Come Watch Even More Of My Favorite Tik Toks With Me

  • Published on: 26 March 2020
  • Sorry for looking into the wrong camera this entire video. I'm an idiot. Also, I tried my very best to find some fun tik toks this time, it's definitely not as easy to laugh right now but I'm trying my very best and I hope you are too. Sending you lots of love and support right now.

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  • Runtime : 22:33
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  • wiggle- ninja
    wiggle- ninja   7 hours ago

    This was so fkn funny dude. GOTTAMN. I don’t have a drunk uncle but I have a friend I can summon with a song xD

  • Rachel Coulter
    Rachel Coulter   7 hours ago

    im an aries, and the relish thing made me want to burn my house down, damn.

  • heather wheeler
    heather wheeler   12 hours ago

    I think that the dog Raymond has the rare syndrome , Short Spine Syndrome

  • Riseley Warren
    Riseley Warren   12 hours ago

    3:46 the way his head FLYS back is so funny oh my god his whole body just shakes when he hits the snow

  • Trish Mro
    Trish Mro   13 hours ago

    I CANNOT stop laughing at "Jeses Crust" and the dog in the bath

  • Madelyn Hole
    Madelyn Hole   14 hours ago

    Like this so we can get Julien a chair!

  • Brianna Rood
    Brianna Rood   16 hours ago

    julien violently clapping along to the tio lost at the fair tiktok screams secret hispanic ancestry.

  • Zody Mei
    Zody Mei   20 hours ago

    Julien and Jenna are my sun and moon signs talking to each other

  • Xavier Castaneda
    Xavier Castaneda   23 hours ago

    if jenna never mentioned that she looked into the wrong camera i would never have noticed 😳

  • Lyssa Pruitt
    Lyssa Pruitt   1 days ago

    I absolutely lost it at the lacroix one. I could not stop rewatching it. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Midori
    Midori   1 days ago

    Part 4....please?

  • mtyl123
    mtyl123   1 days ago


  • Aidan Shaulis
    Aidan Shaulis   1 days ago

    Jenna: Yeah the fish fight sometimesMe: hay have you seen Gary?Him who’s Gary?Me:Gary the fish.Him: ough yeah he deadMe:what!? How’d he die? Him:The weird fish with the big head ate him. Me:ahh crap.

  • Mary Fouquet
    Mary Fouquet   1 days ago

    I'm sitting here laughing and crying so hard cuz Jenna's laughter when she just starts screaming. Her laughing is contagious lol! I heart you guys so much lol!!

  • Sofa King
    Sofa King   1 days ago

    If you're that bothered about a label you can just remove and still easily know whats in the clear bottle. You don't just have OCD, you have a confirmed case of donkey brains.

  • Shelby Dively
    Shelby Dively   2 days ago

    4:17 Everyone who has watched 13 reasons why: 🤧

  • St ar
    St ar   2 days ago

    Drunk uncle? NoDrunk aunt? YES BEECH

  • Steven L.
    Steven L.   2 days ago

    Somebody pls alert jenna that youtube is running Trump ads before her videos

    SCIDIDIDI   2 days ago

    18:14 basically me being bored so getting entertained by stupid shit

  • Cameron Anesini
    Cameron Anesini   3 days ago

    Jenna why am I getting Trump ads before your videos ok don't think it's ur doing but what's up

  • Zed R
    Zed R   3 days ago

    14:40 i used to work at a dog daycare,can confirm shibes just sound like that

  • Emma Schneider
    Emma Schneider   3 days ago

    So I was rewatching this video, and I showed my parents the dog with no neck after I was crying laughing, and they did not think it was funny. Their response: "That's an odd looking dog, interesting".....

  • Kendra Swann
    Kendra Swann   3 days ago

    The neighbours dog had me crying 😂 I can not stop laughing WHY

  • Can I Get a Doki-Doki

    It's been a couple of months now, but I just need to thank Jenna for showing me "My Neighbor's Dog Raymond." That video will get me to cry from laughing so hard every single time.

  • 1102Ada
    1102Ada   3 days ago

    Jenna is the reason why i downloaded tik tok and now im waiting for next part to check if we have the same likes

  • Ay
    Ay   3 days ago

    Waiting for another one of these videos

  • Crazy Daniel
    Crazy Daniel   4 days ago

    Scream laughing at 4 am with the last one

  • Leah Winters
    Leah Winters   4 days ago

    this video made me genuinely laugh for the first time in three months can you PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER I BEG OF YOU