The greatest loot in Minecraft. - Minecraft with Jacksepticeye - Part 8

  • Published on: 11 September 2019
  • SO epic how we f ound the most great chest minecraft
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  • Runtime : 25:33


  • Freaksmile13
    Freaksmile13   11 hours ago

    Pewds is getting more interested in harming others lol...

  • Nia Rondo
    Nia Rondo   20 hours ago

    Bole dengar pewds deng jack blg puki :V

  • Arianna Quiroz
    Arianna Quiroz   1 days ago

    Me:WHAT THE-my mom: don't say itMe: bLiP BLIPMy mom: omg..😑

  • Teny Haryati
    Teny Haryati   3 days ago

    this two are just did throw eggs for the first 8 minutes and it made me couldnt be happier haha


    Holy shit its September 11th911PEWDS HATE JEWS AND AMERICANEY YORK TIMES CONFIRMEDJK not trueStill uploaded on 911

  • VioHioStudio
    VioHioStudio   1 weeks ago


  • Levi Garrett
    Levi Garrett   1 weeks ago

    18:32 finds bread in chestPewds: I found potatoes! I found potatoes!

  • Sergio Flores
    Sergio Flores   1 weeks ago

    The cat says MOW MOW MOW MOW👌👊🙀😹😺

  • Sergio Flores
    Sergio Flores   1 weeks ago

    Felix does your wife have your merch if so she is cool like you 👊👊

  • Hi Person
    Hi Person   1 weeks ago

    I'm so glad I was watching this because I was lying in bed when out of nowhere in front of my screen I see a spider crawling on me and you have saved my room from becoming a spider oasis in a single moment I appreciate and thank

  • Elizabeth Morrissey
    Elizabeth Morrissey   1 weeks ago

    I love that at 19:04 there at the village with the Temple and say it’s trash

  • Cecilia Varias
    Cecilia Varias   2 weeks ago

    PEWDIEPIE IF YOUR WANT TO FEED A CAT CROUCH AND HOLD STILL wait until hes comingor she if hes or she is close now you can feed it and wait hold still that is how you done

  • SwiftGummorzZ
    SwiftGummorzZ   2 weeks ago

    Anybody else wanna see them actually play on survival?

  • Angie Kitahara
    Angie Kitahara   2 weeks ago

    Felix:i thought it was slowing down the catJack:,( u are a monster!

  • Rhianna Rajput
    Rhianna Rajput   2 weeks ago

    The minecraft death in real life thing was deep 😂🤔😔🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • potao beer
    potao beer   2 weeks ago

    its a hat, its a ceiling...... not a roof?

  • The Annoing Thing
    The Annoing Thing   2 weeks ago

    I’m eating food and it’s 4:30am. I chocked on my food and almost died from laughing so hard at 10:23

  • rat buzz
    rat buzz   2 weeks ago

    Seriously did nobody think of Crowley from good omens when they were screeching wahoo

  • Ann Cake
    Ann Cake   2 weeks ago

    Two dudes sleeping in a temple, 1 block away cuz they are not gay!