• Published on: 29 December 2017
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  • Runtime : 4:41
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  • Emily Curtis
    Emily Curtis   3 days ago

    Apparently there's only 88 days between this Xmas and last xmas

  • MonkeyGaming
    MonkeyGaming   4 days ago

    To be honest, those Minecraft books by Mark Cheverton are pretty good.

  • Daniell Hixon
    Daniell Hixon   1 weeks ago

    At least the guy who got tetris didnt get a battle royal

  • George Carlin
    George Carlin   3 weeks ago

    My aunt is bad at getting Christmas themed gifts right after Christmas. It’s because they’re on sale at Dollar Tree or something

  • Toots Magotes
    Toots Magotes   3 weeks ago

    s a n s f r o m u n d e r t a l e t i t t y m o u s e p a d

  • NormieDude
    NormieDude   1 months ago

    2:32 yo don’t disrespect Puyo Puyo like that

  • Critica 77y
    Critica 77y   1 months ago

    The worst part of those unofficial minecraft books is that I actually bought two of them. Because I wanted to read them. I was a stupid kid.

  • EightBitAce
    EightBitAce   1 months ago

    2:33 dude that’s actually a good gift you got pretty lucky

  • ciimik
    ciimik   1 months ago

    2:53 sad thing is I did the “Invasion of the Overworld” book as a book review back in the 3rd grade and I thought I was so cool xD

  • Kacper W
    Kacper W   1 months ago

    Puyopuyo tetris is the good shit m8

  • Andrew
    Andrew   1 months ago

    I’d like that but plug tbh.

  • Kody Krawczuk
    Kody Krawczuk   1 months ago

    i really feel for the one who got the "be happy" calendar.when i was, like... 14-15, i was just at the worst point in my life emotionally. i had no friends, constant social anxiety that kept me from making any, insanely low self-esteem and constant feelings of inadequacy and that nobody would miss me if i died, and diagnosed clinical depression.on my birthday, my mother took me to the bookstore after school.i assumed i'd be able to pick up a new Stephen King novel or maybe a Harlan Coben i hadn't read yet. cool, something to pass the time.i left Barnes and Noble with three self-help books, NONE OF WHICH WERE FOR HELPING WITH DEPRESSION OR LONELINESS, that i didn't even choose myself.thanks mom, very cool.

  • Mansour Ala
    Mansour Ala   1 months ago

    2:32 I don’t see how that’s a horrible gift

  • Grape Panta
    Grape Panta   1 months ago

    That Minecraft joke didn't age well.

  • Giorno giovanna
    Giorno giovanna   2 months ago

    2:47 i have at least one of these books somewhere in my home im sure of it, not gonna lie it was pretty alright

  • IC Movies
    IC Movies   2 months ago

    I came back just to say holy shit I was in YIAY this is a dream come true

  • Lauren 1522
    Lauren 1522   2 months ago

    1:38Sounds like something evan from dear evan hansen needs

  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie   2 months ago

    Can’t wait for another one

  • Skiph
    Skiph   2 months ago

    Puyo puyo Tetris is one of the best switch games of 2017

  • Nick Olinger
    Nick Olinger   2 months ago

    That person can use his advent calendar now

  • Weebs
    Weebs   2 months ago

    the mousepad turned me on pretty quickly and I don’t know what to do

  • Gemmatale
    Gemmatale   2 months ago

    when he said “i can’t wait to get this for aeryn” about the furry bookmy name is aeryn and i’m a furryjack, where’s my furry drawing guide

  • Awesome 360100
    Awesome 360100   2 months ago

    Just saying, I’ve read a few Minecraft novels. I’ve read the first two of the series you showed in this video, and they weren’t that bad. But I have read a series that was actually really good, called the Chronicles of Elementia. I think this is actually a really good book, but maybe I just have garbage tastes.

  • Matthew MG
    Matthew MG   2 months ago

    2:33 not Minecraft this oNe has a gOoD STorY

  • abby ・_・
    abby ・_・   2 months ago

    2:48 the top two books there are part of a much longer series. i read it in third grade and i have the fan art to prove it.

  • Lily's world
    Lily's world   2 months ago

    My friend gave me the game of meme last year

  • Brenyatta
    Brenyatta   2 months ago

    So, this kid got a NINTENDO SWITCH with games he didn’t enjoy? Check your privilege. I’d nearly shit myself if I opened a brand new game console, no matter what game it comes with, on Christmas