STAR OCEAN First Departure R - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 17 September 2019
  • The first entry in the STAR OCEAN franchise is reborn as STAR OCEAN First Departure R. Featuring full English and Japanese voiceovers, brand new character illustrations, and balanced gameplay features, STAR OCEAN First Departure R brings the franchise back to its origins in beautiful HD. Available on Nintendo Switch on 12.5.19.

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  • Runtime : 1:57
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  • Otto San
    Otto San   2 months ago

    This port is looks like the second story, graphic & gameplay is totally same, only u play in his father timeline (ronixis), as a fan i will buy it but not gonna play it, not worthy nothing new

  • criticalhard
    criticalhard   3 months ago

    In my switch all graphics look like the old design???? Am I missing something?

  • Gundam X
    Gundam X   4 months ago

    What different from PSP

  • Larkship
    Larkship   5 months ago

    I was literally just thinking about buying this a few days before this came out

  • Julio Hernandez
    Julio Hernandez   5 months ago

    Never played this series before but I picked this game up and so far I dont regret it one bit. Its amazing.

  • Alexis barb's
    Alexis barb's   6 months ago

    Impossible de trouver le jeu en boîte donc pas traduit chez nous sûrement :(. ><

  • rickjamesia
    rickjamesia   6 months ago

    Give us a re-release of Second Story with all the original sounds as options to use. I can still remember the good times of my friends complaining about me playing it all day by chanting "Energy Arrow! Energy... Arrow! Energy Arrow!" over and over. Sure the new sounds were cleaner and probably "better" done, but there's something special about the original.

  • sarahpod
    sarahpod   6 months ago

    Is there going to be a physical release on the Switch for this game? Or digital only?

  • lechatnocturne
    lechatnocturne   6 months ago

    I've never played a Star Ocean in my life. I can't wait !

  • Aru Akise
    Aru Akise   6 months ago

    Oh sweet didn't realize it was also coming to Switch. Going to get it for Switch instead for the portability.

  • C L W
    C L W   6 months ago

    Square, NintendoListen to me VERY carefully;NOW GIVE US SECOND EVOLUTION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • manybalby
    manybalby   6 months ago

    I already have this game for the psp but I'll definitely be getting it on the Switch! I'm hoping some Tales of remakes come to the Switch as well. That series is scattered on every console and handheld.

  • bluesnoopz
    bluesnoopz   6 months ago

    Will there be a physical release?

  • Kenny Leung
    Kenny Leung   7 months ago

    Played STAR OCEAN: First Departure when it first came out on PSP. Finish it twice with different characters and side stories.

  • Jeffrey Paull
    Jeffrey Paull   7 months ago

    Love it but can't wait for the Second Evolution port if that is even going to be a thing.

  • algol29
    algol29   7 months ago

    Very cool! I loved the 2nd Star Ocean on PS1... not so much concerning the PS2 Star Ocean.

  • Aussa Kagamine
    Aussa Kagamine   7 months ago

    Cute Catgirls and yuri lowenthal? I'm in heaven.

  • star mistral
    star mistral   7 months ago

    éternel question: va-t-y y avoir une VF

  • John Hojnowski
    John Hojnowski   7 months ago

    We need this as a physical game & Star Ocean Till The End of Time please Nintendo

  • Van Setia Putra
    Van Setia Putra   7 months ago

    If only there's 'NEW' Ilia's route, I'll definitely buy this.

  • SOS Gamers
    SOS Gamers   7 months ago

    So its a port of the PSP remake but in HD

  • Nr 151
    Nr 151   7 months ago

    Can we get the second game too? Please

  • Paulie
    Paulie   8 months ago

    Don't tell me this is digital only. This classic deserves a physical copy

  • Jason Yi
    Jason Yi   8 months ago

    Man all these rpgs on switch. I love it!

  • 東方外人
    東方外人   8 months ago

    Glad it has dual audio. Would've had to miss this one.

  • mystyle _jm
    mystyle _jm   8 months ago

    Dual audio allowed? I hope for Second Evolution too.

  • The Fish
    The Fish   8 months ago

    Stop releasing so many great games on switch so close together I'm poor and I can't buy them all. 😭😂😂😂 I keep buying them and end up on Ramen noodles at the end of the month.

  • YamiAnubisZX
    YamiAnubisZX   8 months ago

    Oh boy, PSP is back but under Nintendo. I'm excited for the eventual Ys remakes.

  • TJ
    TJ   8 months ago

    Lunar next pls !