Water War with Lindsay Lohan

  • Published on: 07 March 2014
  • Lindsay has the power of Oprah on her side as she battles Jimmy in a game of Water War.

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    Water War with Lindsay Lohan
  • Runtime : 3:58
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  • Jack Tiger
    Jack Tiger   1 weeks ago

    Jimmy must wear a two pocket's shirt!and put two cards in!

  • Xong Lo
    Xong Lo   1 weeks ago

    Look at her wet tities!!!

  • Brown TBA
    Brown TBA   1 weeks ago

    i knew she is awesome woman and fuuny girl and thank you #jimmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Brown TBA
    Brown TBA   1 weeks ago

    omg my "legend Girl'' #lindsey ohh no man noo jimmy noooooo #noooo she have pretty face wow

  • Aldon Valentine
    Aldon Valentine   2 weeks ago

    They should done this Ariana grande she would be saying yuh everytime she lost

    ARMY BANGTAN   2 weeks ago

    I still don't believe that lindsay is a muslim now..😦

  • isi __
    isi __   3 weeks ago

    some people need water and you?

  • Shinta Kikuchi
    Shinta Kikuchi   3 weeks ago

    She had the same iPhone as meAnd that’s why I still have not upgraded my iPhone:)

  • You Tube
    You Tube   4 weeks ago

    liberals who cries the world have no clean water at same time using clean water for uslees6 shows

  • Theresa Holguin
    Theresa Holguin   1 months ago

    Lindsay is really a great young woman. I really admire her she has come a long way from her past.

  • Daniel Carpe Diem
    Daniel Carpe Diem   1 months ago

    Man fell ? what happened to him?Faint? https://youtu.be/BYdZf5Br9xU

  • sasha adolphus
    sasha adolphus   1 months ago

    i mean cuz he does and closes up when soaked. but i still love him... #not to offend him..... i love him soooooo much

  • sasha adolphus
    sasha adolphus   1 months ago

    Is it a thing that he always wears white shirts for this game?

  • Fatima Rivera
    Fatima Rivera   1 months ago

    Yo lo único que pensé fue que tiene la voz parecida a la de Scarlett Johansson

  • Márcio Costa
    Márcio Costa   1 months ago

    se ela pegar um resfriado com essa água gelada e espirrar....as plasticas ão embora

  • Omran Abood
    Omran Abood   1 months ago

    انا احب مقدم هذا البرنامجI am an Arab and I love the presenter of this program, which is very respectful and light-hearted

    NUSANTARA   1 months ago

    The VW race car girl movie grown up now. Wish she be better ☺️ LL

  • Jennifer Sanchez
    Jennifer Sanchez   2 months ago

    Props to her. I think she's the only actress I've seen do this game. It's usually the guys.

  • The HuskynatorMAN
    The HuskynatorMAN   2 months ago

    Hm....let's see, Emma Stone or Lindsay Lohan?Similar features.Slightly differences to voice tones.

  • Vel
    Vel   2 months ago

    I like her way more after her breakdown and like shes living it now. Fake ass drug botox bitch those years here

  • Hrushikesh Wagh
    Hrushikesh Wagh   2 months ago

    Imagine how would everyone react if a guy puts water on woman’s Genital area on a live tv ....... eQuALitY

  • juan martinez
    juan martinez   2 months ago

    El planeta se está quedando sin agua y estos idiotas para el deleite de otros imbéciles la malgasta sin compasión.

  • Piyush Anand
    Piyush Anand   2 months ago

    Sometimes I jerk off thinking about Lindsay. I love her man!

  • UDGE
    UDGE   2 months ago

    Who else clicked cause it was a girl with a white shirt

  • Don Monteiro
    Don Monteiro   2 months ago

    to love someone is to love them at their worst and their best and i just love this girl!!