So You've Learned To Teleport

  • Published on: 20 August 2015
  • - - A guide for the newly empowered, courtesy of the Superhero Help Academic Foundation Trust, Education Division. Sure, you could jump a few places and fight crime: or you could take over the world.

    Thanks to YouTube Space London, who offered me time on their science lab set -- and thanks to Matt Gray ( - @unnamedculprit) who directed the shots!

    Oh, and if you want to see teleportation in fiction done well, have a look at Steven Gould's Jumper series -- the later books really start playing around with physics in fun ways, like building a... well, I'll leave that for you to read. (Amazon UK affiliate cash-in link: )
  • Runtime : 3:54
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  • bloodred255
    bloodred255   3 days ago

    so i'm lost why would teleporting to space require any more energy than teleporting somewhere else, and why are you assuming waste heat? how are you figuring the process is any less than 100% effective?how are you figuring the energy required to exchange point A with point B? why would remotely matter the distance between the two points or the forces therein? I mean you got the lab coat and the accent and sound smart. but you are just using big words to make yourself sound smart.If you could connect two points you could pull the required amount of energy from the sun. for anything. a sun, maybe pull from a more distant star, wouldn't want to futz with our sun. or a black hole.I just completely missed the logical leap where exchanging to points of space costs energy, and theres apparently some waste heat.I'll accept that its complicated with the frames of reference and whatnot, but you lost me when you went for waste heat. we were assuming 100% efficiency before, there isn't any waste heat.turn in your labcoat and accent. you hack

  • gary g
    gary g   1 weeks ago

    Wait, this is one of at least 8 episodes? Where are the rest of them? I cannot find any.

  • ZeeBee
    ZeeBee   1 weeks ago

    Isn't the infinite free energy one not technically correct unless the portals also move relative to both the sun and the earth in very sophisticated ways? I believe that if it was only fixed to the earth's orbit and rotation as to appear 1 meter above the ground that any energy produced by using the gravity of earth would necessarily move the planet towards the portals, which would require you to either recreate the portals every so often (meaning the energy was not infinite), or calibrate your portals fixed locations to keep the planet in a stable orbit while also keeping your falling object in a stable infinite cycle

  • Nils Rungholm Jensen
    Nils Rungholm Jensen   2 weeks ago

    Anyone have a playlist for "your superpowers and you"? Can't seem to find one.

  • steve 02
    steve 02   2 weeks ago

    You look like Dr. Wilson from House M.D

  • Benjesus
    Benjesus   2 weeks ago

    Teleportation is like the most op power Idek why people underestimate it

  • Arim
    Arim   2 weeks ago

    1:18 that's alot of juuls

  • Peter Daniel Berg
    Peter Daniel Berg   3 weeks ago

    3:06 what if putting a coil of wire around the falling magnet and generating electricity causes the object to slow down until it's just hovering, so it still obeys conservation of energy? why would a portal have gravity over it anyway? i feel like it would punch a hole in the gravity field.

  • Ocer
    Ocer   3 weeks ago

    The editing is astonishing for this being 4 years ago

  • Dan Solomon
    Dan Solomon   3 weeks ago

    I'm sticking to bank vaults thanks anyway

  • wolfjemidas
    wolfjemidas   3 weeks ago

    Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Since my superpowers i no longer have any necesseties, so i don't invent any more. (neither do i have a mother anymore)

  • faisal ahmed ali
    faisal ahmed ali   3 weeks ago

    the most realistic thing here for time travel not teleportation is that anyone who discovers it most likely dead in space,because earth doesnt stay at same place over time.

  • Sam Oldfield
    Sam Oldfield   3 weeks ago

    Relativity fail. You talk about relative to earth, but it's actually relative to you that's important, there is no absolute reference frame. You move in XYZ direction D distance without moving through the intervening space. All calculations are done as if you are motionless and therefor no momentum. The pole to equator problem is solved since relative to you the earth is rotating around you while you spin, if you could see from the north pole to equador it would appear motionless to you while stuff in space like stars and planets would appear to be moving in the background. If you teleport there the stuff in space is still moving at the exact same speed it was, while you are still unmoving. This is why stuff on earth doesn't fall towards the equator (like things moving outwards on a spinning disc) but rather fall directly towards the center of the planet. The coriolis effect only matters when the time of departure is different to the time of arrival because the object you are shooting at has moved, but since you're moving instantaneously it doesn't apply. From your point of view the Earth and everything on it remains essentially motionless. Now ask me how I know you're an atheist.

  • theartofshwa
    theartofshwa   4 weeks ago

    Superhero Help Academic Foundation Trust, Education Division = S.H.A.F.T.E.D.

  • Saperoi
    Saperoi   4 weeks ago

    Tom Scott should be the superhero WITH imagination

  • Артемий Бондаренко

    The portal free energy generator wouldn't work. The magnet would escalate speed and burn down from the air resistance eventually. Not free, but still quite cheap

  • Lochlan bogaers
    Lochlan bogaers   1 months ago

    you wouldnt be able to draw energy from the object falling through portals because the energy you draw will slow down the object eventually causing it to stop, like if you drop a magnet down a copper pipe drawing energy from the coil would slow it down

  • MoonKent
    MoonKent   1 months ago

    Halfway through this video (and before reading the description), I was thinking, "Wow, I wonder what Tom would think of the Jumper series by Steven Gould?" And lo and behold, you actually recommended it! it's definitely one of my fav series (the Jumper movie did it no justice).

  • Un Perrier
    Un Perrier   1 months ago

    "Superheros fight crime in one city of one country"... which is in 99% of the time either in the US (comics) or in Japan (manga) :)

  • Smokey 99
    Smokey 99   1 months ago

    it's interesting, but, it also ruined my childhood.

  • Rushika Prasad
    Rushika Prasad   1 months ago

    Finally! Someone who actually thinks about the money you could make and power you can get... and I thought I was a sociopath

  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright   1 months ago

    Wait, so Dr Strange could create a perpetual motion machine with portals, and Tony Stark is meant to be the energy tech wizard?

  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright   1 months ago

    I'd be more concerned about whether I'm committing suicide and cloning myself everytime I teleport personally.

  • Dwafakiin
    Dwafakiin   1 months ago

    I'd like to also point out that surely when you teleport, the air and such where you are teleporting has to go somewhere right? If the air just disappears, then you've basically made yourself into the most powerful antimatter bomb imaginable, or if the air has to move out of your way, then that air is going to move so quickly it would probably begin fusing with other atoms of air nearby. The only safe way would be if the air you're teleporting into, is teleported aswell to where you just came from which could still be disastrous if say for instance you teleported from from the UK to Australia, and in the area you teleported to, there was some deadly scorpion, congrats you've not just populated britain with an invasive species of scorpion

  • Nav King
    Nav King   1 months ago

    You have teleportation not superspeed

  • Hand Solo
    Hand Solo   1 months ago

    Superman saved Paris from a hydrogen bomb.

  • Jay Pearce
    Jay Pearce   1 months ago

    That was very good, beautifully done!

  • James Macleod
    James Macleod   1 months ago

    Rule the world who needs the bother? I'm just lookin' for some fun. By the way you could also teleport appendages off people or objects into their bodies,like in railgun.

  • Tore Nyland
    Tore Nyland   1 months ago

    it say episode 8 , is this part of a series and were do i find the rest ?