End of Space – Creating a Prison for Humanity

  • Published on: 25 November 2018
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    Space travel is the most exciting adventure for humanity, but in an irony of history we may stop ourselves from going into space the more we do it. With every rocket launched we are creating a deadly trap for mankind.

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  • Runtime : 8:39
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  • Q
    Q   7 hours ago


  • Amiguito
    Amiguito   13 hours ago

    Elon Musk's reusable rockets: u sure m8?

  • Daniel Arch
    Daniel Arch   19 hours ago

    Fricking boomers messing up space as well

  • प्रियदर्शी

    We pollute the earth endlessly, thinking we'll escape to another planet. Then we also pollute the space around the earth that will prevent us from ever leaving at all. Humanity can be so dumb...Didn't they make a great movie starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney about this?

  • Jun Hyun-woo
    Jun Hyun-woo   1 days ago

    Well...nice video but I think there are some mistakes. 1. Orbit speed is very fast (7.9km/s in LEO) but almost all debris in LEO, GTO, SSO are spinning in same way (because of earth's spin) so relative speed is not as fast as orbit speed.2. Reusable rockets can't help this situation. Whether we reuse boosters and first stage or not, they just fall down. Only final stage left in orbit and Launch services doesn't reuse it.

  • Ca7ino on insta
    Ca7ino on insta   1 days ago

    6:04 for all you Pokémon fans as the magnazone hides in the back

  • miner_sd
    miner_sd   1 days ago

    at least we can build big whipple shields to sweep up our trash and clear orbital paths

  • Kaykay Abuel
    Kaykay Abuel   1 days ago

    At least if aliens where real they won't be able to even touch our planet

  • Rikutiini
    Rikutiini   1 days ago

    But if the orbit is full of junk they could stop meteorites but as the amount grows sun light blocked

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos   2 days ago

    so you are basically talking about my minecraft chest? yeah i have lots of junk in it, and i never clean it up

  • Swivel Shivel
    Swivel Shivel   2 days ago

    Good news is, an alien invasion would be in for a surprise

  • Swoosbear
    Swoosbear   2 days ago

    yes, this is true and good but this never touched on the actual probability of two things colliding in space, which is INCREDIBLY RARE. Along with that, most collisions are not fatal. The point being that most debris is already going the same direction (since 90% of orbits are headed east) at roughly the same speed so no real damage is done.

  • Damien Chall
    Damien Chall   2 days ago

    we would just use explosives to push things into a decaying orbit so they would mostly burn up in atmosphere

  • David Espinosa
    David Espinosa   3 days ago

    "That's one small step for a man... And a giant junk yard for mankind"-Armstrong 2020.

  • Bougie Barbie
    Bougie Barbie   3 days ago

    THAT’S THE POINT! They Don’t Want Us To Leave!!!

  • Cryogenius333
    Cryogenius333   4 days ago

    "We can use lasers""Soooo...now we have MOLTEN junk circling around the earth instead of regular junk"

  • Cryogenius333
    Cryogenius333   4 days ago

    Was expecting a Babylon 5 reference. Oh well.

  • Noah Bartlett
    Noah Bartlett   4 days ago

    I mean, we could just like, launch a giant catcher's mit into orbit?

  • Jean Nolasco
    Jean Nolasco   4 days ago

    Why can't we use the junk in space to make a giant space station by using the heat of the sun to melt the metal then send automated robots to mold parts and assemble the space craft. Scientist should of thought ahead of time if they build the rocket shaft to be transformable to other shapes wile the are already used to get to space and then have another perpose so that the energy they used to get it in space doesn't go to waste. And so we can build the Enterprise space ship ahead of time lol

  • Andrew Biala
    Andrew Biala   4 days ago

    What's wrong with ducks? XD He's always getting it in the worst way.

  • Jeffrey Schmoldt
    Jeffrey Schmoldt   4 days ago

    The human body can not take long periods like years of space travel it dose serious damage to the spine and also does damage to the internal organs as well, proven fact by those who have spent extended time in the space station. So if humans are doing to travel for long periods, there must be a system of gravity, and exercise with possible some extended animation also involved.

  • Work In Progress USA

    Why is it that we cant see any of this stuff. Not even on the other side of this planet that the galaxy is visible.

  • just wanna find the truth please

    Doesn't matter about that stuff up there really, it's not like we can leave the atmosphere anyways. Surly they would have thought about this problem before launching shit up there. So this is where it stands. If you try to leave the chances of not getting hit are none? And they didn't realize this before. NASA comeon man

  • jorj
    jorj   6 days ago

    Honestly, humans should go extinct. We're just making the Earth worse even though we're talking about it. I bet extinct animals like dodos will come back when we're extinct.

  • jorj
    jorj   6 days ago

    We destroy the Earth, now we destroy space.

  • Jimmy Miller
    Jimmy Miller   1 weeks ago

    if all else fails nukes as cold and as powerful as we can make them to blow holes in the wall and we make a brake for it emps be damned

  • wITe ShaDoW
    wITe ShaDoW   1 weeks ago

    I gues if that happens means no internet

  • Brando Davis
    Brando Davis   1 weeks ago

    How many birds have died on this channel

  • Dave A.
    Dave A.   1 weeks ago

    If we go back to the technology of the 1970s, perhaps disco and bell bottoms will become popular again.

  • Killer Croc
    Killer Croc   1 weeks ago

    So no one's gonna talk about Wall-E in this

  • Whomst'd've he
    Whomst'd've he   1 weeks ago

    wow bodies decay so fast in the empty and nonfreindly-bacteria vacuum of space

  • Fox Moulder
    Fox Moulder   1 weeks ago

    Han Solo uses our atmosphere to escape the empire just as he does astroid fields

    Zaid RAQIFLUZ   1 weeks ago

    Why cant you send a nuke into the strosphere then explode it destroying all debris in the in a contained area