bleeds for you’s.

  • Jillian Leary
    Jillian Leary   1 months ago

    Omg 😱😢 that’s so sad I can’t believe she died to soon I’m so sorry for your loss I know I’m about to cry 😢

  • Cassandra Barron
    Cassandra Barron   1 months ago

    Hugs an love I lost my twin boys 12/05/12 an my newest angel son 04/27/19 I have 6 angels altogether

  • Deusdedid Plumey
    Deusdedid Plumey   1 months ago

    I can tell you, this happenned to me in the year 2000. My baby would have been 19 years old by now. I can tell you, the pain of losing your precoius baby will never dissappear, it will always be fresh, it will always take your breath away, like it has just happenned. The way I see it, I NEVER want to forget that pain, because I NEVER want to forget my child. It is my way of honoring her for ever. I am so sorry this happenned to you, but you will see you baby again in heaven. There has to be a GOD that allows things like this to happen and I want to believe it was for a good reason. You have a angel in heaven now. God bless you and help you to live with this loss. A big hug to you my sister.

  • Depressed_ LifeX
    Depressed_ LifeX   1 months ago

    My big brother would be 24 but he lived 1hr and 3secs before he died he was my mom's only son but she got pregnant with another boy but miscarriage and now she has 3 girls

  • Kingdom Freedom
    Kingdom Freedom   2 months ago

    We celebrate this beautiful life conceived in Love., so also do we mourn this families loss to soon. All the expectancy, in hoped for., yet she was made Perfectly Precious, adorned within their hearts forevermore. Never forgotten, always with them, near their side, for Love is Eternal.

  • Jodi Goswellen
    Jodi Goswellen   2 months ago

    You were loved by your earthly parents do very much.... Now you have gone home to your heavenly home.RIP TILLY....

  • sistergabriel fassl
    sistergabriel fassl   2 months ago

    My sister's baby died days before she was born. The doctors didn't know why either..... So sorry for your loss.

  • Jenny H
    Jenny H   2 months ago

    I'm so sorry for your loss. She is your guardian angel now 😇🙏

  • Ellen Stephens
    Ellen Stephens   3 months ago

    Fakec story you can tell it is a fake baby doll

  • Ry Axel Albano
    Ry Axel Albano   3 months ago

    I aborted my baby because im too young but the baby was 18 weeks already. Today is the baby’s 1st month of being born and leaving us at the same time. Feb 22, 2020. I miss my baby even if i didn’t want it here. I agree, they are all angels now. We will miss them always. I hope for anyone who has the same pain, that you can do it and that everyone is here for you. I miss my baby too so so much.

  • Jessica Coulter
    Jessica Coulter   3 months ago

    😭😭😭 I'm so sorry for your loss it kinda reminded me of my sisters type of story she was at 29 weeks with no heart beat

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie   3 months ago

    So sorry :( what a sweet angel..Life can be so unfair 🥺