Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing + Size Comparison

  • Published on: 19 September 2019
  • Nintendo Minute is never a minute! Today we’re unboxing Nintendo Switch Lite which launches tomorrow. Yay! We have all three colors – gray, turquoise and yellow. Make sure you watch till the end to see a size comparison between Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch. We’re so excited that Nintendo Switch Lite is joining the Nintendo Switch family and if you’re mainly playing games on the go, this may be the perfect system for you. Let us know which color is your favorite. As always, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next week!

    -Kit & Krysta

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  • Runtime : 6:53
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  • vuk 1
    vuk 1   6 days ago

    Nitendo najaci

  • iixaylin !!!
    iixaylin !!!   1 weeks ago

    I wish Nintendo could do a giveaway Like worldwide...I'm literally saving money by getting excellent marks for a Nintendo switch Lite and I'm scared that it will be out of stock till I save up that much money 🤦🏻‍♀️😩

  • Jinhui channel
    Jinhui channel   1 weeks ago

    i want to Nintendo lite !because i like many game!

  • kenneth miller
    kenneth miller   4 weeks ago

    I would rather have a real system like the ps4 300 hundred dollars no blu ray no thank you.

  • Alex Barajas
    Alex Barajas   1 months ago

    I just got my switch lite a few days ago the gray one is my favorite

  • Boop Thing
    Boop Thing   1 months ago

    There is a pink Nintendo Switch Lite now!

    SOUL BOX   1 months ago

    People want this switch. They can want it. But it twasnt there business sniffing

  • Zach Hamm
    Zach Hamm   1 months ago

    ft. ben from parks and rec and the korean girl from the interview

  • Benjamin Denverstone
    Benjamin Denverstone   1 months ago

    I just got the Turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite since I couldn't get the $300 Switch.

  • rickdiculous
    rickdiculous   1 months ago

    I'm going to do an unboxing video from my YouTube channel as well

  • Yuet YAO
    Yuet YAO   1 months ago

    I always wanted a lite!

  • F M
    F M   2 months ago

    Ok so I hate how Xbox controllers feel, I hate how one joystick is higher than the other. I really want a switch lite but I’ve noticed that the joysticks are the same position as Xbox controllers so I was wondering if anyone who doesn’t like Xbox controllers could tell me if this is annoying because I feel like because they are further away from each other I wouldn’t notice as much. Hopefully someone can help😂😊

  • Vandana
    Vandana   2 months ago

    June c'mon guys Grease c'mon guysI cringe at your french

  • Robo Mouse
    Robo Mouse   2 months ago

    Which one do you prefer Nintendo switch light or Nintendo switch regular. How sturdy are the buttons??????

  • Chewi
    Chewi   2 months ago

    Lol who has pockets big enough to hole the switch lite? Sounds like a bad idea lol

  • Itzo
    Itzo   2 months ago

    If I buy a game from the eshop with an email on the switch, will I have the same games on my other switches with that same email on them??

  • Jay Duran
    Jay Duran   2 months ago

    hey nintedo please you buy me nintedo switch lite or nintedo switch please help me buy please i beg location is philipines.san fernando pampanga. san jose village my street is 7 name is kean jay r duran

  • Icy Boi
    Icy Boi   2 months ago

    I got coronavirus by watching them open a switch LITE

  • C-ro
    C-ro   2 months ago

    Also I just don't like how there is no freaking rumble except for pokemon Sw/Sh cause it goes insane there

  • C-ro
    C-ro   2 months ago

    Holy crap do switches smell good

  • Jordan Pacific railroad Productions

    Nintendo do you know that there is a tycoon game you still have to Release and are you guys going to make a railway empire Nintendo switch special addition Consol

  • Eric Stary
    Eric Stary   2 months ago

    You forgot the pink Nintendo switch lite

  • Anna Mak
    Anna Mak   2 months ago

    Can I please have the Nintendo switch lights and the blue one or the yellow one

  • Kyung Cha
    Kyung Cha   2 months ago

    Could you onbox the nintendo centroiller

  • EpicGamerPlayz
    EpicGamerPlayz   2 months ago


  • Lyna
    Lyna   3 months ago

    #TeameJaune too =D