The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

  • Published on: 12 May 2019
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    Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases, but they come with side effects. So would it be safer not to vaccinate?

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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Dive into sources and further reading here: Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover – we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously.Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading. So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.

  • Zak1999
    Zak1999   1 hours ago

    I rewatch video just to read the comments

  • Zak1999
    Zak1999   1 hours ago

    Thanks you Edward Jenners for discovering the vaccine

  • secrekt
    secrekt   2 hours ago

    Who else came from anti-vax kids meme

  • Lucy Black
    Lucy Black   3 hours ago

    Thank you for making our society more aware of this problem in youre's way. Your films are always popular and intresting also in my school we are watching your films to practise our english in intresting way ( I'm from Poland). It makes me more hopefull for humanity when I see someone trying to tell people the truth about how they acting ,what they are doing and consequences of aur actions.

  • Kaya Thomson
    Kaya Thomson   4 hours ago

    Well I have studied for hours on end and I have come to the conclusion that vaccines cause some very serious effects!These include having a healthy human body, resistance to serious lethal diseases and maturing to average age! Please inform people of these effects!

  • Saumit Vaidya
    Saumit Vaidya   8 hours ago

    The title should be ANTI VAX MOMS : The Origin

  • Saika Asashi
    Saika Asashi   9 hours ago

    I don't think I'm risking to catch any Autism by having vaccines, considering I'm already diagnostiqued with Asperger Syndrome ahah.

  • falco830
    falco830   10 hours ago

    Although I have been vaccinated, I’m still hesitant about the Chicken Pox vaccination. Because I had chicken pox when I was young, and thus I didn’t need the vaccination when they came out with it, but my brothers had their vaccination and missed out on the brutal fevers that chicken pox threw at me... however they seemed to end up with more health problems like asthma and allergies, where as I don’t have any of those and am immune to those allergies. I’m not so sure if stopping all tough sicknesses from affecting your children is the go to solution. But definitely vaccinate for the obvious deadly diseases.

  • Wafflez Win
    Wafflez Win   10 hours ago

    I’ve been finding lower species, non-thinking organisms but they are getting smarter, but my studies show they learning how to speak and think. Sooner or later these beings will go extinct will no thought or documentations of them. So please, study them while you can. Before there gone. I’m also moving to Mars so contact me when these idots are gone.Side Note: I just got vaccinated last week so.....yeah, I ain’t dead yet. Or not yet at least but I think I’m getting autism

  • J.R. Mayer-Bahr
    J.R. Mayer-Bahr   13 hours ago

    Definitely learned something, thank you for this great and easily digestible video!

  • Kevin Liu
    Kevin Liu   13 hours ago

    The little things in this video are cuter than usual

  • Laza Gamer
    Laza Gamer   14 hours ago

    I feel every Karens rage watching this video

  • Cj_sucks_at_life
    Cj_sucks_at_life   15 hours ago

    Vaccines caused this video because it’s the only way the nice people at kurzgesagt lived this long

  • CardloarD
    CardloarD   15 hours ago

    If there is a unvaccinated child in your neighbourhood who are you going to call C.P.S DUN DUN DuN

  • Anton Remandaban
    Anton Remandaban   17 hours ago

    8:43 No, I will not put a seatbelt on my child because seatbelts have been proven by this really specific study to cause Autism!

  • Honey Mist
    Honey Mist   17 hours ago

    Even if vaccines caused autism, who cares?

  • EM P
    EM P   18 hours ago

    I think a lot of anti vaxxers are just scared that their own child will be that 0.01% of children who end up with a serious side effect of vaccines each year. Kind of like how people who are against guns are afraid to be the 0.0001% of people who are victims of mass shootings each year. People don't really care about statistics; they all care about gut feelings when it boils down to how they take chances for themselves. Anti-vaxxers don't care about herd immunity for others who need it. Anti-gunners don't care about protection for others who need it.

  • Clean Water Nasenyi Uganda

    Ask yourself why allergy tests aren't being done Before vaccines?Who's interests are being served?

  • Chaos X Otaku
    Chaos X Otaku   19 hours ago

    I agree that we must vaccinate our kids but if parents are stupid enough not to vaccinate then they deserve to have their kid taken from them either by the government or death. Yes that's harsh but I don't care and to be honest if their kids do die then that lowers our population and will stop those parents from spreading their stupidity to their children since they'll be dead.

  • DarkBoy 141
    DarkBoy 141   21 hours ago

    i like the mcu reference with the earth #199999

  • Ersk1
    Ersk1   22 hours ago

    Saying rn im pro vax just wanted say that before i get into my storyMy dad had side effects after some vaccine shot when he was younger and now his body can not produce heat to fight of bacteria. But still he is all in for vaccines.

  • Alpha MECH
    Alpha MECH   23 hours ago

    I had worried about this alot gotta do my sons 6 month one tommrow.He had a slight fever for like a day or two after his three month one, but he was alot stronger right after, And its flu season in New York city right now so this stuff noise I realize could be worse. Genetics is scary when you dont know to much about it.

    JIGAR SHAH   23 hours ago

    Karen want to know your location

  • jager64xxx xxxpanzer
    jager64xxx xxxpanzer   23 hours ago

    out of 6 million people who watched this video, 8500 anti-vaxxers disliked this video.That means 0.1 % of the viewers are delusional schizophrenic monsters who wants millions of kids dead.

  • Wario
    Wario   1 days ago

    I bet the people here relentlessly making fun of anti vaxxers in the comments are going to be the same people to not want their kids to be genetically modified in the future

  • Don't starve helper
    Don't starve helper   1 days ago

    Anti-vax parents always say look at the chemicals they're dangerous some of them are but in those

  • Rosli Jantan
    Rosli Jantan   1 days ago

    Petition to rename memory cells into PTSD cellsSign here👇

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P   1 days ago

    we will bring back smallpox to scare anti-vaxxers

  • Joren Baplu
    Joren Baplu   1 days ago

    Hi to all the people like me who come back to this comment section from time to time to keep it burning

  • Rowena Echavez
    Rowena Echavez   1 days ago

    When i ahve an allergy on chicken it turn red thu