When Celebrities Lose Their Cool!

  • Published on: 05 September 2019
  • Celebrities Getting Offended | Most Embarrassing Moments live interviews so funny (try not to laugh impossible challenge)
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  • Runtime : 8:28
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  • Foeko
    Foeko   5 months ago

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  • Peace Love
    Peace Love   1 weeks ago

    Come at me with a paper belt... who cares abt trees lmao...

  • J S
    J S   1 weeks ago

    I wanna bet the right screen lady at 1:07 is related to Donald Trump

  • niya monique
    niya monique   2 weeks ago

    If I was Joan That interviewer laughing would have made me crazy Lmao I have no patience

  • Britni Jean
    Britni Jean   2 weeks ago

    When she said “I thought it was just a reality Schtick” and Gene says “no this is really happening to us.”Interviewers forget tact when asking questions.. and then not to take accountability for the cause of fight between him and his wife.. Class act, lady.

  • Sandra Lyn
    Sandra Lyn   3 weeks ago

    I get so very tired at times as to how bipolar disorder is looked at. It's treated as if it's this disease as opposed to a mental disorder. I was diagnosed in 2006 at the age of 29yrs with bipolar2. I'm so thankful that celebrities that also have it are coming out about it.

  • Francis La Torre
    Francis La Torre   3 weeks ago

    Kanye gonna run for president and those women just set up gene that sucks

  • Shorty Indexx
    Shorty Indexx   3 weeks ago

    Desperate for money? Then have a add over half your video pop in and out

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi   3 weeks ago

    I love how you just took pictures of iphones from the internet

  • Seether99
    Seether99   1 months ago

    Kanye "Shakespeare" 😂😂😂

  • Juleah Gabor
    Juleah Gabor   1 months ago

    I subcribed to thid fucking channel and never won anything WTF bruh!!

    CARLOS CRUZ   1 months ago

    Gene Simmons, gonna put a hex on lady 4 setting him up. 👿

  • N. Ali
    N. Ali   1 months ago

    Gene was pissed!!!!!! Shanon Tweet is beautiful.

  • Liveme Troller
    Liveme Troller   1 months ago

    Charlie is correct 100% correct but Hollywood are powerful

  • Liveme Troller
    Liveme Troller   1 months ago

    The 2 ladies shouting was fun and exciting they should do another broadcast

  • Liveme Troller
    Liveme Troller   1 months ago

    Oh millions ain’t enough to keep them happy why the fuck they on this planet. They do fucked up things for tv time no one has a clue

  • Cj
    Cj   1 months ago

    salt inducing yes we are playing for souls

  • Cj
    Cj   1 months ago

    who else ima be in your dad for real

  • jay mcgurran
    jay mcgurran   1 months ago

    K West is nothing but a conceited wanker.

  • K G
    K G   1 months ago

    Joan Rivers is still the queen

  • JR Rosalez
    JR Rosalez   1 months ago

    I'd be uncomfortable near Kanye, hes scary, conceited, bi polar, insane and so full of himself. No thanks.

  • Catarina Gomes
    Catarina Gomes   1 months ago

    I feel so sorry for Kanye kids, they have such a low IQ dad. And it's scary the amount of fans he has.

  • Lunnna_
    Lunnna_   1 months ago

    Liked ,subs,watch till the end...and watch the rest of the vids...love y’all...can I PLS win the give away!!🙏🙏🙏🙏😍😘😋🤘🤘