NBA's Best Plays | December | 2019-20 NBA Season

  • Published on: 04 January 2020
  • Check out the best plays from the month of December from the 2019-20 NBA Season!

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  • Runtime : 22:11
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  • J Lux
    J Lux   1 months ago

    .Press pause, scroll to 9:53, press Play.

  • Rozay1K
    Rozay1K   1 months ago

    9:45 “How does he know to touch pass that to Anthony Davis”Ummm he gets paid millions of dollars to play in the best league in the world. He better be able to do a simple touch pass like that to AD when he’s facing him directly. 😂

  • The1stFishBone
    The1stFishBone   1 months ago

    The skill level of Jokic and Donovan Mitchell is unbelievable. The length of Giannis, Porzingis, and Gobert is unfair.

  • Sean L
    Sean L   1 months ago

    Harden double dribbled.

  • xSqvge
    xSqvge   1 months ago

    aaron gordons face 7:53

  • GristleLicker
    GristleLicker   1 months ago

    I still can't believe 1:41 he is 7 ft tall and about 300 chubby lbs and can still handle the ball like that

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7   1 months ago

    Here are the plays.01-07-20.

  • dangelokemp
    dangelokemp   1 months ago

    Harden double dribbles on PG, refs mis it

  • EVO9_ SL,UT
    EVO9_ SL,UT   1 months ago

    Harden is gonna popularize getting away with double dribbles now too and really fuck up the future of the league.1:35

  • Ni Ko
    Ni Ko   1 months ago

    So impressed by LeBron. If the Lakers win the title. I think he is the GOAT.

  • Ty Newton
    Ty Newton   1 months ago

    Anyone else see a bunch of travels in this

  • KapetaN
    KapetaN   1 months ago

    That dribble by Harden @1:33 was a double dribble. Put his right hand on the ball while in the air after he intially dribbled it with the left hand....super fast tho,, feelsbad for the refs who have to officiate that in real time.

  • Dj Zephyr
    Dj Zephyr   1 months ago

    SAD... can't find GSW highlight.. lolEDIT: even Knicks get highlighted..

  • mpye
    mpye   1 months ago

    harden flop.

  • Daria #
    Daria #   1 months ago

    미쳤다 저건....

  • JB presents
    JB presents   1 months ago

    Walker angaist raptors was traveling

  • Eric Tyrone
    Eric Tyrone   1 months ago

    2:11 damn ad slammed so hard even the sprite logo glitched

  • Nam Thai
    Nam Thai   1 months ago

    So glad that Frutz be there, glad for him now

  • Lucent Lu
    Lucent Lu   1 months ago

    feel so bad for Aron Baynes, dudes just tryin to defend but keep getting posterized and fail to defend the buzzers.

  • Marin Tomić
    Marin Tomić   1 months ago

    Is it just me, or Miami Heat won every game in last 3 sec.

  • Slieen Watch
    Slieen Watch   1 months ago

    NBA Players : Can we do 3 travels per action Referees : Sure

  • gwap01
    gwap01   1 months ago

    lol Luka on the thumbnail while he's injured for half the month

  • Balec Balec
    Balec Balec   1 months ago

    17:00 best defender in history... lmfao

  • Rome Nikolayev
    Rome Nikolayev   1 months ago

    At 22:08 that highlight by Giannis he travelled took 3 steps