I Tried ASMR For The First Time

  • Published on: 28 January 2019
  • And we're back! Here is a video we filmed at the end of last year that I'm excited to finally release! Watch the first half now and save the second half for nap time, lol.

    So I've seen a lot of non-ASMR youtubers release ASMR videos in the last few months, so I wanted to do a deep dive into what ASMR is and then try an ASMR segment of my own. Thankfully, I got Gibi of Gibi ASMR to help me figure out what it's all about. What did you think of my ASMR segment? Did you like the haircut roleplay? Did any part give you tingles?

    You can check out Gibi's channel here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE6acMV3m35znLcf0JGNn7Q

    TYPO: Also, 8:49 isn't Caroline ASMR it's Ting Ting ASMR! So sorry!

    This video is NOT sponsored!

    "Brain Tingles" by Craig Richard, PhD

    PS - I know I am not wearing my ring in this video - most of it was filmed pre-proposal and for the rest of it I just forgot, lol! Nothing meant by it!

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    Assistant Editor: Emily Linden
  • Runtime : 33:38
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard   1 years ago

    HELLO FRIENDS! we are back! here is a video we filmed at the end of last year that I'm excited to finally release - let me know what you think of the ASMR portion, and if you'd like to see the extended cut lol! and now, back to regularly scheduled programming :). xoxo, saf

  • P.B And Juliet
    P.B And Juliet   2 hours ago

    I am curious what your triggers are. Mine are kinda weird. They are writing with a dull pencil and when I am cold and I roll my shoulders backWeird right

  • Elizabeth Plank
    Elizabeth Plank   1 days ago

    This was actually the first video that introduced me to ASMR. Now I'm addicted and watch it every day. I think that Safiya's factual explanation of ASMR led me to perceive ASMR differently than I would have if I just stumbled upon it on my own. Thank you so much Saf! <3

  • Jazmyn G
    Jazmyn G   4 days ago

    We need the extended version now more than ever in these rona times

  • Peters Mood
    Peters Mood   5 days ago

    I love how invested she is in it and every so often glances at the camera and smiles like she’s looking for approval or as if we’re literally right in front of her. I love her so much

  • Keke Love
    Keke Love   5 days ago

    When is she is going to post again

  • No U
    No U   6 days ago

    Ok, I only came here for the asmr part, and I don't regret! That was tiiinglyyyy~~

  • jaide norris
    jaide norris   1 weeks ago

    at 8:48 you put caroline asmr insted of tingting (incase you missed that)

  • Makis Martinez
    Makis Martinez   1 weeks ago

    Who else still watches this and skips to the ASMR portion? 😅

  • Isa Weber
    Isa Weber   1 weeks ago


  • Ellie Shay
    Ellie Shay   1 weeks ago

    ok I almost fell asleep towards the end by then my brain was like ‘nope’ and immediately I just thought “ROCK AND ROLL, BUCKAROO” and now I’m mad at myself (if you understand what video that’s from tho; can we be friends?)

  • Katheriny morales
    Katheriny morales   1 weeks ago

    I CAN WATCH THIS FOREVER!! Part two??👉🏼👈🏼🥺❤️

  • Infinity Plus
    Infinity Plus   1 weeks ago

    The asmr starts at 16:40 Xx have a good night everyone

  • dull delusions
    dull delusions   1 weeks ago

    she’s actually good at asmr, the only critique i have is her whisper is kinda harsh but that’s also a vocal factor. still very good

  • Emily G. Shaw
    Emily G. Shaw   1 weeks ago

    ASMR starts at 16:40 if you’re like me and actually enjoy listening to this for real and don’t need to watch the intro again

  • Claire Chilbert
    Claire Chilbert   1 weeks ago

    Saf’s face at 18:04 and 18:10 are priceless!!!! Lol

  • oddlyemoanimator
    oddlyemoanimator   1 weeks ago

    Safiya going “Oh yeeeaaah” in ASMR portion kind of reminded me of The Cat In The Hat

  • Izzy 5210
    Izzy 5210   1 weeks ago

    She's the only youtuber that can make asmr with plastic pants

  • Nadine Stewart
    Nadine Stewart   2 weeks ago

    You have the best voice for ASMR. I’ve never really listened to it before but you remind me of those two sweater ladies from SNL. I could listen to you do just talking ASMR for hours lol.

  • - rosebud -
    - rosebud -   2 weeks ago

    This is literally my first time getting tingles; I don’t get tingles with actual asmr you tubers but then I listen to this-

  • Carol_Likes_Dem_ Books

    My dad said, “Sissy? Are they talking about asmr? I know about that!” Also, when Saf talked about slow hand movements, I’m pretty sure she did the sign language sign for slow! 😂

  • Arfa Alim
    Arfa Alim   2 weeks ago

    Wait! I liked that! Kinda gave me tingles too