We finally play Minecraft! - Minecraft with Marzia - Part 1

  • Published on: 20 August 2019
  • Me and Marzia plays minecraft for the first time
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  • Runtime : 26:23
  • SATIRE We finally play Minecraft! pewdiepie married pewdiepie married marzia minecraft pewdiepie minecraft pewdiepie pewds pewdie pdp marzia


  • Leo Fuchs
    Leo Fuchs   34 minuts ago

    Pewds: i’m a minecraft veteranMarzia: use a golden helmet Pewds: DiAmONd hELMeT

  • bella
    bella   4 hours ago

    He's trying so hard to please her,and it's so cute

  • Nathan Griffith
    Nathan Griffith   4 hours ago

    Watching a minecraft pro teach a minecraft noob is so wierd

  • Ayush Thumbarathy
    Ayush Thumbarathy   7 hours ago

    this shit is adorableI would pay to see these two in an actual wilderness trying to survive. Now that's gonna make a great movie.

  • Sufyea Omar
    Sufyea Omar   9 hours ago

    Felix:I haven’t named this one yet but it’s gonna be svenson DEEEP be like u lied

  • Mason Hunter
    Mason Hunter   14 hours ago

    It's nice to see a girl enjoy Minecraft for once

  • Miguel V
    Miguel V   20 hours ago

    I keep replaying Marzia's reaction to Felix baking cow.

  • Vortex
    Vortex   1 days ago

    cant wait till they have kids

  • keijee bi
    keijee bi   1 days ago

    22:00 felix sings head in the clouds by joji check it out

  • Wejameta Gaming
    Wejameta Gaming   1 days ago

    Lets just ignore the fact that the japanese subtitles was made by kim jong un

  • Alecia Cleary
    Alecia Cleary   1 days ago

    Marzia is me when I first started Felix is me now

  • Liam Smith
    Liam Smith   1 days ago

    Your girlfriend is so quit I can't hear her

  • Balphamus
    Balphamus   2 days ago

    Marzia's screen was so dark lmao

  • STanimation
    STanimation   2 days ago

    **The best Minecraft girlfriend has re-entered the chat**

  • L0ser. xp
    L0ser. xp   2 days ago

    The authors in the description- Bruhh

  • N0Munch33s
    N0Munch33s   2 days ago

    15:22 She is now ur minecraft wife

  • MetrixFella
    MetrixFella   2 days ago

    This is me showing my lego builds to my mom as a little kid

  • Genesis Sanchez
    Genesis Sanchez   2 days ago

    Pewdiepie: “I could make us some beef” Marzia: SMACKS TABLE

  • Tashfin rahman
    Tashfin rahman   2 days ago

    Some times I say bro pewd so what should I say to marzia . Should I say sis marzia