Can you use Honey as Engine Oil? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 19 November 2018
  • Many viewers requested we test honey or maple syrup as engine oil. So, what will happen to an engine if honey is used in place of engine oil? In a previous video, we tested sugar in gas and the engine survived. Will the engine survive this time? Obviously, you'd never want to do this to any engine. However, many viewers have been on the receiving end of spiteful deeds, such as this. Also, if you were in an extreme emergency and had to choose between using honey and nothing at all in the crankcase of an engine, would honey be better than nothing? Things get interesting in this video when Marvel Mystery Oil and Seafoam deep creep is used to "save the engine". Will MMO and Seafoam be able to help? Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
  • Runtime : 6:53
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  • Reese Martin
    Reese Martin   33 minuts ago

    That's it!!! I officially feel sorry for that lawnmower engine!

  • Jake Long
    Jake Long   7 hours ago

    This lawn moower is just fu***ed up so bad

  • Marcus Lindgren
    Marcus Lindgren   8 hours ago

    "looks like caramel". Shows Grey water like liquid..... VERY much NOT like caramel... What the heck are you talking about?

  • Mikael S-P
    Mikael S-P   1 days ago

    I can from experience say that honey do not work as lubrication. If you know what I mean

  • James V
    James V   1 days ago

    NO. Saved you a watch.

  • Med1na2012
    Med1na2012   1 days ago

    Oh one more thing if you haven’t already done it how about running it with Liqui-Moly Engine Flush Plus - 300mL or part oil & the rest engine oil flush?

  • Med1na2012
    Med1na2012   1 days ago

    Loll how funny I love your videos I’m actually processing honey frames and wanted to watch something and this came up! Very interesting Indeed! I’m also rendering down some beeswax and thought how about you try some beeswax but damn it becomes flammable at 200 degrees Celsius but if it only gets to 120 C it would be interesting to see if it lubricates? You might have to let the engine run for 20 mins or so first so it stays hot then melt the desired amount of wax in a pot at 80 degrees C then pour it in & it should stay liquid because it’s still pretty hot and after the test quickly drain it bit of a Mission but I reckon it would possibly work if you can be bothered thanks again for another awesome video

  • bob smith
    bob smith   1 days ago

    You should do "Can you use vape juice as engine oil?"

  • John Mar
    John Mar   1 days ago

    Come on Project farm, you know better than this, I hope you are not trying to get attention around the world. I am telling you that honey is sugar based with water, while the heat is on, the engine will run ok for your experiment which is only temporary. But once you stopped, the water in the honey will react with air and turn to acid then you will see the rust after few days if engine stopped not running. You also noticed that sugar will burn into carbon and tehreofre lots carbon residues will be found. This is why we use ENGINE OIL. Why don't you do an experiment to SHOW PEOPLE what happened to the engine after 4 days with out running. This is a total ignorant experiment I thought you were an qualified engineer. To be honest, any high school students would know this, unless you never passed your high school which is doubtful. Any way, this is my honest opinion. Next project, please run engine with cow piss.

  • TCS Purse
    TCS Purse   1 days ago

    Thank u, i was about to put honey in my car.

  • Mike Summers
    Mike Summers   1 days ago

    Like I don't already get enough bees that attack me when mowing.

  • enCODed3
    enCODed3   1 days ago

    make your exhaust smell AWESOME!

  • C -MAN
    C -MAN   1 days ago

    "Honey" I'm heading outside to mow the lawn be done in about 25 minutes! 😂

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot   2 days ago

    You need to try manure . Jk I wouldn’t want you to smell that for hrs

  • Kevin Dominguez
    Kevin Dominguez   2 days ago

    That’s worse then running with no oil 😂😂😂 love the video tho

  • Sondan
    Sondan   2 days ago

    LMAO !! Damn man you do some crazy shit.

  • DriveAndMaintain
    DriveAndMaintain   2 days ago

    Reminds me of when I was a mechanical engineer at a manufacturing company. One client had made the mistake of using a water pump to transfer molasses into a tank. When the pump got up to operating temperature, the molasses caramelized and destroyed the pump. The funny part was when they applied for a warranty replacement.

  • Richard Glendenning
    Richard Glendenning   2 days ago

    Not sure if you've made a video like this yet but I'd love to see a video seeing how long it takes to ruin an engine with no oil

  • Steven Sevek
    Steven Sevek   2 days ago

    This is one of the sweetest videos I've ever seen. Now how about coconut oil and grass fed butter?

  • arif anwari
    arif anwari   2 days ago

    Wasting what others can't afford to buy. Ridiculous even it came close to being a lubricant. Please think about the poor before wasting, thanks.

  • Dunaldango
    Dunaldango   2 days ago

    Honey would dry up when heated i guess.

  • TheLordstrider
    TheLordstrider   3 days ago

    are you sure it's pure honey? could be a corn sirup

  • S. Stewart
    S. Stewart   3 days ago

    Melted paraffin in the crankcase of an (already warm, of course) engine.

  • dennyfrontier
    dennyfrontier   3 days ago

    hey guys dont put honey in your engine now we know

  • omg wind5
    omg wind5   3 days ago

    Damn my cars is out of oil lucky i conveniently have honey in my POCKET that I can take out and put in a moving BLENDER

  • Mr Firme
    Mr Firme   3 days ago

    What about cooking oil ? I know there’s different types of cooking oil , corn oil , olive oil , peanut oil

  • Jake
    Jake   3 days ago

    You never asked the Cubans before you did the test yourself ?

  • Jesse Pineda
    Jesse Pineda   3 days ago

    What happens if you use e85 gas in your car if it recommends 91