The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

  • Published on: 12 May 2019
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    Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases, but they come with side effects. So would it be safer not to vaccinate?

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    Dive into sources and further reading here: Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover – we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously.Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading. So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.

  • Legy
    Legy   46 minuts ago

    Okay but like im for real now, my dad believes that vaccines are bad and im not vaccineted and im always getting sick. F

  • liza bette
    liza bette   3 hours ago

    The people who need to watch this will not watch it :(

  • Lucky Prince-ss
    Lucky Prince-ss   6 hours ago

    Hey I’m not an anti vaxxer, just a “science enthusiast”. But but... question: doesn’t mothermilk give baby the memory cells it needs? Isn’t mothermilk the best source of immunity? Especially colostrum? Any nerds out there?

  • Albina Stapo
    Albina Stapo   11 hours ago

    But still no antivaxer showing us this video

  • i TheDrawingCattus !
    i TheDrawingCattus !   11 hours ago

    Hmm... i am on top of a volcano, i can go around the hole, but floor can break and throw me in the volcano... i think i will swim through lava instead

  • Code Clock
    Code Clock   15 hours ago

    anti vaccine people are only people who can't swallow small pills and is scared of needles

  • Sylveon 546
    Sylveon 546   20 hours ago

    He made the video sound like antivaxx so antivaxx would watch

  • Cyan 1
    Cyan 1   23 hours ago

    Oh no inside my mouth

  • animation rewind
    animation rewind   23 hours ago

    "okay miss antivaxxers if you tap this button your kids will have a greater risk of major disease or even death, but they will have a lower chance of a minor vaccine side effect."Antivaxxers: tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap

  • turtles amazing
    turtles amazing   23 hours ago

    nobody:karen logic:i dont let my kid live because it puts it at risk of dying

  • Leticia G
    Leticia G   23 hours ago

    Measle is back in Brazil and killing people thanks to our karens. Sad to see an eradicated disease comming back because of ignorance :/

  • NotVeryGoodAtGames :o

    We should get rid of vaccines because they’re the leading cause of adults and I don’t want those running around

  • Jack Ayoub
    Jack Ayoub   1 days ago

    did you know that theres a school where 70-80% of the kids there are unvaccinated, there are four KINDERGARTEN (very good target for measles) that are completely unvaccinated for measles, and when I say completely I mean no kid has been vaccinatted

  • nick gomurashvili
    nick gomurashvili   1 days ago

    the title : VACCINES HAVE SIDE EFFECTS???!!!the video : vaccines are good :)

  • Josh Try
    Josh Try   1 days ago

    I heard that someone got vaccinated and still got measles make you wonder how effective vaccinations are?

  • iononionunion
    iononionunion   1 days ago

    So essentially this video can b summarize by the phraseNEVER FORGET

  • Mr. Worldwide
    Mr. Worldwide   1 days ago

    How dare you! I'm a proud anti-vax father of 3 children!Edit: 2Edit: 1Edit: 0

  • Gamer YT
    Gamer YT   1 days ago

    As an autisitic 15-year old,I've always wonderd, why do anti-vax parents think Vaccines couse Autism? Im studying Cardiovasculair systems in high school. Autism is'nt that bad for me nor for anyone else. Vaccines don't couse autism.

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow   1 days ago

    Anti-vaxxer logic:The bridge is only 99% safe.....lets just swim in the crocodile infested waters instead!

  • Swamyee Tun
    Swamyee Tun   1 days ago

    2:35 that’s a lot of macrophages...

  • JERRY tm
    JERRY tm   1 days ago

    Hmmmm Am beginning to think he is an anti vaxxer

  • Rylee Woods
    Rylee Woods   1 days ago

    I still believe in vaccinations but I have the effects happen on someone my cousin went into shots completely normal the next day he couldn’t even walk like he had the months before, now he has severe autism

  • omega win
    omega win   1 days ago

    See karens. Vaccines are better then those dieseses

  • 3chords
    3chords   1 days ago

    Every single drug or medicine that’s ever been invented has potential problems attached to it. There’s a whole range of things that individuals can chose to take or not take based on their personal assessment of how they see the risks , the benefits and whether they feel it’s right for them or not. Some people choose not to take Statins. Most people realise that maybe anti depressants won’t cure your depression and they might be addictive. Many have heard of Opioids and see that we have been misled by research to believe they were great when actually they have killed thousands. Some people refuse Chemo based on the idea that they want to fight cancer their own way. I could go on but you get the idea. We all know that many of these drugs turn out not to be the wonder cure that the Pharmaceuticals tell us they will be , and quite often these companies end up in court for lying about the dangers. We all respect each other’s personal choices to decide for ourselves if something is safe and effective or not. Why? Because many of us are aware that a lot of these drugs turn out to not be that safe and far less than effective. Some of them get shown to be downright dangerous. So why does all this change with vaccines? What are the chances that vaccines are “ very safe and very effective “ , so much so that you would have to be mad not to have them? Would we say this about anti depressants or Statins? Would those who declined Statins and decide to choose exercise and a healthy diet be ridiculed for saying that they didn’t think Statins actually worked? Would those who chose meditation , healthy living and Omega3 over anti depressants be publicly shamed for not trusting their Doctor when he says they must be on ADs for the rest of their life? Of course not. And yet , vaccines are elevated above all drugs as the one thing that is so great and so safe that if you didn’t give then to your children then you should be considered a child abuser? The same vaccines that do not have to pass all the normal safety protocols as other drugs because they are classified as “ “ “biologics.” The same vaccines that are given to nearly all children in exactly the same way without any regard for individual needs or genetic differences , all because “ you must keep to the schedule”. So how did vaccines get to become so safe and so effective that they sit in a league of their own like this , when many other drugs have been shown to be unsafe and far from effective? These amazing vaccines are so safe and effective and so amazing that as a society we even want to pass laws to force everyone to have them injected into their bodies. All of them. Repeated boosters as well and the list of different vaccines keeps growing. My question is this. Are vaccines this amazing and this different from all other drugs because they just have shown to be that way and are made by super beings who can do things with vaccines that so many others fail to do with other drugs? it because there’s a public health agenda to get everyone vaccinated and they know that unless they present vaccines as brilliant then people might start to make personal choices and think for themselves. No other drug / treatment has such a political agenda attached to it as vaccines and once politics and public health agendas take over then we start to move away from science and truth. Individuals start to matter less and less and we become mere numbers in a fight against hypothetical plagues and outbreaks. Some of us have awoken. My body is not a number. My child is not collateral damage in some war that I don’t even believe in. Try to mandate your flawed vaccines on us and we will fight back. Try to offer us false assurances on safety and we will show you science. Try to tell us we will all die without being injected and we will show you our healthy children , free from allergies , autism and auto immune disease. Leave us alone. We have seen through the hype. Vaccines are for us just like any other drug. We would take them if we believed the hype. Problem is we have brain cells.

  • Moon Moon
    Moon Moon   1 days ago

    ‘The biggest side effect of vaccines is fewer dead children.’ More people need to hear this.

  • Rand Tate
    Rand Tate   1 days ago

    The main side effect is something called “ healthy “

  • 3chords
    3chords   2 days ago

    Cartoon thinking for the cartoon masses to blindly follow like sheep.

  • Djordje XO
    Djordje XO   2 days ago

    Virus: Enters bodyVaccine: Teleports behind virusNothing personal, kid

  • svu 11
    svu 11   2 days ago

    I love the dislikes

  • Noahrock 29
    Noahrock 29   2 days ago

    At 7:25 those are for sure fact’s, and I have autism.

  • Douglas Hughes
    Douglas Hughes   2 days ago

    The Stanley Plotkin deposition has the real truth about vaccines. Vaccines are a product with zero testing for long term efficacy.

  • Bigi Ty
    Bigi Ty   2 days ago

    The unvaccinated kid is Crying while watching