Strongest For Honor Heroes In REAL LIFE Top 25 List

  • Published on: 31 October 2019
  • Who would be the strongest For Honor Heroes in reality? This is a top 25 list from the weakest to the strongest considering Gear, weapons and armour, strength and dexterity and the exectutions they are able to do all seen through real historical eyes.

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    For Honor is a hack and slash game developed and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game allows players to play soldiers and warriors, knights, samurai, and vikings in a medieval setting.
    Players can choose a character from three different factions, The Legion, The Chosen, and The Warborn. The three factions represent Knights, Samurai, and Vikings.
    Each faction has four classes.
    All heroes have their own weapons, skills, and fighting styles.
    A tactical combat system, known as "Art of Battle", is initiated when the player encounters other players or player-like AI in the multiplayer or higher health AI in the campaign.
    The multiplayer aspect allows players to customize their characters. Similar to the single-player campaign, the multiplayer modes feature perks, AI minions, and the Art of Battle system.
    Each online multiplayer match awards War Assets. These War Assets are then deployed in the Faction War – which stretches across all platforms – where they are used either to defend an allied territory or conquer a neighboring one, with the most war assets deployed in a given territory determining the victor.

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  • Loops
    Loops   9 hours ago

    couldnt the warlord just stab the raider, i get range but he has a shield

  • Arjun Singh
    Arjun Singh   2 days ago

    I wonder if a Landschknecht hero would beat the Lawbringer ?

  • Ninja Bear
    Ninja Bear   3 days ago

    I disagree with the sholin’s weapon, blunt weaponry is great against amor and can give so many concussions and marital arts can turn a battle in your favor so he probably go higher on the list and not even mentioning the conditioning sholins go through.

  • rockman
    rockman   3 days ago

    you should check for fasion site for armor sets when you make the next list. some points you make like nobushi wear metal later on your only seeing early sets

  • Lead Guitarist
    Lead Guitarist   4 days ago

    They should make a legionary with a gladius and a scutum

  • Not Just JET
    Not Just JET   5 days ago

    If I'm not mistaken, Miyamoto Musashi favored the Quarter staff above any other weapon. The Dual wielding he is famous for, was more or less just that, to make him famous. Don't think he ever dual wielded in any actual battles. He started a School for dual wielding, but that's it, I believe.

  • CrusaderZirαs
    CrusaderZirαs   5 days ago

    Black Prior actually has a full helmet and very protective metal armsBut sadly no metal chest piece

  • Red Sol
    Red Sol   5 days ago

    It is about time my friend.

  • King Krypton
    King Krypton   5 days ago

    I swear they centurions gladius must be made out of vibranium because he throws it through solid rock

  • gaming aminity
    gaming aminity   6 days ago

    Berserkers use drugs so they don't feel it when they get hit so he can keep fighting a berserker alone has killed 30 knights so he should be further up

  • TheExiledCat
    TheExiledCat   1 weeks ago

    For hitokiri, hitokiri means manslayer, and is based on the heartless executioners and samurai in that era, hence the charms and lack of armor, she isnt meant to be a fighter at all

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo   1 weeks ago

    Can you do a top 10 based on their historical counterparts?

  • Cheese Burmger
    Cheese Burmger   1 weeks ago

    Raider could literally 1 shot everyone in the top 10 except lawbringer and big chunky

  • The USSR
    The USSR   1 weeks ago

    Number 1- bullied American teenager

  • AL
    AL   1 weeks ago

    I disagree fight him lawbringer in mud he will slip and fall too heavy

  • Chaslock
    Chaslock   1 weeks ago

    I think if you did a direct comparison between the physical strength of all the large boys then Shugoki could be seen as the most physically strong character, after all if you use executions as an example, then lifting someone up is impressive, breaking their neck is impressive, throwing them with you two handed axe is impressive, but crushing someone’s skull is insane, breaking someone’s neck while carrying them and then throwing them ALL ONE HANDED is insane, I really think Ubi has a hard on for making Shugo the most physically capable specimen of all video games that’s still human

  • BigBoss
    BigBoss   1 weeks ago

    Lawbringer cause christianty this video is useless We all deep down root for the shugoki

  • Turboturk
    Turboturk   1 weeks ago

    Tiandi: "This guy's sharp. Sharper than his sword."Well, considering the fact that Tiandi's base weapon set is called "Dull", I think you have a point.

  • Turboturk
    Turboturk   1 weeks ago

    "The moment he(Raider) faces a better armored warrior, the odds will turn in favor of that warrior, even if they're weaker."So PK, Jiang Jun, Warlord, and Gladiator, heroes who all rank lower? Bit of a mistake there, Metatron :)

  • Turboturk
    Turboturk   1 weeks ago

    I'm certain that the Warlord has mail beneath the leather. I think just covering the arms in mail woukd be awkward and uncomfortable and a drawback due to the mail not being spread out evenly across the body

  • braise the sun pich
    braise the sun pich   1 weeks ago

    Well yes lawbringer is the ultimate tin can and the weapon is very very good but the thing is that the armor must be heavy as shit i mean you just push him ower and he ain't getting up again without help and with the armour he is wearing you would need to be stupidly strong the get him back up again

  • Alexandre Buxin
    Alexandre Buxin   1 weeks ago

    Stronger shugoki best armor warden best weapon keinsei

  • Bandit Doggo
    Bandit Doggo   1 weeks ago

    You should do a list again with every hero wearing their most protective gear it would be very interesting

  • Potatokoke
    Potatokoke   1 weeks ago

    I could see the lawbringer getting completely outmaneuvered by the warden because of his armor's terrible eyesight. Though the raw power of his armor and physicality would probably still mean he wins.

  • Spitting Vinegar
    Spitting Vinegar   2 weeks ago

    Knights on average were around 5'5-5'6 so even though they look big on screen, dont be fooled xD.

  • Noah Samuel
    Noah Samuel   2 weeks ago

    What people don’t see is that raider has a chest peace if

  • William Monaghan
    William Monaghan   2 weeks ago

    Who would win a guy with a shield or the berserkers who were known to chew through shields, I don't think this guy looked at lore.

  • Captain Kiok
    Captain Kiok   2 weeks ago

    The only character who could possibly realistically deal damage to the lawbringer would be either shugoki or maybe even jorgenguder whatever the heck his name is, but that would also only work if either of the got close enough to the lawbringer to swing their incredibly heavy weapons. Good video man nonetheless

  • hobbes
    hobbes   2 weeks ago

    "raider would lose to a better armored warrior, even if they had a weaker weapon"the guy before him: is a better armored warrior with a worse weapon

  • George Vilu
    George Vilu   2 weeks ago

    Holy shit dude, I just discovered your channel and I am in ave of the size of your asian language? skill! Love your jokes and bloppers <3

  • Joey Amstutz
    Joey Amstutz   2 weeks ago

    I'm 100% sure that lawbringer is a swiss mercenary