Game Theory: Death by NIGHTMARE! (Try To Fall Asleep)

  • Published on: 24 March 2020
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    Try To Fall Asleep is an indie horror game that has taken my Theorist brain by storm. Since playing it, I HAD to do a theory. The story revolves around our player character, a man tormented by hallucinations while awake AND asleep. We have to try to fall asleep for our own good, or so our Doctor says. I am going to piece together all of the puzzle pieces of our time awake and dreaming to figure out what is going on at the CENTER of this awesome horror game. Let's go!

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Runtime : 16:5
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  • ManlyBadassHero
    ManlyBadassHero   1 weeks ago

    Oh hey it's me at the far back, and Mark is caressing my face for some reason, what. 1:29

  • diamond dolphin101
    diamond dolphin101   1 hours ago

    The fact that this a real thing and that I am a 32 year old man turning 33 this month is unnerving. I couldn’t sleep last night and went to bed at 4 when the sun started to come up.

  • no no
    no no   1 hours ago

    so sleep paralysis???

  • Roslee Hm
    Roslee Hm   1 hours ago

    I'm a 10 yr old and I stay up all night for no reason when I force my self to sleep I can't

  • Kitty Pie
    Kitty Pie   1 hours ago

    Ima Lucide dreamerOne time I had a night mare and a guy was trying to slap me, I cryed but then I thought: WAiT IM IN A DREAM! I used all my force and slapped him back. I almost woke up but he grabbed me by the feet. But I kicked him and I woke up.

  • Tabitha Schultz
    Tabitha Schultz   2 hours ago

    Good God, what video games has taught me is that 1987 was a B A D Y E A R

  • Equilibrium
    Equilibrium   3 hours ago

    If you get a bangungot you need to do your best to wake up immediatly

  • baka neko-chan
    baka neko-chan   4 hours ago

    Freshman year of college, I scheduled myself for 100 hour weeks between work and school. The 100 hour week did not include time to do homework, eat, sleep, spend time with my now fiance, my family, my friends and exercise. My first class always started at 8am, I always got up at five thirty am and ran three miles before class started in order to help keep me awake. I slept maybe four hours every few days. Maybe. I started hallucinating within my first few weeks of school, the main things I saw were shadow people just in the environment, usually coming close, staring at me and then running away whenever I approach. I also frequently saw my childhood nanny dog just out of the corner of my eye, but she was gone as soon as I turned to look at her. I frequently mistook strangers for people I knew, it wasn't until I would hear their voice to be able to identify the person. Only dark colored walls pulsed. Light colored environments would usually constantly fade in and out of focus. As far as auditory hallucinations I mainly heard my name, my loved ones yelling something I couldn't understand, my dog yelling (I have a husky) and the phrases "come here!" And "where are you?" By the end of the school year I had been hospitalized twice, both for different medical issues. I was forced to take a break from school after my family found out I was self harming to stay awake and my now fiance having to stop me from jumping off the math and science building. I'm better now. Done with school and I get my first class of kindergartners next semester. I always warn others about the danger of pushing yourself too hard in school. Sorry for the long comment, thought MatPat might find my experience interesting.

  • Dino Big Boii
    Dino Big Boii   4 hours ago

    At 12:17 when he stated all the symptoms.... I had experienced all of them and then he said, death. And I am only 12. Should I be scared?

  • David Zhang
    David Zhang   5 hours ago

    But when u fall asleep ur brain actually is very busy making dreams and it’s not resting at all soooooo

  • Furno Prime
    Furno Prime   5 hours ago

    15:25 The Doctor here looks like he's straight out of Roblox

  • Sonia
    Sonia   5 hours ago

    My name is Yoshikage Kira. I’m 33 years old.

  • Mangle girl
    Mangle girl   6 hours ago

    I don’t see what the big problem is with dying in dreams, I have actually died in a dream before without waking up, I think it might have actually happened more than once

  • Kakizoreo
    Kakizoreo   6 hours ago

    Anyone know that the name of that song used at 2:15 it's kinda catchy

  • Mangle girl
    Mangle girl   6 hours ago

    I’ve been trying to fall asleep for the last 10 hours to no avail

  • Razzale
    Razzale   7 hours ago

    5:38 its sleep paralysis

  • Shadow woods
    Shadow woods   9 hours ago

    Me: * Sees tom nook * Also me: * grabs le cross * begone demon

  • ezen chuo
    ezen chuo   9 hours ago

    8-bitryan did a play through already if I’m not mistaken but yeah a reminder is still so cool😂

  • MLG M4R1U2
    MLG M4R1U2   9 hours ago

    Studies: “not sleeping is indeed fatal so please sleep 8 hours every day to Stay healthy” Schools: “1 take it or leave it”

  • Fulgur Killua 00
    Fulgur Killua 00   9 hours ago

    wait why does this seem like its one of our Filipino scary story things?

  • Mizan 420
    Mizan 420   9 hours ago

    Can sleep cure my depression?

  • noohin seifi
    noohin seifi   11 hours ago

    That happenes to me many times but I'm 15 instead of being 33.Whyyyy😑

  • timelessninja
    timelessninja   11 hours ago

    Yeah, that account where the guy couldn't move and he saw dark shape attack him, that's totally sleep paralysis. It happens to me like once a week. It's always some threatening presence, but it's generally different from one episode to the next. Sometimes I'll be the same for a few nights in a row, but it like's to mix things up to keep me on my toes. Totally terrifying, but from what I can tell, non life threatening.

  • Tengens Gf
    Tengens Gf   12 hours ago

    He forgot coryxkhenshin but that's okay-

  • Tyler
    Tyler   13 hours ago

    im just happy you know who John Wolfe is

  • Caden Wininger
    Caden Wininger   13 hours ago

    Mat, I prefer watching youtube when no one is up to interrupt me. But I have stayed up so long that I was starting getting the sleepy paranoia. And then I made the slight mistake of clicking on this and having my light off. I nearly crapped my pants at the beginning man. I might NOT go to sleep.

  • Ece Atalay
    Ece Atalay   13 hours ago

    As if I needed any other reason to avoid sleep

  • *Mewtwo Chan*
    *Mewtwo Chan*   15 hours ago

    I Shouldn't Have Watched This Before Bed...........................

  • Bitch Aholic
    Bitch Aholic   15 hours ago

    I know its not completely related but as a kid I would go into a sort of coma when I would reach the REM state of sleep. You could slap, yell or shake me but nothing would make me wake up. Doctors were baffled/they didnt know what it was and their recommendation was waking me up before getting to thay stage. I did not remeber this until my mom told me. I have no clue what it could have been but Its interesting. Its the total opposite of try to sleep.

  • Knarly Wisard69
    Knarly Wisard69   16 hours ago

    nobody; high school studentsedit: i've only stayed awake for 2 days and i have experienced all of these symptoms

  • Rotten Egg
    Rotten Egg   17 hours ago

    One of the monsters lookslike killer queen

  • Ledet Brothers
    Ledet Brothers   18 hours ago

    If this kind of “nightmare death” was in Steven Universe, Steven would be dead in season 3 at least