Good Hang or Tough Hang? Luigi’s Mansion 3 Edition - Nintendo Minute

  • Published on: 23 August 2019
  • Nintendo Minute is never a minute! This week we thought it would be fun to imagine Luigi’s Mansion 3 characters as real friends and evaluate whether they’d be good to hang out with or tough to hang out with. What do you think? Let us know. We’re getting so excited for Luigi’s Mansion 3 coming to Nintendo Switch on Oct. 31 (ooOOoooOoo spooky). We hope you enjoyed this video and we’ll see you next week!

    -Kit & Krysta

    Learn more about Luigi's Mansion 3:


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  • Runtime : 8:16
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  • Robert McClain
    Robert McClain   2 weeks ago

    Polterpup is not always helpful in dark moon he was so annoying always stealing what you need to advance onward

  • Nickolas Schneider
    Nickolas Schneider   2 weeks ago

    Wtf is this crap. I thought this was a Luigi's mansion 3 review.

  • Pretty original name Pretty original last-name

    Luigi is NOT a coward, what kind of coward climbs a paranormal 17-floor hotel and 6 haunted mansions to save his loved ones?Egad litterally says "any paranormal researcher worth their salt wouldn't go near that place" meaning even he (an expert on the nature of ghosts) would stay well away.

  • Themuffin Mole
    Themuffin Mole   2 weeks ago

    My account is my hype shoved in one YouTube account

  • Keaton Smith
    Keaton Smith   3 weeks ago

    Samus and Little Metroid: Mother Brain?!?Samus: I killed you! Why are you helping me?!?Mother Brain: The emperor keeps reviving.Mother Brain: Darn! How dare you!Emperor: I am your emperor Mother Brain! And I don't wanna see you ever again! Goodbye forever!!!

  • Reginald Eggleston
    Reginald Eggleston   3 weeks ago

    Well I say Luigi is a good hang because even though he's scared, he gets the job done and wants to save his freinds. BUT I'm wondering the secrets of Gooigi he is Luigi's SOUL

  • SimplyPlushes
    SimplyPlushes   3 weeks ago

    I heard the word "French bread" and I threw up my dinner

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies   3 weeks ago

    They do realise that luigi is incredibly brave. Despite having a extreme fear of the supernatural, he still ventured into the dark for his ungrateful brother who he loves. Bravery is not being fearless. It is being fearful but pulling through the worst to do the right thing. Ever read coraline?

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies   3 weeks ago

    Why so scared!?What are you smoking?He is trapped in a haunted hotel. He and his friends are targeted by EVERY ghost in the hotel

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies   3 weeks ago

    I feel like they have not played luigis mansion the first and dark moon.

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies   3 weeks ago

    Gooigi would be a great hang. The more the merrier I guess

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies   3 weeks ago

    Change mk 8 to smash bros and I’m in

  • Mute Dog Gamer
    Mute Dog Gamer   3 weeks ago

    Good hang for me would be all of them. Except for Professor E. Gad. He helps both heroes and villains all to gain a profit 😅

  • Shiny Hunter Eevee
    Shiny Hunter Eevee   3 weeks ago

    Have these guys (and girls) even played the games they are talking about? XD

  • azart61
    azart61   3 weeks ago

    Luigi hates ghosts, that's why he's scared. Not to mention all his friends have been kidnapped. I'd still hang out with him regardless because him always taking them on anyway is more brave than he feels.

  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble   3 weeks ago

    I thought this was about the easter egg from the first game where it showed Luigi actually hung himself in the attic.

  • youtube korisnik
    youtube korisnik   3 weeks ago

    Can I get a free Nintendo Switch,please.I am too poor to buy one.Thanks.

  • Sundiny
    Sundiny   3 weeks ago

    “Are you familiar with the phrase Yolo” Dude that made me die laughing idk why. Lol

  • Donut Burger
    Donut Burger   3 weeks ago

    I have a NEW videogame idea you could release in possibly 2020. Name: Bowser's Castle. So, you play as Bowser in a 2D game, and you play in his castles. You customize the castle and make traps in it. And then, after you're done, you can play as Mario or Luigi, escape all the traps you made, and get to Bowser then defeat him.

  • Steven Latorre
    Steven Latorre   3 weeks ago

    I'm starting to absolutely hate Nintendo.WHY?! Cause my switch was sent to them for warped Repair...Sent August 12 in service but now no update from USPS. "Label created, Not yet in system"This is what happens to me for trusting them. Now I'm Sad :(

  • PokemonMasterJake
    PokemonMasterJake   3 weeks ago

    Like so Nintendo can see is overwatch coming to switch? Please make it for switch

  • Donovan King
    Donovan King   3 weeks ago

    Nintendo nobody cares anymore the nostalgia for nes games has completely flattened is and 64 GameCube wii era games are the big nostalgia moneymakers right now