The greatest loot in Minecraft. - Minecraft with Jacksepticeye - Part 8

  • Published on: 11 September 2019
  • SO epic how we f ound the most great chest minecraft
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  • Runtime : 25:33


  • ximo marco
    ximo marco   55 minuts ago

    Pewds: my is Mayahi and the other one Mayahu .Also Pewds: wich wan is mine ?

  • Cameron Kiggins
    Cameron Kiggins   3 days ago

    jack when pewds catches egg "aaaaaaaaaaa" pewds when jack catches egg "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

  • Marzuk khan
    Marzuk khan   3 days ago

    in here pewds' pyramid doesn't have ceiling floor gang consistent

  • Goose Gaming
    Goose Gaming   4 days ago

    20:05 he sounds like the screaming girl from the why are you running meme

  • Emme !!!!!!
    Emme !!!!!!   5 days ago

    Did you see the that your game mode has been set to survival I think they cheated it was when they went to bed

  • Psycho Bitch
    Psycho Bitch   5 days ago

    19:26 that's how you know he's a ceiling gang

  • sharon starks
    sharon starks   1 weeks ago

    Don’t trust the chicken it’s one of Chuck’s spies LolYou would know if you watch jacks series

  • BadChannel
    BadChannel   1 weeks ago

    24:42 bruhhhh they used /locate for the temple...

  • Bachir Spreader
    Bachir Spreader   2 weeks ago

    Did any one notice in the chat that they used commands to find a buried treasure 24:43

  • kavya jain
    kavya jain   2 weeks ago

    Guys you have to your fox for a ride

  • Dylan Pratomo
    Dylan Pratomo   2 weeks ago

    guys i just noriced that at 24.44 you can see the cheat cronology and they set to creative mode and teleported

  • Maddy S
    Maddy S   3 weeks ago

    Do they know that you get saddles from fishing? You get a bunch from fishing.

  • MarissaUuUr
    MarissaUuUr   4 weeks ago

    I just noticed that pewds says: "This changes perspective, my love"1:04

  • Lee Nash
    Lee Nash   4 weeks ago

    Felix proposing : GET IN BOAT!

    ABISHEK VIJAYAN   1 months ago

    Hey pewdiepie do more minecraft videos with marzia and jack together

    SAJID ALI FAROOQUI   1 months ago

    First watch this and then watch hermtcraftNoticeable difference

  • nicknugget
    nicknugget   1 months ago


  • nicknugget
    nicknugget   1 months ago

    5:10 the smoking is slowly killing him just like in real life!

  • FuturisticEnderman
    FuturisticEnderman   1 months ago

    24:40 Hold up! Are they cheating? xDLook closely at the chat area, there are Commands and stuff. He even went to creative mode.

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake   1 months ago

    10:23 I couldn't stop laughing at this. I kept double tapping to go back lmao

  • Elizabeth Tello
    Elizabeth Tello   1 months ago

    14:17"Bro close your eyes bro what do you see bro?""your face bro""That's my life without you?"when he talks to you like this😩🥰

  • Matthew O’Donohoe
    Matthew O’Donohoe   1 months ago

    Jack: there’s nothing wrong with walking around.Me in quarantine 😐

    ZENTORNO 14   1 months ago

    if they were babies they woulda been more cute

  • Selena Trombley
    Selena Trombley   1 months ago

    Feed blip blip... he hasn’t been fed in like four or five episodes ;-;

  • The trash can
    The trash can   1 months ago

    "yOu wAnT tHaT cHiCkEN?"Me, eating chicken: obviously

  • Ginger Parrot
    Ginger Parrot   1 months ago

    They look in the temple chestPewdiepie:gaspGoes for the saddle instead of the enchanted book