Donald Trump Loves Kim Jong Un More Than Melania

  • Published on: 13 August 2019
  • It was just discovered that Trump sent a strange note to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in silver colored sharpie a couple of years ago. Trudeau isn't Trump's only pen pal. He was bragging this weekend about a beautiful, three-page letter he received from Kim Jong Un. Trump has shown Kim Jong Un so much affection that we decided to take a look back at the things he has said about him and imagine him saying it about Melania.

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    Donald Trump Loves Kim Jong Un More Than Melania
  • Runtime : 3:34
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  • Pierre Bibeau
    Pierre Bibeau   1 months ago

    This president is so full of it! By God, lock him up, please. Before it is too late.

  • Evan Herrera
    Evan Herrera   1 months ago

    What an insecure moron. What an embarrassment. His father Fred gave him money but no love. That's why he never grew up.

  • kenny toong
    kenny toong   1 months ago

    Trump is a loser and bankrupt. Putting on a front to show he is rich. American banks will not loan him a cent.

  • Jason Olson
    Jason Olson   1 months ago

    Im making a clone it's a cross breed between Kim Jong UN and Donald Trump haha American

  • Luke Triton
    Luke Triton   2 months ago

    🅱️ E 🅰️ U T I F U L couple

  • Concordet Constabulary
    Concordet Constabulary   2 months ago

    Yeah and you’re only famous because you rode Adam Corolla’s coattails to the top. Besides, wasn’t it you who claimed Trump was going to start a nuke war with this guy? Oh wait that’s right I forgot.....puppets done write their own material. My bad.

  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain   2 months ago

    Dump so damn phony, you remember when dump call kim rocket man??? And now they write each other love letters best buds, dump smile at kim like a little school girl...

  • Speedy
    Speedy   2 months ago

    Bad journalism, my question would have been to Trump «  did u read it »

  • R R
    R R   2 months ago

    Finally the truth comes out. I always say that that wasn't normal. He always ignore Melania.

  • John Seet
    John Seet   2 months ago

    A childish attempt to break up Pres Trump's family. The evil will fall on their own swords.

  • Roadray
    Roadray   2 months ago

    Imagine saying oh that's my president. Can you say embarrassing.

  • Patrick Swezey
    Patrick Swezey   3 months ago

    That poor woman. ...TRUMPS WIFE....SHE NEEDS TO RUN AWAY FAST. KIM HAD HIS OWN BROTHER KILLED. ..NOT A REAL ROLE MODEL FOR THE DAM PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. GOOD THING WHEN YOUR FATHER CAME HERE. FROM.UUUUUU. ANOTHER COUNTRY WE DID NOT PUT HIM IN CAGE OR ..MR. TRUMP WOULD NOT BE HERE. WHITE BLACK..YELLOW BROWN OR DAM GREEN. WE ARE ALL AMERCIANS ...o ya. No one cares hoe much money you made when your dead. The people that give away there wealth to help others...those are the people history re.embers.

  • Abey Nicko
    Abey Nicko   3 months ago

    Jimmy just love Trump...awww they would be a sweet couple

  • E K
    E K   4 months ago

    I’ll tell you right now, I’m Canadian and the US is kind of a joke now.

  • Sidharth Sujith
    Sidharth Sujith   4 months ago

    I think they both are working together to take over the world

  • FBI
    FBI   4 months ago

    Imagine dating a porn star and telling her how work was , she says " it was amazing"🌚

  • Rakshith
    Rakshith   4 months ago

    How can he repeat same sentences where ever he goes🤣 what a stupid president America ever got!!

  • elios greek
    elios greek   5 months ago

    What the hell is going on.Entertaining Kim Jong Un ,and inviting Taliban to Camp David.He is playing with national security.

  • BEN Dynaus
    BEN Dynaus   5 months ago

    I enjoy laughing and Trump makes it happens.

  • lovetawa mpofu
    lovetawa mpofu   5 months ago

    Kim has Twitter?! I thought those kind of things aren't allowed in N. Korea

  • Thomas Tamir
    Thomas Tamir   5 months ago

    You have a trouble making mouth don't you Howie, I mean Jimmy.

  • William Helfrich
    William Helfrich   5 months ago

    Un just likes the smell of hamburger booty,reminds him of the time they had beef in North Korea,both sons of Satan

  • Henry
    Henry   5 months ago

    That's ok, Melania loves Justin Trudeau more than she loves frump.

  • Marc Mazza
    Marc Mazza   5 months ago

    Beautiful letter! 😂😂😂😂 such a child!! I like him! When he gonna go to hell!

  • Bob leroy
    Bob leroy   5 months ago

    trump slipped up and said Melaina has already met Kim.  I wonder if it was a 3 way?

  • B.R. W
    B.R. W   5 months ago

    A dictator ass kissing POTUS. What a embarrassment to US! Never thought US would fall to this level in my life!

  • Shaqueesha asheeuqash
    Shaqueesha asheeuqash   6 months ago

    Man it’s soooo awful how the president is trying to denuclearize a dangerous country making making friends and trying to end it. Must be awful

  • Suman Nath
    Suman Nath   6 months ago

    Day by day Donald Trump's mental health is deteriorating... It's DEFINITELY the right time for him to leave the WHITE HOUSE.....

  • GT Nismo
    GT Nismo   6 months ago

    Who wants to bet that trump and un send each other mushroom pics?

  • Phyllinda I Am
    Phyllinda I Am   6 months ago

    Spanky mushroom d-%€k and Kim dung Ewwww🤮A bromance straight from He🔥🔥All the way from swamp to slimy toxic swamp...

  • 54markl
    54markl   6 months ago

    Putin is getting jealous of Don and Kim’s affair. He’s begin to wonder if his Katyusha is adequate.