How The Ace Family Acts Off Camera

  • Published on: 20 January 2019
  • How The Ace Family Acts Off Camera (hidden camera)

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  • trent atkinson
    trent atkinson   1 days ago

    Ugh, they did it at Sierra Canyon high school. 🤢🤮

  • Daniel Who?
    Daniel Who?   3 days ago

    Seeing shit like this gives me cancer....thank you for advising what my kids should not watch.

  • Fairy Mystonight
    Fairy Mystonight   5 days ago

    There’s a lot of prank videos where people get really mad, but when they see the camera and found out it was a PRANK, ofc they will smile. Heck, some of y’all probably comment on those prank videos saying it was fake/all and Act. 🤦‍♀️

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James   5 days ago

    Austin always acts like this when he gets prank lol 😂 he’s really petty even with Catherine. I think u guys are reaching on this.

  • Hunter fam Here
    Hunter fam Here   5 days ago

    He’s lucky that he can even afford wrapping paper or even his Jeep

  • Briekachu Davies
    Briekachu Davies   1 weeks ago

    I’m glad ur standing up to the rise of the tide! Don’t let them silence you man!

  • Chunky Pee
    Chunky Pee   1 weeks ago

    10 baskets in a row are you high I can’t even do that

  • BioTeck
    BioTeck   1 weeks ago

    They sound douchey af

  • Alicia V
    Alicia V   1 weeks ago

    Bro Austin is so annoying and rude like it's a joke and he has no right to be disrespectful to his family

  • Jag Girl
    Jag Girl   1 weeks ago

    Wow that competition was a total scam..Disgusting pos.

  • Gamepro Plays
    Gamepro Plays   1 weeks ago

    8:34 my dad gave me that face all the time I don’t see how it’s scary

  • Rockin' Readings
    Rockin' Readings   1 weeks ago

    Every time I see you, I have a need to brush your eyebrows

  • mrtnong
    mrtnong   1 weeks ago

    "You're lucky it's christmas" more like you're lucky there's a camera

  • YourSleepyPotato :3
    YourSleepyPotato :3   2 weeks ago

    First of all Austin should be in jailSecond of all idk how they even have subsThird of all they use their kids for viewsAlso how tf does a newborn choose people to play in it

  • Brionna Leigh
    Brionna Leigh   2 weeks ago

    He did a great job on this video he is a piece of shit for that that’s a fucking child why would he ever do that to her you can hear the insecurity in her voice because of how he looked at her

  • Oreo Taylor
    Oreo Taylor   2 weeks ago

    I can understand Austin being upset but only from the aspect of “oh someone was able to go in my car and wrap everything up. Oh how’d they get in?” That’s really the only way I’d be upset because if it was just the outside of the car I’d be like “ppfft wow whatever” but upon seeing the paper on the INSIDE I’d be like “who tf went in my car” But since it was family I guess it was ok

  • apple
    apple   2 weeks ago

    But ppl get very upset at different things and we’re all picky about certain things. For Austin, his cars are very precious to him and I would understand why he would be mad. Like if I bought a brand new awesome car and took such good care for it and see it wrapped completely in Christmas paper, I would be pretty mad too. So it’s not a surprise to me that he’s being mad about it.

  • Couchmann941
    Couchmann941   2 weeks ago

    takes like 2 minutes to take off the wrapping paper

  • jdea18
    jdea18   3 weeks ago

    Yo why her ass a square at 6:20

  • JTM Machine
    JTM Machine   3 weeks ago

    I got my car’s windshield bashed by some crazy woman while I was driving it and I think Austin was angrier than me.

  • Hanna Bear
    Hanna Bear   3 weeks ago

    I love your commentary and always have to jam to your outro song. Im honestly really interested in a playlist by you!

  • Wolffy Howl
    Wolffy Howl   4 weeks ago

    Hed be the kid who dumped his whole food tray on you when you bumped into him and spilled a 20th of you drink on him

  • Iansane138
    Iansane138   4 weeks ago

    That guy from the Ace family is a such an awful idiot. Super glad he has fame, wealth and influence - totally deserves it.

  • Jalisaaa
    Jalisaaa   4 weeks ago

    that’s crazy how they pranked ryan by lying to him saying they got him his dream car and he cried smh

  • Straps Reloaded
    Straps Reloaded   4 weeks ago

    I felt so bad for DDG and YBN Almoghty Jay. They were kinda hurt when that “random” dude on a skateboard won

  • gabeeee323
    gabeeee323   1 months ago

    I think he used charity so they won't get taxed

  • IzzyThe GothOtaku
    IzzyThe GothOtaku   1 months ago

    Austin can't handle a taste of his own "It's just a prank bro" medicine

  • Rosinlife87
    Rosinlife87   1 months ago

    He keeps say CHARITY cause he can write off any charities and get the money back on his taxes..

  • ShnazzyC
    ShnazzyC   1 months ago

    Austin’s altitude changed real quick when he saw the camera

  • NotSoCynical
    NotSoCynical   1 months ago

    Tell him to shave that pube helmet on his head