Undertale - Release Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 17 September 2018
  • The world-famous indie RPG Undertale comes to Nintendo Switch! Fall into the underground and explore a hilarious and heartwarming world full of dangerous monsters. Date a skeleton, dance with a robot, cook with a fishwoman…or destroy everyone where they stand. The future is yours to determine! Pre-purchase now on Nintendo Switch, available September 18, 2018!

    Learn more about Undertale for Nintendo Switch! https://goo.gl/vQCpDx

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  • Runtime : 1:28
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  • em j
    em j   2 days ago

    some quick words:If you have a switch, the dock, and Undertale, imagine being able to play this on your tv (if possible)

  • Allison Nguyen
    Allison Nguyen   4 days ago

    "Toby where is this footage even coming from?" XD1:03 lol

  • nocturne!!
    nocturne!!   4 days ago

    i need the soundtrack in this video please someone provide me with this

  • Lucas
    Lucas   6 days ago

    I don't want Undertale for Switch, I WANT FOR 3DS!!!

  • Cynthia Espinoza
    Cynthia Espinoza   1 weeks ago

    1:03Finally Nintendo knows when you add memes into your game trailer you get everything

  • Big Pog
    Big Pog   1 weeks ago

    Cool. Now put it on the xbox

  • RyanTheGamer 350
    RyanTheGamer 350   1 weeks ago

    why is my country singapore don't have undertale nintendo switch i find it everywhere in the store it don't have

  • quique
    quique   2 weeks ago

    Esta en Español???

  • Yi Li
    Yi Li   3 weeks ago

    I cant find undertale, only deltarune

  • Pasquale la marca
    Pasquale la marca   3 weeks ago

    A undertail trailer, WITHOUT SANS!??!? This is not a real undertale trailer.

  • brawl play
    brawl play   3 weeks ago

    Идите нахер я не буду покупать андертейл это тоже самое есть на телефоне

  • Joel Matteshon
    Joel Matteshon   3 weeks ago

    Esto es verdad o solo es una farse como lo del sans poderoso en smash siendo que ese wey solo parece ser un skin de megaman

  • ItzKyan YT
    ItzKyan YT   3 weeks ago


  • drake outy
    drake outy   3 weeks ago

    1:04 is the real reason I paid $15 for this game

  • triger
    triger   3 weeks ago

    Wow прикол

  • asriel dreemurr
    asriel dreemurr   4 weeks ago

    ¿No me pueden regalar una Nintendo Swicht con el juego de undertale? :v