End of Space – Creating a Prison for Humanity

  • Published on: 25 November 2018
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    Space travel is the most exciting adventure for humanity, but in an irony of history we may stop ourselves from going into space the more we do it. With every rocket launched we are creating a deadly trap for mankind.

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  • Runtime : 8:39
  • Space junk Space debris Space garbage space waste space travel debris field space colonization moon base rocket satellite atmosphere orbit low earth orbit space station broken satellite defunct global communication GPS Navigation ISS Smartphone Internet weather data asteroid tracking laser ranging thermal imaging chain reaction capture and return electro magnet laser space adventure interstellar gravity Kessler Syndrome


  • Fuzzy Duo
    Fuzzy Duo   10 hours ago

    It's all part of the plan. I get out and rule Mars and let the net close trapping you maggots on earth forever.

  • Alireza Khalilian
    Alireza Khalilian   12 hours ago

    Or we can create a magnetic shield around our satellites and rockets ...

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid   16 hours ago

    they should make a station they can send to orbit that collects the junks and has machines or maybe workers turning the scrap into satellites that they send out in a spread out time period so they can try to possibly slow it down

  • Spider Frogg
    Spider Frogg   18 hours ago

    We just we to go fast enough to clip through the other satellites by exploiting the game.

  • Man Overboard
    Man Overboard   21 hours ago

    Is it possible to maybe bring fuel to space? Maybe even send a machine into space that is designed to skim space much like we can with water but to clean up debris in our orbit space?

  • Osama Alsayid
    Osama Alsayid   21 hours ago

    So we have Saturn’s rings but made out of junk

  • B Tango
    B Tango   1 days ago

    We're encysting ourselves with our own trash and the rest of the universe will be spared us.

  • Jim Raynor
    Jim Raynor   1 days ago

    just put an electromagnet on the tip of the rocket and on the sides so when debris comes it gets reflected*sounds of some skyscraper being hit by reflected space debris*fuck

  • Avabeth McGhee
    Avabeth McGhee   1 days ago

    There's no way for the rich to get richer through space exploration, so none of us will live to see any sort of space colony. Maybe the children watching this can make it happen? But I doubt it.

  • darreng34
    darreng34   2 days ago

    Man we're so stupid. It's a bit like that old asteroids game. But real.

  • Renato Medeiros
    Renato Medeiros   2 days ago

    Noooo! I cant drive without my GPS!!!! 😳 😥😰😩🤪🤬😵😩

  • Deathnotefan97
    Deathnotefan97   2 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the laser option would violate the law against weaponizing spaceAnd even if it doesn't, there will be at least 1 influential country who thinks it does

  • Eric4bz
    Eric4bz   2 days ago

    My idea to salvage larger pieces of space junk would be to send a gigantic cruiser out into space. I'm talking larger than any space vessel we've ever made, but in pieces. Once assembled, it would have a section for humans, a section for storage, and a section for retrieval/processing.The human bridge would consist of the usual needs any astronaut would require. A place to store and prepare food; sleeping closets, etc.The collection part of the ship would feature a trawling retrieval system. Think cast net fishing that could either be dragged behind the vessel, or aimed, targeted and launched out. Once the material was snagged it would pull materials back into the hull and drop them off into a compactor, or a disassembly station. In this station, something like satellites could be manually pulled apart for electronics, solar panels, and the like. Any scrap metal would be discarded and sent to the compactor.Once in the compactor, the metal would be compressed to the tightest point possible, then transported to the storage hull. Aside from any metallic scrap pressed into a cube like a crushed car, anything that was salvageable could be placed into a container and stored carefully within, like a giant warehouse.When the vessel reaches maximum storage, it would take aim at the earth and launch the storage hull back to the surface where it could emptied and its materials salvaged for further use. Afterwards, another storage hull could be launched up, or the original one could be sent up after being emptied to continue the cycle. As for the 'microdebris' that's up there, I think the only hope we have is a very strong, reinforced magnetic structure that could withstand something moving 30kmh.

  • Chac Schao
    Chac Schao   2 days ago

    No wonder there's so many reporting of alien crashes and also why they're not visiting anymore.

  • Pickle T H I C C
    Pickle T H I C C   3 days ago

    The theme of this current society is “x thing is becoming a problem that we need to be careful of”

  • MarkisTG
    MarkisTG   3 days ago

    So how do we fix this... I don't imagine a giant magnet would help...

  • iliketrains0pwned
    iliketrains0pwned   3 days ago

    What if we placed a constellation of satellites with really powerful magnetic fields. Any rogue metallic satellite parts flying through will have a voltage induced in it via Faraday's Law. That would induce an opposing magnetic field, which winds up slowing down the rouge part due to the force of magnetic attraction. After a few passes through the field, the rogue part looses enough energy that its perigee drops low enough for drag to kick in and deorbit it.

  • brad
    brad   3 days ago

    How hasn’t the international space station got hit then?

  • SCP Time
    SCP Time   4 days ago

    It keeps the aliens out though

  • William Cox
    William Cox   4 days ago

    <Singing> "Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, more satellites,The Space program junk belt will turn out our lights,Nothing's gonna change, if it destroys a bot,We'll wait till this problem kills an astronaut." --Wild Bill (with apologies to "The Bloody Red Baron")

  • Lucifer Meumor
    Lucifer Meumor   4 days ago

    Let's just build a really big vacuum and vacuum up all of the space junk, and just find some celestial carpet to put all of the junk under.

  • Vic Billet
    Vic Billet   4 days ago

    500 000 pieces the size of a marble*shows screw

    MR. OBVIOUS   4 days ago

    It's fine, we can just mine asteroids and blow up the satellites.

  • Saint
    Saint   4 days ago

    Destroying satellites with satellites to destroy satellites.This is a society

  • 𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕣𝕠𝕡𝕪

    6:58 Oh, why Kurtzgesagt? 𝗪𝗛𝗬?! 😢Rest In Peace, poor astrobird, you did not deserve your fate. 🐦

  • Grandlett
    Grandlett   4 days ago

    why is there so much constant gore in these videos? does no one notice this? it's fucking gross

  • M.' FUNK
    M.' FUNK   4 days ago

    We need to recycle space trash.

  • Carter Brown
    Carter Brown   5 days ago

    Your channel scares me about what might happen to us

  • J.B 91
    J.B 91   6 days ago


  • Mohammad Mishkat K
    Mohammad Mishkat K   6 days ago

    Nobody:.....Illuminati: Let's create a prison for humanity.(Gotta acknowledge their dignity though, they're educating us about their multi-trillion dollars plans in an understandable medium.)

  • william seymour-jones