How The Rosetta Stone Unlocked Hieroglyphics

  • Published on: 23 November 2015
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    The Rosetta Stone is one of the most famous archaeological finds in history: and it was the key to cracking Egyptian hieroglyphics. And while it took scholars years to work it out, there was one clue in there that helped unlock everything that followed. After hours in the British Museum, I went to explain...

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  • AnimalStomper
    AnimalStomper   5 hours ago

    They hand make them? Jesus just get a 3D printer.

  • AbleDelta
    AbleDelta   18 hours ago

    Even back then, rich people making up laws for themselves..

  • Ben Cremer
    Ben Cremer   1 days ago

    bold to throw shade at Napoleon for "acquiring" artifacts while standing in the British museum

    LIFE OF SHUMBA   1 days ago

    Now tell me something if it is Egyptian why is it in Britain and not with its people who'll appreciate their culture and history.

  • Arachne97
    Arachne97   5 days ago

    And promptly...uh.. acquired.... European way of saying stolen

  • Long Lee
    Long Lee   1 weeks ago

    but what ensure that our translation of hieroglyphic is correct ?

  • RecklesFlam1ngo
    RecklesFlam1ngo   1 weeks ago

    And to think modern storage mediums last barely a percentile of this

  • JMJ
    JMJ   1 weeks ago

    How come it's not returned to Egypt? Conquest and history is wonky. Same with the Pergamon museum in Berlin. It's basically theft isn't it, somehow justified because of the passing of time.

  • TR1P
    TR1P   2 weeks ago

    So that’s why that site to help people learn new languages is called Rosetta Stone

  • M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBT

    Imagine writing your taxes in three different languages for some dumb reason and then a few thousand years later some soldiers discover it and act like it's a big deal

  • Eman M
    Eman M   3 weeks ago

    The British robbed Egypt of this stone

  • bohemiumbawbag
    bohemiumbawbag   4 weeks ago

    Was anyone else thinking how they online language course Rosetta Stone cracked the code not this rock 😂😂😂

  • DragonFang 409
    DragonFang 409   4 weeks ago

    “It is one of the most precious-“slap slap“And valuable treasures-“slap“Of the British museum”stroke

  • Sean Webb
    Sean Webb   1 months ago

    Things I might not know? You need more than three minutes to cover that.

  • twenty one grams
    twenty one grams   1 months ago

    always assumed that Rosetta Stone software was named after a lady named, well.. Rosetta Stone. cool

  • ShWeJaPa
    ShWeJaPa   1 months ago

    1:31, a bit like texting with emojis.

  • Ghaith Mbarki
    Ghaith Mbarki   1 months ago

    Oh it's that rock from one pieceThe one Robin is looking for

  • Kaleb Bradburn
    Kaleb Bradburn   1 months ago

    “I’ve got here the REAL Rosetta Stone!”*hits and makes plastic noise

  • Peter Yianilos
    Peter Yianilos   1 months ago

    One of the most important archaeological discoveries of all time. Great gag slapping and rubbing it in the start. 😱

  • opheria Madara
    opheria Madara   1 months ago

    It all came down to one thing.........TAX PAPER WORK? !!!!😅😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪Dayum. 🙂

  • User
    User   1 months ago

    touch touch rub : )

  • Greg Baylis
    Greg Baylis   1 months ago

    *two languages, three scripts. Demotic and Hieroglyphic are two different ways of writing the ancient Egyptian language; the other language is ancient Greek.

  • Mikey Wilbanks
    Mikey Wilbanks   1 months ago

    Bro I work at a historical landmark and when you said it’s the actual Rosetta Stone and then TOUCHED IT, then KEPT touching it I almost had a heart attack. Not gonna lie I hated that part, but you definitely fooled me! Keep the gags like that for future videos, they’re good!

  • Neil Bain
    Neil Bain   1 months ago

    There is nothing certain except death and taxes, and they tried for exemptions from both.

  • JamesTheFox
    JamesTheFox   1 months ago

    I find it funny that we have a stereotype that anything very ancient has a huge meaning and not something like taxes

  • Reynald Néron
    Reynald Néron   1 months ago

    Hum, doing a video on the Rosetta Stone without mentioning the name of Champollion, the guy who actually deciphered the Egyptians writings...

  • Yorkylee Fairbank
    Yorkylee Fairbank   1 months ago

    You are really interesting to watch. I have watched a few videos I'm gona watch a few more. Well done.

  • Eric Woytasek
    Eric Woytasek   1 months ago

    5000 years from now some will discover Trumps tax returns and will then translate 21st century New York-eez to Martian.

  • Kyrieru
    Kyrieru   1 months ago

    My entire life I thought Rosetta Stone was a modern person who wrote language learning books.