Good Hang or Tough Hang? Luigi’s Mansion 3 Edition - Nintendo Minute

  • Published on: 23 August 2019
  • Nintendo Minute is never a minute! This week we thought it would be fun to imagine Luigi’s Mansion 3 characters as real friends and evaluate whether they’d be good to hang out with or tough to hang out with. What do you think? Let us know. We’re getting so excited for Luigi’s Mansion 3 coming to Nintendo Switch on Oct. 31 (ooOOoooOoo spooky). We hope you enjoyed this video and we’ll see you next week!

    -Kit & Krysta

    Learn more about Luigi's Mansion 3:


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  • Runtime : 8:16
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  • VideoGameStupid LC
    VideoGameStupid LC   3 weeks ago

    4:13 Translation: It's my Chrom-filled fanfic folder and no one is allowed to look at it!

  • NinjaKIngAce
    NinjaKIngAce   5 months ago

    How dare you. Luigi is always a good hang

  • Dolphiniz
    Dolphiniz   6 months ago

    Another great part about polterpup: he’ll live forever

  • Riley Vl
    Riley Vl   7 months ago

    (LM3 SPOILER) I imagine myself together with Luigi getting professor e-gadd out of a painting

  • Ness Hash
    Ness Hash   8 months ago

    wouldn't polterpup chew up the controller?

  • Megan Magic Films
    Megan Magic Films   8 months ago

    I would love to hang out with Luigi, so if you don't want to hang out with him then I will. We will have ice cream together and watch a movie. He is so sweet, loving, helpful, and brave in every way. You can't be brave without being scared that's just the way it works. Bravery wouldn't exist if you weren't afraid of anything. He's not rude he wouldn't just mess with your stuff. He puts others before him self. Every game Luigi has been in proves it. You try going into a scary Mansion hotel with a bunch of ghosts going in a bunch of darkrooms how would you feel. Scared that's what, and you know it. Him going through this over and over again shows how brave he really is and it's okay if he's scared that's one of the things that makes him special. SO I SAY GREAT HANG FOR LUIGI !!!!!!!! 💚

  • Jboi Glines
    Jboi Glines   8 months ago

    Do fire emblem 2 house black eagle good hang tough hang

  • maxler 5795
    maxler 5795   8 months ago

    You know one of the many things that makes nintendo better than sony? (Playstation) nintendo has a gamplay and blog section (treehouse and nintendo minute respectevly)

  • Dragmire
    Dragmire   8 months ago

    Tell me about your experiments 😎

  • Robert McClain
    Robert McClain   9 months ago

    Polterpup is not always helpful in dark moon he was so annoying always stealing what you need to advance onward

  • Darth Kennedy
    Darth Kennedy   9 months ago

    Wtf is this crap. I thought this was a Luigi's mansion 3 review.

  • GameKingLucas
    GameKingLucas   9 months ago

    Good hang or Tough hang?Good hang:EVERYBODY

  • Pretty original name Pretty original last-name

    Luigi is NOT a coward, what kind of coward climbs a paranormal 17-floor hotel and 6 haunted mansions to save his loved ones?Egad litterally says "any paranormal researcher worth their salt wouldn't go near that place" meaning even he (an expert on the nature of ghosts) would stay well away.

  • Daxity
    Daxity   9 months ago

    Tough hang myself

  • Keaton Smith
    Keaton Smith   9 months ago

    Samus and Little Metroid: Mother Brain?!?Samus: I killed you! Why are you helping me?!?Mother Brain: The emperor keeps reviving.Mother Brain: Darn! How dare you!Emperor: I am your emperor Mother Brain! And I don't wanna see you ever again! Goodbye forever!!!

  • Reginald Eggleston
    Reginald Eggleston   9 months ago

    Well I say Luigi is a good hang because even though he's scared, he gets the job done and wants to save his freinds. BUT I'm wondering the secrets of Gooigi he is Luigi's SOUL

  • GamerWatch456
    GamerWatch456   9 months ago

    I heard the word "French bread" and I threw up my dinner

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies   9 months ago

    They do realise that luigi is incredibly brave. Despite having a extreme fear of the supernatural, he still ventured into the dark for his ungrateful brother who he loves. Bravery is not being fearless. It is being fearful but pulling through the worst to do the right thing. Ever read coraline?

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies   9 months ago

    Why so scared!?What are you smoking?He is trapped in a haunted hotel. He and his friends are targeted by EVERY ghost in the hotel

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies   9 months ago

    I feel like they have not played luigis mansion the first and dark moon.

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies   9 months ago

    Gooigi would be a great hang. The more the merrier I guess

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies   9 months ago

    Change mk 8 to smash bros and I’m in

  • Mute Dog the Gamer
    Mute Dog the Gamer   9 months ago

    Good hang for me would be all of them. Except for Professor E. Gad. He helps both heroes and villains all to gain a profit 😅

  • The Dark Umbreon
    The Dark Umbreon   9 months ago

    Have these guys (and girls) even played the games they are talking about? XD