Apple Makes Fun Of Android #3

  • Published on: 22 April 2018
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  • Runtime : 3:38
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  • Gary He
    Gary He   1 hours ago

    Stop making android look bad because it actually isn't that bad.

  • VashyRam
    VashyRam   2 hours ago

    i think i should switch to iphone

  • Andrei oes
    Andrei oes   6 hours ago

    Samsung note 10+ este mai bun decic iphone x s max

  • Erchin Halid
    Erchin Halid   7 hours ago

    I've switched to android and I'm more happy

  • RestFlammy
    RestFlammy   11 hours ago

    Who thinks that Samsung is better than Apple like

  • [RaZorz]
    [RaZorz]   11 hours ago

    Breath for iphone Don’t breath for android

  • Always Blase
    Always Blase   13 hours ago

    The ads never had the iphone or andriod icons

  • PlayBoiGamer17 number 2

    I use apple but I’m not a THOSE AIRPOD USERS YELLING IT SMELLS LIKE BROKE IN HERE I just use apple for YouTube and games that’sAll I figure someone is gonna reply in my comment saying “SWITCH TO ANDROID APPLE IS SHIT” dude I whatever it’s my stuff

  • Димон Бро
    Димон Бро   14 hours ago

    IPHONE NOO!!!!!😡😡😠😠😠 YES ANDROID!!!😍😍😻

  • Icy Avali
    Icy Avali   16 hours ago

    Ok how is this no waste. Is it like no trash on your phone. Whell gets iphone puts trash on it boom your iphone is trash 2:26

  • katelyn spitza
    katelyn spitza   19 hours ago

    why have any phone if you can have a pear phone?1?!/1

  • Azami ai
    Azami ai   19 hours ago

    Apple:very good osAndroid:verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAndroid is not respondingClose wait broke your phone

  • bella
    bella   20 hours ago

    this is all true tho

  • Free ok
    Free ok   22 hours ago

    a fucking iphone always Break down after few days, android is way better.

  • Josh Adrian
    Josh Adrian   23 hours ago

    When it says "your phone" and your phone is an iPhone...

  • XxAestheticzGirlxX
    XxAestheticzGirlxX   1 days ago

    are you sure about that?!!?im right now watching on android and i didnt get any damn virus even when i download other things outside damn google play store ((ヾ(≧皿≦;)ノ_))—-!

  • mickey maloney
    mickey maloney   1 days ago

    Worst partI bet this shitty adds didnt addicted anyone to use iphone im using huawei p smart 2019 and its beast of da phone

  • Roni Megila
    Roni Megila   1 days ago

    ןITS BOLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Khairul Rizal
    Khairul Rizal   1 days ago

    Apple:iam greatAndroid:no you garbageMe:iam make new game not for apple for android called gaszombie old town

  • Mr. Boy Tech
    Mr. Boy Tech   1 days ago

    Oh if I phone is much fast it means iphone have no slow -mo

  • Disolix
    Disolix   1 days ago

    The first one is quite true the Google play store is full of viruses and unfinished shit programs sadly