Making Our Skin Hydrophobic

  • Published on: 25 August 2019
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    In today's video we're testing out the properties of several different types of waterproofing solutions. With that, we'll see if we can waterproof ourselves and see if we can make some really cool sidewalk designs that appear when it rains.

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  • Runtime : 12:14
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  • edenrisk
    edenrisk   1 days ago

    How do I clean it off? Do I take a shower?

  • Kid Science
    Kid Science   1 days ago

    7:32 "Don't try this at home."me: "oh, you can just wash it of- , oh yehhh"

  • Cat World
    Cat World   1 days ago

    To water 💦 prove your clothes

  • Spee YT
    Spee YT   2 days ago

    Ill just bath in oil to be super hydrophobich

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept0   3 days ago

    Neat idea about having designs in your driveway for when it rains. As for people being waterproof, they're kind of like phone, they're waterproof unless you get water in a certain part of the device 😂😂😂

  • EonAiry
    EonAiry   4 days ago

    Wait... if you get the repellent on your body , you can’t wash it off

  • CYD scittels
    CYD scittels   4 days ago

    i wanted to watch this because i was gonna do this at home

  • Xxcrystal KittyxX
    Xxcrystal KittyxX   5 days ago

    Wait is there a water proof liquid remover because u can’t just wash it off

  • Loula Daoundakis
    Loula Daoundakis   1 weeks ago

    Take your wealth. Give me custom stencil out will make a stencil with your loved one and then put it on that thing. Is it called a driveway? I know that it is called a driveway. But is it yours Kali? And my sister's name is Callie. And do you have a c or a k? Cuz my sister has a c. Are the for Stiletto?

  • R3D KN1GHT
    R3D KN1GHT   1 weeks ago

    7:45) if you wanna get to the point of the video

  • Jamie Guy
    Jamie Guy   1 weeks ago

    Spray deodorant on your arm it also works

  • VOID
    VOID   1 weeks ago

    I wonder if oil will work....

  • Bili
    Bili   1 weeks ago

    Making our skin homophobic

  • Ahmed Hatem
    Ahmed Hatem   1 weeks ago

    Isn't human skin sufficiently waterproof already?

  • Guy Sparta
    Guy Sparta   1 weeks ago

    I live in Scotland so it always rains

  • Lukas Mui
    Lukas Mui   2 weeks ago

    Making our selfs water proof opens video ok video over done

  • Gacha Devil
    Gacha Devil   2 weeks ago

    You guys help me with my science class. Now I know things other students don't. T-T

  • Oscar Rennie
    Oscar Rennie   2 weeks ago

    Imagine if you put water repellent was to put in a swimming pool what would happen

  • Bethany Cuadra
    Bethany Cuadra   2 weeks ago

    Make a giant mural with the never wet.Freeze dry never wet, i would love to see that.

  • CA Ac
    CA Ac   2 weeks ago

    it's happened when i soap used

  • alexa mae
    alexa mae   2 weeks ago

    Method 1:This videoMethod 2:flex tape

  • Ron Fink
    Ron Fink   3 weeks ago

    What would happen if you put never wet on the bottom of a pool

  • 8ank3r
    8ank3r   3 weeks ago

    How about a mural of a kid with an umbrella and raindrops and background on a wall?

  • R Marsh
    R Marsh   3 weeks ago

    Never wet a clear balloons inside and fill it with water.