For Honor - New Fight System Changes in Testing Grounds (Console Experience)

  • Published on: 29 February 2020
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  • Runtime : 14:22
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  • DualNexus
    DualNexus   1 weeks ago

    Hahahahahahahahahaha welcome to the REAL for honor your “PC elitists lmao”. This is where ur skills finally get tested

    ΩMEGA   1 months ago

    Does this game still suck on console?

  • Wife beater 9000
    Wife beater 9000   1 months ago

    I stg if they go through with these damage changes Ima kill my aramusha for me

  • Inferno
    Inferno   2 months ago

    I started with for honor a week ago on PS4 and wondered why lights were practically impossible to guard (for a newbie atleast)

  • Kidd BasedBeats
    Kidd BasedBeats   2 months ago

    Wish they would just stop changing everything the second you get used to it

  • borger
    borger   2 months ago

    It’s so annoying because people that are a part of the 5% who can parry orochi lights are just shitting on other people telling them to “get good” or just “read” orochi lights like I can’t fucking mind read people like wtf.

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk   2 months ago

    @2:48 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙄🙄😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • not a dog
    not a dog   2 months ago

    I dont understand why you fucking people think its no longer based on reaction.Its still the fucking same just worse. Now you cant block anything cause you cant see it, im out

  • not a dog
    not a dog   2 months ago

    If this update ever comes out im not playing anymore, its so shit

  • il liI
    il liI   2 months ago

    everything sound just adapt and overcome....but take jormangunder out the game completely, getting someone on the ground and taking half of their health bar is not a playstyle that should be in the game (opinion so chill)

  • small guy dies
    small guy dies   2 months ago

    Can anyone tell me what that execution is named, can' t seem to find it. It's at 3:28

  • sheen velegez
    sheen velegez   2 months ago

    I don't even play console and I know that community is gonna suffer with this rework. Shit.

  • Integrity Entropy
    Integrity Entropy   2 months ago

    Yeah console players hella got the shaft on this one. It was struggle before but after this, I'm done.

  • Fincado
    Fincado   2 months ago

    I'm a very sad conqueror main

  • mdr893
    mdr893   2 months ago

    Why can't the devs see that they need to patch console and PC differently. Playing in both platform, it's just like almost a totally different game. For example, parrying PK zone is doable by reaction on PC but almost (if not entirely) impossible to do it by reaction on console.

  • Kuu_Haku44
    Kuu_Haku44   2 months ago

    How the fuck are you able to parry lights on console? I cant get that done

  • Salvador Vega
    Salvador Vega   2 months ago

    Its funny how they did this with PC in mind but most of the For Honor playerbase is on consoles.

  • Dani
    Dani   2 months ago

    I don't like all the stamina changes...

  • Herr Fantastisch
    Herr Fantastisch   3 months ago

    Love how it seems like their priorities are always with PC, yet majority of the community are on console.

  • Zane Elliott
    Zane Elliott   3 months ago

    Yo my friend is xl Jaime lx playing for him with him rn

  • devon campbell
    devon campbell   3 months ago

    I'm waiting to see the feel the tears of black prior mains fall on to my sword

  • devon campbell
    devon campbell   3 months ago

    I personally love the changes in testing grounds they do need to fix the damage but everything else is golden they are simply trying to make it more of a fighting game making it more about your strategy rather then your reaction speed I think a lot of people don't like it because there game plan when playing against a player who presses them is to turtle until the other person is out of Stam and know they are forced to fight or die

  • Jaime Leal
    Jaime Leal   3 months ago

    Yooo that's my warden the first game😢 I didn't even noticed it was you EFB!!!

  • Jacob
    Jacob   3 months ago

    I'll sum up the new update. Shit, worst idea so far and they shouldn't do it

  • seven seven
    seven seven   3 months ago

    Me: Hey its been a while since i played for honor For honor: * has update*Me: * is excited*Orochi: WELCOME TO THE RICE FEILDS MOTHER FUCKER!Me: Oh fuck * is light spammed and cant save myself*

  • Dirty D3adz
    Dirty D3adz   3 months ago

    Finally someone answers my prayers. Thank you so freaking much for listening to your community EFB! Much love!

  • DomDeMann
    DomDeMann   3 months ago

    Please watch my For Honor Video

  • ΛяchFɪᥱᥰd
    ΛяchFɪᥱᥰd   3 months ago

    Haha time to back to Battlefield 4 because this update is fucking trash

  • Brad Collins
    Brad Collins   3 months ago

    Everyone: on console don’t make attacks faster Devs: were changing the combat system and giving you less time to react

  • xx 2EZY
    xx 2EZY   3 months ago

    Anyone having trouble tryna find games in the Oceania servers (PlayStation) ??

  • DotDotDot
    DotDotDot   3 months ago

    I'm honestly pleased with these changes, I do hope it'll be in the main game.

  • Xavier Santiago
    Xavier Santiago   3 months ago

    I like how Ubi can't give multiple games equal love like wtf. FH got all the love and Division got left to rot. Now Division Warlords of NY comes out and FH is getting shit like make up your fucking mind ubisoft

  • manman middleton
    manman middleton   3 months ago

    Been awhile since I touched for honor,depending how things go might come back

  • kys fag
    kys fag   3 months ago

    Potato reaction be like

  • kys fag
    kys fag   3 months ago

    Wtf i cant even tell the diference of atack speeds you guys only complain

  • Tristan Lambert
    Tristan Lambert   3 months ago

    Ara has always been busted on console, only more so now