Why Black Holes Could Delete The Universe – The Information Paradox

  • Published on: 24 August 2017
  • Black holes are scary things. But they also might reveal the true nature of the universe to us.

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    How Black Holes Could Delete The Universe – The Information Paradox
  • Runtime : 10:13
  • black holes holographic principle information paradox hawkings radiation space universe earth end of the universe future far future


  • Kijaloon gacha
    Kijaloon gacha   19 minuts ago

    1:05 that starfish looks like patrick from spongebob

  • moshtaba morsali
    moshtaba morsali   14 hours ago

    Is it normal to see multiple time to understand or I’m stupid or something

  • Lil'Lazarbeam
    Lil'Lazarbeam   19 hours ago

    sposed to be doing science at home rn. I got sidetracked by Kurzgesagt but parents think its science lol

  • mic lac mac
    mic lac mac   1 days ago

    The black hole: "thought it looked cute, might delete later."

  • mic lac mac
    mic lac mac   1 days ago

    The black hole: "thought it looked cute, might delete later."

  • medexamtoolsdotcom
    medexamtoolsdotcom   1 days ago

    There's a big problem with the holographic principle applied to black holes though. Which is, if black holes store information in proportion to their surface area, then information is definitely not conserved, because when you have 2 black holes merge, the result has much more surface area than the original 2 black holes combined. The first black hole collision detected by LIGO, I believe Lawrence Krauss said it was a 29 solar mass black hole which collided with a 36 solar mass black hole to produce a 62 solar mass black hole plus 3 solar masses worth of gravitational radiation. But what's the surface area of the new black hole relative to the old 2? The surface area of a sphere is in proportional to its radius squared, and the radius of a black hole is in proportion to its mass. Thus the 62 solar mass black hole has 62^2=3844 units of surface area, while the 29 and 36 solar mass black holes combined had 29^2+36^2=841+1296=2137 units of surface area. The thing is, if information is 'preserved' and proportional to surface area, then it is certainly created in large quantities in black hole collisions. But the laws of physics are supposed to be time reversible, which means if information can't be deleted then it can't be created. So in the act of trying to phrase your rules to make black holes not destroy information, you make them create it. You can't make it work and conserve information.

  • LittleBucko
    LittleBucko   1 days ago

    Kurzgesagt: A black hole is an ultimate hard drive.Me: Where can I get one?

  • Hanad Ahmed
    Hanad Ahmed   1 days ago

    If any one sends a message from the future we can see it now so how is 2030

  • com
    com   2 days ago

    yall probably still ask what time it is

  • Bassant Mahmoud
    Bassant Mahmoud   2 days ago

    The black hole came from the inplosion of a star and it absorbs anybody and any light when it is in a specific distance (event horizon) from it and it emits heat/energy according to its size then >> Does it lose mass or gain mass or there are specific bodies that increase its mass and not everybody ? I am really sad that after ur hard, amazing work I still can't understand .. This is disappointing :'(

  • Grian
    Grian   2 days ago

    A baby universe would also be known as a parallel universe.

  • PotterFanOmg
    PotterFanOmg   2 days ago

    Me: Accidently unplugging my head phonesKurzgesagt: Makes the black hole laugh evily Everyone in my fam : WTF ARE U WATCHING

  • AirborneFCA
    AirborneFCA   2 days ago

    But can’t withstand the reverse card Jk

  • MineMAK95
    MineMAK95   2 days ago

    I like the Patrick star on the side of the rock in the river. Anyone else see that?

  • Cam S
    Cam S   2 days ago

    What if black holes are just worm holes transporting everything to another part of the nothingness

  • Hareet Bhatt
    Hareet Bhatt   3 days ago

    But there would be a diffrent universe inside black hole?

  • Itz Atlas
    Itz Atlas   3 days ago

    I love how they go from "The universe will be deleted" to "Let's put some socks, into baskets, into a room, and let's see what happens!"

  • Richie Catacutan
    Richie Catacutan   3 days ago

    Black hole is like a virus in the universe. Universe is like a human

  • Oska Ivanovich Smirnov

    At the start of the video: I'm going to learn new stuff about universeAt the end of the video: MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE!!!

  • Reese Styles
    Reese Styles   4 days ago

    I thought there was a possibility that you could escape a black hole because of Hawking radiation?!?! Even Stephen Hawking said that if you find yourself falling into a black hole that there could be a chance that you could survive

  • Munirah 99
    Munirah 99   4 days ago

    X de black hole sbenarnye, itu hanye teori untuk mengelakkan manusie prcaye adnye tuhan.. Antara agenda dajjal dn sekutunya.. Sblum saintis trakhir yg mengatakan ad nye black hole, saintis sebelumnye mengesahkan ad kuasa yg mncipta alam ini, iaitu tuhan.., itu fitrah kite sbgai manusie percaye pd tuhan.. Kesimpulanya, allah yg mncipta alam semesta ni.. Jgn prcaye sgt teori2 barat, tlg brhati2... Sprtimana teori manusie dri berok.. Adakah nabi adam berok??? Walhal, allah meletakkan kebijaksaan dan rupa yg sempurna pd nabi adam... Ini semue konspirasi mereka... Hati2 wahai saudara ku..

  • HS W
    HS W   4 days ago

    Nice video

  • L M
    L M   4 days ago

    If we are information projected in 2d at the edge of the universe does that mean that the information encoded on the event horizon of a black hole is in 1d? How is the information stored at the edge of a black hole stored at the edge of the universe

  • Tharun Kumar A R
    Tharun Kumar A R   5 days ago

    9:32 : Bird laughing about being on a flat-screen... me: OH!!!! I get it ... he is on my screen!!! LOLNice one Kurzgesagt...

  • Aryan Sanghi
    Aryan Sanghi   5 days ago

    9:50 A megastone storing information of universe. Pokemon prediction is correct.

  • Ender Gaming
    Ender Gaming   6 days ago

    I had a science fiction idea, where the stuff black holes are made of just doesn't play by normal rules of matter. This stuff, called "matter-energy condensate" in my idea, is basically what's below quarks, where matter and energy, as per e=mc^2, are largely undifferentiated. With a sufficiently powerful gravity manipulation device, one could potentially extract this metastable substance from the black hole and shape it into different types of matter or energy. It's kind of like nucleosynthesis, where you can take atoms one step down from their normal form, into subatomic particles, and convert those particles into a different atom. Except in this, you can take all matter, all the way down to quarks, a layer beneath where matter and energy are different, and then convert it back up into different forms of matter. Information is removed by black holes, yes, but only in a sense -- it's more potential information, information in a raw, undifferentiated form, waiting to be converted into a real form. It's theorized, in-universe, that this stuff is what the pre-Big Bang particle was made of, but the galactic governments are more interested in the fact that this stuff's energy density is nearly infinite and makes for very good starship fuel.

  • Edwin
    Edwin   6 days ago

    Ok so i just thought of this what if we live in a black hole like a massive one and everything inse is everything that it has absorved and that why the "universe" is dark since is actually is an black hole and the real universe is full of light. "Just imagine"

  • Mostcraftgamer
    Mostcraftgamer   6 days ago

    6:11 DOeS tHAT mEan I DOnT hve tO dO chOReS AGaINN

  • Class1c
    Class1c   6 days ago

    until these day i still can't figured it out why my wardrobe haven't became a blackhole yet

  • ItsSpaceVoid
    ItsSpaceVoid   1 weeks ago

    It works like how the Thai government do with people's taxes.