The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

  • Published on: 12 May 2019
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    Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases, but they come with side effects. So would it be safer not to vaccinate?

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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Dive into sources and further reading here: Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover – we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously.Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading. So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.

  • Rick
    Rick   1 hours ago

    I just showed this a friend who's anti-vax, needless to say he ignored everything and said that it was all fake, despite showing the little fucker the sources.

  • Jorgi Harwood
    Jorgi Harwood   3 hours ago

    Vaccines are good in my eyes.But what about leaky gut syndrome and lead/aluminium levels?neither of these things were discussed and both are found to be linked to vaccines?? (I'm not an anti vaxxer, just questioning why this hasn't been mentioned?)

  • Rhuben Ruzeu
    Rhuben Ruzeu   3 hours ago

    and just putting this out there the anti-vax would rather have their kid die to measles than have autism and I think thats really sad

  • David O'Connor
    David O'Connor   4 hours ago

    put heroin and Meth in so we can fight it and not get any buzz of it

  • Kまふ
    Kまふ   7 hours ago


  • Lee Gabriel M Banasihan

    There are more people with 1k likes than the average life expectancy of an Anti-Vaxxer's kids

  • こんにちはD33foxtrotlpt

    This reminds me of the episode of family guy where Peter spreads a rumor about vaccines and caused the whole town to get measles

  • Senne Piens
    Senne Piens   17 hours ago

    the seat belt complaisant is actually really good, i'll be using that the next time i have a conversation about this topic

  • Eduardo Avila
    Eduardo Avila   18 hours ago

    What people with a brain see: Vaccines don't cause autism and death is not a common side effectWhat antivaxxers see: Vaccines _____ cause autism and death is ___ a common side effect

  • oh yeah its fico
    oh yeah its fico   19 hours ago

    Why you should sub to kurzgesagt:1-scares you 2-calms you down 3-BIRDS

  • ScootieXP
    ScootieXP   20 hours ago

    Show me a Randomized double blind placebo control studies about any of the current vaccines.

  • Max Malone
    Max Malone   1 days ago

    Side effects to vaccinesAdult hood

  • Sofia Karjala
    Sofia Karjala   1 days ago

    It'd be ok if they didn't hurt others. But this herd immunity is being broken by idiots. Ask yourself this, antivax parents. Can you live with yourself knowing your decision to not vaccinate could possibly be putting innocent children's lives on the line? Stop being selfish and vaccinate yourself and your family to save countless people.

  • DonnieToTheMoon
    DonnieToTheMoon   1 days ago

    Antivaxxer facebook mom groups dont care about medical research.They did google searches after all, they know what they talking about

  • Dannyy_sann
    Dannyy_sann   1 days ago

    Facts are immune to feelings. I see what you did there .

  • Two Tone
    Two Tone   1 days ago

    What disease gives Kurzgesagt nightmares? The Bird Flu of course!

  • The2Coles OnArole
    The2Coles OnArole   1 days ago

    My parents said they did not vaccinate me. Am I going to die? I’m only 13 I don’t want to die! I think I should have gotten vaccinated. Should have I?

  • Damien Stroman
    Damien Stroman   1 days ago

    Bruh Vacinces cause atism Do Vaccinate PLEASE VACCINAte Don't let them srat life on dark souls Hard mode use assited made.

  • Fluorite Halcyon
    Fluorite Halcyon   1 days ago

    Way too amused by the gamifying of the immune system. And so cute. Jesus christ y'all, make a game and make all of the money.

  • Apple cider
    Apple cider   1 days ago

    GUYS YOU CANT VACCINATE YOUR KIDS SMH ITS BEEN LINKED TO SO MANY DATHS LIKE PEEPLE DIE OF AUTOSTICISM ALL THE TIME CAN YOH NAT AEE HOW DANGEROUS VACCINES ARE OMG SMHPro vaxxers immediately start typingBefore you guys start cursing me out, I’m a pro vaxxer and I can spell. Don’t bully me lmao

  • Canal De Relaxare
    Canal De Relaxare   1 days ago

    Wow this topic is so hard , why blame each other for their decision ?

  • Stephen Lednor
    Stephen Lednor   1 days ago

    I'm not vaccinated against measles and vaccinated against influenza virus

  • Amar Mann
    Amar Mann   1 days ago

    Is the decline in measles in the developed world largely due to vaccines or improved sanitation and nutrition? Do any of the studies showing no link between vaccines and autism study the effect of multiple vaccinations in a relatively short time (i.e. what happens in real life)?EDIT - When I say "sanitation and nutrition", I really meant a broader term like "improved socioeconomic status", which encompasses additional things like infrastructure, living conditions etc.

  • Alamkan Countryball
    Alamkan Countryball   1 days ago

    As someone who's allergic to vaccines, the one thing I want the most IS herd immunity. ;(

  • Liam Vonz
    Liam Vonz   2 days ago

    They should create a vaccine that prevents autism to confuse the heck out of anti-vaxxer

  • Emil Termøhlen
    Emil Termøhlen   2 days ago

    1:53 that's a fkn Vietnam flashback if I've ever seen one

  • Heather Westhill
    Heather Westhill   2 days ago

    I am not an anti-vaxxer in any way. But there are some dangerous parts of vaccines that do exist but can easily be fixed, Big Pharma just needs to make the decision to remove those dangerous parts.

  • Juliette Lilith De Sade

    I'm allergic and can't do this. Side effect: Doctor's hate me and maybe I need some but I could be in danger if they do this to me.So choosing between a hard allergic reaction or something that could help in a rate for just 30%.

  • B0B1800
    B0B1800   2 days ago

    You need to change this thumbnail. It’s screaming “fear this thing”