The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

  • Published on: 12 May 2019
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    Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases, but they come with side effects. So would it be safer not to vaccinate?

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    Dive into sources and further reading here: Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover – we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously.Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading. So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.

  • jsmyth024
    jsmyth024   1 hours ago

    The idiocy in this comments section is absolutely staggering. You guys REALLY think this video is educational? I bet you think Bill Nye and Myth Busters are just peachy and have an "I fucking love science" t-shirt, dontcha? You know what feels even better than acting like you're smart? Actually doing your research and knowing what you're talking about. But you know what's easier than thinking for yourself? Letting other people think for you. Then you make "savage" comments about people who dare to disagree, while projecting your stupidity onto them(by calling them stupid). Hell, most of you haven't even been able to read long enough to make it to the end of this comment. TL;DR! LOL! But if you have, I'll commend you and ask you not to believe me. DO your own research and particularly, look into the work of Dr. Shoenfeld. His resume and qualifications are so extensive that I can't even post it all without copy/pasting, and that gets my comments deleted. He's dedicated his entire life to studying autoimmune diseases. He says vaccines are causing them when you have the right genetics for it. That's why not everyone gets them. He has videos on youtube. You can read his qualifications there(one being the HEAD CHAIR of medicine at TEL AVIV university(the most prestigious university in Israel and top ten in the world outside of the US). Over 1600 published papers and he's been cited by professionals over 20,000 times. He's no quack. Look into it. Or keep letting other people think for you and hope you never lose a loved one to chronic illness that you could have stopped if you weren't so damn lazy/distracted/willfully ignorant.

  • Harvey Sun
    Harvey Sun   3 hours ago

    Can you please make a video about a black hole vs everything in the universe? Thanks!

  • PixelizedKitten
    PixelizedKitten   4 hours ago

    Wtf everyone... I support every antivaxxer out there. It’s survival of the fittest, the less spawns they have, the better.

  • Ryan Aint Gamin'
    Ryan Aint Gamin'   4 hours ago

    the 7.4k people who disliked are the anti vaxxers that got jabaited by the clickbait title that “proves their point”

  • panggop jio
    panggop jio   5 hours ago

    I wanna bet $600 that all the dislikes on tgis video are anti-vaxxers

  • Evan Thomas
    Evan Thomas   5 hours ago

    Unfortunately, one of the devastating conditions I received from big pharma as a vaccine injured child, I've been diagnosed with:Living over the age of fiveNot dying in measles outbreaksNot being sick constantlyBeing unable to spread deadly disease to those who are unable to get vaccinatedPlease pray for me 😭😭😭 It's difficult waking up every day to find out that I'm not going to die of easily preventable disease.

  • Musicman928
    Musicman928   6 hours ago

    Came here for triggered anti-vaxxers, was disappointed ☹️

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    Zyzynx   6 hours ago

    Anti-Vax mom:Clicks on videoKurzgesagt:You fool. You fell victim to one of the classic blunders.

  • Plague Seeker
    Plague Seeker   7 hours ago

    Overpopulation is the biggest side effect of vaccines.

  • Don Voltonus
    Don Voltonus   7 hours ago

    One note for the creator of the vid, you should also take care WHO give you vaccines. Under-trained pharmacists have had a few cases of accidentally injecting joints with flu-shots, and causing permanent damage.

  • b4lt4z4rG
    b4lt4z4rG   7 hours ago

    Bill & Melinda Gates refuse to vaccinate their own childrendr Martin Gore popped minutes after getting his toxic fixbut ignorance is best of all until it comes the time to pay for it

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    The sick Cichled   7 hours ago

    Can you debunk flat earth please Please vote one like one vote one dislike one less vote

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    Leo Raykher   8 hours ago

    is it possible to be patriotic for your own body cuz thats what I was feeling at the beginning of the video lmao

  • Plinkplink Fizz
    Plinkplink Fizz   8 hours ago

    Brilliant! Show me an anti vaccination supporter and I will show you an idiot.

  • Ese Callum
    Ese Callum   8 hours ago

    Remember: Vaccines can cause serious health problems including brain inflammation and autoimmune disorders, allergies, ear infections, and more There's a very real association between vaccine complications and learning and behavioral disorders in children The components of vaccines have never been proven safe The ingredients and contaminants in vaccines can be detrimental to your health There are far safer and more effective ways to protect your children and yourself against disease. For example, a Japanese study from last year showed that school children taking vitamin D3 supplements were 58 percent less likely to catch influenza A. That's a higher effectiveness than any flu vaccine can claim, and doesn't come with a barrage of potentially devastating side effects!

  • ChaosLord
    ChaosLord   9 hours ago

    Another great video on an important topic, but I think it fell short on the most important point to make to anti-vaxxers: vaccines and Autism. Yes, you said they don't cause Autism, but there's no explanation for why people think that. Mainly, the similar age between when Autism can be diagnosed and when vaccines are given, but this correlation is not causation. Both vaccines and diagnosing Autism happen around the same age for completely separate but specific reasons, which are not at all related to each other. THAT is the information anti-vaxxers need to hear.

  • Exotixz
    Exotixz   10 hours ago

    Vaccinations aren't inherently bad. The MMR vaccines, however, are bad, since they're given to children at 4 months of age. Not only that, they'll give you 14 or so of them in one session.

  • Lucifronz
    Lucifronz   10 hours ago

    All these many thousand years of scientific advancements to reach vaccines and now we have to defend them from people afraid their child might develop high-functioning autism or get "poisoned".I so wish they would actually listen to reason and take in the information from videos and sources like this... but the truth is I doubt any of them would listen no matter how calmly or rationally you tried to convince them. In their minds, they are right and you are just an ignorant fool for trying to explain otherwise. Hence, I lose my temper and tell them what I really think of them.I don't feel it makes a difference either way. They are set in their ways and only the deaths of their children (and themselves) will show them otherwise. I will not feel sorry for them, because by then they'll have killed many unvaccinated people who could not get the treatment that others could for one reason or another.Vaccines save lives. If can't see that, you just don't want to and I do not respect you for that. No one should.

  • Ixion Music
    Ixion Music   11 hours ago

    Stop feeding your kids! They could choke!-Karen 2019

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    Antecomneno   11 hours ago

    7.4k dislikes.We can safely assume those are anti-vaxxers.Only, none of them are posting any comments here.I guess that says a lot. I bet you tards are reading this, too.

  • 73Broadcast By 73 Brands

    My nanny (Grandma) grew up in the era where there was NO VACCINES. She contracted EVERYTHING. She survived the measles, chickenpox, & mumps. Other people, sadly, didn't. The only reasons people shouldn't get vaccinated is that 1. If you or your child are allergic. 2. If you have a severe medical condition (Cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc.). Or 3. If you are too old or too young to get vaccinated. If you are healthy, not allergic, and at the right age range, you SHOULD get vaccinated. The pros of vaccines will always outweigh the cons. As for my nanny, she's alive and well at the age of 82.

  • GregThe Gengar
    GregThe Gengar   11 hours ago

    I wanna bet $600 that all the dislikes on tgis video are anti-vaxxers

  • D- train
    D- train   12 hours ago

    The main stream people are eating this Bull Shit up, stop watching TV stop going to main stream school stop paying TAXES stop the illusion that OIL is going to run out stop funding the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS stop believing everything you are told. O ya BIG PHARMA KILLS 100,000,000 people every year.

  • robolex turner
    robolex turner   13 hours ago

    "feeling are often immune to facts"Yup that's how most of the political debates go aswell 😔

  • Zealord94
    Zealord94   13 hours ago

    Vaccine cause disease in me,it's called aging. Great, now I've started to become old rather than died at young age

  • Bat3p
    Bat3p   13 hours ago

    All dislikes are antivaxxers

  • Dorothy Isidro
    Dorothy Isidro   14 hours ago

    Nobody:Not even a single soul:Kurgesagt: antimates a bird which looks like a cell (that little black bird ball)

  • Brinch
    Brinch   15 hours ago

    I really don't believe Kurzgesagt made a clickbait title to lure in antivaxxers (even though that is a good thing). I think they're just being as honest and upfront about vaccines as they can be, so no one can see them as "one-sided", or "manipulative". They are acknowledging that there are risks.

  • Jel Gamer
    Jel Gamer   15 hours ago

    Every karen ever watching this video: "Well acorrding to this website, it's bad"

  • Ese Callum
    Ese Callum   15 hours ago

    The appalling record of ‘Big Pharma’: 32.Pharmaceutical companies have a terrible record of corporate crimes. "A recent study from US Public Citizen found that, since 1991, there have been 239 legalsettlements, totaling $30.2 billion in federal and state penalties, levied against US pharmaceutical companies. There’s a real laundry list of crimes, but defrauding the government, hiding drug safety information, and hawking drugs for purposes beyond which they are approved are the main ones. Drug companies have pledged to change, signed ‘corporate integrity agreements’ and indicated that they want to move on, promising a better future. We can be hopeful, but we also have to be realistic. Paying huge fines for illegal activity is one thing, but will they be still playing the eminence game? Will they continue to fund their own experts and do research that goes through a selective reporting of ‘the evidence’? Sadly, that’s probably going to be the case so you must immunise yourself: keep asking questions and questioning answers." (10) 33.Recently Forbes magazine concluded that the pharmaceutical industry is ‘addicted tofraud’, whilst Merck is being sued by its own scientists over a raft of frauds relating to its MMR vaccine. (20) The list of alleged frauds is far-ranging including failing to disclose a reduced efficacy, using ‘improper testing techniques’, manipulation of testing methodologies, falsifying test data, with holding data, and forgery of compliance documents. This kind of behavior has become entirely common in the pharmaceutical industry. Issues with risk minimization: 34.Correct risk minimization approaches are often inverted, with consumers and independent researchers expected to definitively prove harm, rather than the onus being on the product provider to firmly establish safety. The ‘Precautionary Principle’ – ‘if in doubt leave it out’ – has been largely bypassed, and the terms of reference inverted. 35.Pharmaceutical companies have positioned themselves so that policy makers often feel constricted in holding them to the same levels of risk minimization as other industries, due to the perception that they may forego important research, or cease delivering other effective products if their operations are subjected to greater scrutiny and bureaucracy. 36.Negative effects of pharmaceutical products are often diffused in the wider community, and not always easy to quantify due to inadequate reportage and monitoring. Unlike an airline disaster which has a very immediate consequence, the negative effects of a particular pharmaceutical product may be less discernable, especially if the effects are more long term. 37.Most people would agree that if a disease usually has a very low mortality rate, any vaccine intended to prevent it must be unequivocally safe and effective. Proper risk assessments are made difficult by the lack of robust monitoring of adverse events; the suppression of independent science, the with holding of clinical data, and myriad other issues mentioned in this paper. 38.No scientific research has been conducted comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated populations, in terms of overall, long term health outcomes. Call for reform and greater transparency: 39.The dealings of the pharmaceutical industry in Australia appear to be largely exempt from Freedom of Information requests, and there is a lack of transparency surrounding possible Conflict of Interest situations on advisory bodies. Dr Whitely has also called for mandatory reporting of serious adverse events, and break out boxes on products warning of possible serious side effects. (4) 40.So far calls to bring the industry in line with the expectations of other industries have been largely ignored. Issues with the application of ‘informed consent’: 41.The principle of ‘informed consent’ requires that patients be informed of all risks and benefits associated with any medical procedure, and that a decision be made free from coercion. In an environment where pharmaceutical marketing, the media, and various ‘attack ‘ groups hystericise the general population and vilify critics and independent researchers, the notion of ‘informed consent’ has become problematic. Consumers clearly feel pressurized. 42.Linking the decision to vaccinate to the provision of childcare available to everyone else, further complicates this. It can be argued that such policy enters a grey area in terms of informed consent. 43.Vaccination providers also seem reluctant to provide consumers with information on possible adverse effects. Many maintain the narrative that vaccines are ‘safe and effective’ in all instances, despite package inserts clearly outlining possible adverse effects. An audit of how vaccination providers approach ‘informed consent’ is urgently needed. Unresolved liability issues: 44.As the parents of Saba Button - who was permanently injured by a flu shot - found there is a lack of clarity when it comes to liability. (15) Australia is one of only three Western nations that does not have a vaccine injury compensation scheme despite the World Health Organisation arguing it is an ‘ethical necessity’. In the case of an injury there is no clear indication of who takes responsibility. 45.If the parents of a vaccine injured child feel their decision to vaccinate was prompted by government policy, does the government take responsibility if their child is injured as a result? It would appear not. Pharmaceutical companies and vaccination providers also seem to avoid liability. This question requires immediate clarification. Currently there is a policy void surrounding issues of liability and compensation.

  • Ese Callum
    Ese Callum   15 hours ago

    g.Mobilizing patient and consumer groups to represent their interests. h.Manipulating a compliant media, which is at times compromised by conflicts of interest, especially at an executive level where a cross pollination occurs with pharmaceutical interests occurs.(16) They also exploit the quick turnaround in the media which can mitigate against in depth research. i.Lobbying policy makers and opinion leaders. j.Selective use of statistics. For example global statistics on disease mortality are often used to panic policy makers in Western nations. Issues with nutrition, hygiene and so forth in some ‘third world’ nations may play a significant role in mortality figures for diseases which have low mortality in robust individuals in Western nations. k.An ‘all of nothing’ approach that lumps all vaccine /disease combinations together, and leverages the most extreme disease threats to compel compliance with a vaccine based approach to those with low mortality. The ‘pro/anti’ dualism is also used to sideline and discredit anyone who presents critical research of a particular product. 30.Aside from pharmaceutical marketing there is a more complex and less easily understood phenomenon involving groups and individuals that present themselves as being pro ‘science’ or more specifically pro vaccination. They often take it upon themselves to run campaigns against individuals or groups that they perceive as being critical of vaccination. Their tactics can be crude but effective, and at times of questionable legality. They can include: a.Cyber bullying and threats. b.Disinformation campaigns including misrepresenting research. c.Making spurious complaints to academic institutions and professional bodies. d.Disseminating fictitious personal information designed to cause embarrassment or a loss of credibility. e.Using seemingly authoritative or popular websites to launch attacks designed to hystericise consumers, and ostracize critics. In some instances the wording can be considered ‘hate speech’ and adds to an atmosphere of fear surrounding this issue. 27.One of the world’s most awarded journalists Sharyl Atkisson describes this as the ‘astro turf’ movement. She has researched the tactics used by pharmaceutical concerns and their allies to silence the very many researchers from eminent Universities who are critical of their products. “.....if the propagandists are to be believed, each of the researchers is an incompetent crank, quack, nut or fraud (and, of course, “anti-vaccine” for daring to dabble in research that........ leads to vaccine safety issues). The scientists and their research are “controversial,” simply because the propagandists declare them to be........“Weak,” “too small,” “haphazard,” “not replicated,” “junk science,” “flawed,” “unrelated,” declare the propagandists, without exception. Just as attackers spent years challenging any study that linked tobacco to lung cancer. They know that reporters who don’t do their homework will conduct an Internet search, run across the blogs with science-y sounding names, and uncritically accept their word as if it’s fact and prevailing thought.” (17) 31.Pharmaceutical marketing leverages off a kind of religious fervor that surrounds this issue. Dr Jefferson has said that ‘vaccines have become like a religion... something you don’t question. If you do, you are seen as being an anti-vaccine extremist. The authorities do not want to hear ‘side-effect’(18)

  • Ese Callum
    Ese Callum   16 hours ago

    Correlative studies: 22Correlative studies cannot be considered definitive, but in conjunction with other research they often indicate areas that require further examination. There has so far not been an exhaustive and independent study comparing more general health outcomes between vaccinated and non vaccinated children. Can we definitively say we are not trading one health issue for another? 23. A report in ‘Human and Experimental Toxicology’ stated: "Our findings show a positive correlation between the number of vaccine doses administered and the percentage of hospitalisations and deaths"? (12) 24.And, "the US childhood vaccination schedule has 26 doses for infants aged less than 1 year, the most in the world, yet 33 nations have better Infant Mortality Rates......Nations thatrequire more vaccine doses tend to have higher infant mortality rates"(13) 25.A Spanish research team concluded that, “vaccines containing adjuvants may be associated with an increased risk of autoimmune/inflammatory adverse events following immunization”(14) Regulation and monitoring: 26.In a submission to parliament Dr Martin Whitely, senior advocate for the Western Australian Health Consumers Council stated: “When licensing drugs for marketing Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) relies on research funded and controlled by pharmaceutical companies. Too often pharmaceutical companies ‘cherry pick’ favorable evidence and hide or ‘spin’ unfavorable evidence to support their commercial interests.” (4) 27.Most vaccination proponents will argue that serious adverse reactions are rare, but a big problem is that we do not have accurate, agreed upon figures. During the height of the flu vaccine adverse reactions in 2010 Peter Collignon, a professor of infectious diseases from the Australian National University, was interviewed by ABC news. He felt the number of adversereactions was probably under estimated, given that authorities don’t have a congruent and approachable system to monitor peoples’ reactions. He believed that an effective surveillance system should monitor a sample group of thousands for one or two weeks before a new vaccine is rolled out for the entire population. "We need a better system than voluntary notification to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) that there's a problem," he said. "Because whenever you do that you really underestimate how much of a problem there is. (15) 28.Dr. Whitely has argued that there needs to be mandatory reporting of adverse events. (4) Without agreed upon figures for adverse events an accurate risk analysis cannot be undertaken, and we are unable to state whether the current schedule of vaccinations is in fact safe, or creating more negative health outcomes than it is intended to prevent. Tactics used by pharmaceutical companies to silence dissent: 29.“Pharmaceutical companies are master manipulators.....”, Dr Whitely has stated. “They pull the wool over the eyes of drug safety regulators everywhere”. (4) They use a range of tactics which can include: a.Controlling the medical evidence base via influencing clinical trial guidelines; ‘ghost writing’ articles for journals; selectively releasing data, and selectively marketing trial results. b.Utilizing ‘Key Opinion Leaders’ who often have undue influence upon policy – a problem the independent Cochrane Collaboration refers to as ‘Eminence Based Medicine’.(10) c.Maintaining a barrage of websites and blogs that purport to support ‘science’, but embed their marketing objectives. d.Embedding their marketing in established news and information websites. e.Undertaking virulent campaigns to discredit researchers who question their products. Terms such as ‘junk science’, ‘questionable’, ‘not evidence based’, and many more are routinely used in attempts to discredit researchers who threaten their profit margins. f.Maintaining a small army of internet trolls to present the interests of pharmaceutical companies in online discussion forums, the comments sections of articles, and any other area where they can present their views.

  • Ese Callum
    Ese Callum   16 hours ago

    19.If you bought a new car and there was only a one in twelve chance that it would work properly, how would you feel? And what if there was a one in three chance that it was downright dangerous? Faced by these sorts of statistics, most consumers would be furious. And yet according to an article in the ‘Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics’, entitled ‘Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals and the Myth of Safe and Effective Drugs’ this may well be the state of affairs with pharmaceutical products.. The “.....proportion of new products with clinical advantages seems to have moved from about 1 in 8 down to 1 in 12, while the proportion with serious harms has gone up from 1 in 5 towards 1 in 3 ......" (9) 20.Dr Tom Jefferson of the independent Cochrane Collaboration has undertaken comprehensive reviews of some vaccines. According to his findings the ‘flu vaccine for example showed “no effect on specific outcomes: laboratory-proven influenza, pneumonia, or deaths from pneumonia”. .In other words, the flu vaccine policy, ‘while eminently agreeable, is unsupported by evidence that has been systematically collected, critically evaluated, and properly synthesised.’ He is wary of the ‘trust us, we’re experts’ pose taken by many policy makers. He states that ‘in my opinion, that response is only fit for underlings, not intelligent, responsible healthcare workers facing the pointy end of a syringe this season. (10) 21.It is also worth pondering the words of immunologist Dr Tetyana Obukhanych, author of ‘Vaccine Illusion’ “I am very concerned that “immunologic memory” of adjuvant-containing vaccines is actually the basis of sensitization rather than the basis of immunity. Furthermore, I am very concerned that “successful” prevention of childhood diseases by means of short-term protective effects of live attenuated viral vaccines during childhood has led to the loss of maternal ability to transfer immuno-protection to their young, thereby leaving infants vulnerable to those diseases, should the exposure occur. I am also very concerned that vaccination campaigns work by disrupting disease transmission, which reduces the chances of exposure, rather than by establishing a population’s immunity. By doing so, vaccination campaigns wipe out population’s immunity to childhood diseases rather than help to maintain it. If in prior decades there was naturally established herd immunity to childhood diseases among the adult population, then I am afraid that vaccination campaigns have ensured that it is long gone. All of this is a direct outcome of the “desired” vaccination effects, the impact of which hasn’t been carefully thought through in advance of introducing mass vaccination. We thought that vaccines work just like natural immunity. Well, apparently they don’t and we are now reaping the consequences of that.” (11)

  • 9 year old soldier
    9 year old soldier   16 hours ago

    Anti-vax kids:*Turns 3*Anti-vax parents:*Grabs coffin* get the fu*k in here