Why Denmark Is .16 Seconds Behind The World

  • Published on: 18 February 2019
  • Measuring time is a complicated thing. Computers, banks, and stock markets in Denmark all use UTC, the international standard: but according to the law, they shouldn't.

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    Thanks to Thor Nielsen for the suggestion!

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  • George Lionon
    George Lionon   3 days ago

    Well... law is far more pragmatic than engineering is. In my country (as I learned in one course) about 60 year they made a minor error regarding constitutional law error, and since all other laws are since then based on that constitutional law, technically speaking they'd have to declare all laws made for 60 years for invalid and revert the national law system to that point before that technicality was made.. well everyone decided, yes, or we'll just not do that :)

  • WOW
    WOW   4 days ago

    .16 seconds

  • PiPArtemis
    PiPArtemis   1 weeks ago

    The whole timezone thing is the most ridiculous thing we continue to hold ontoSeconded only by the imperial unit system

  • Anton Qvarfordt
    Anton Qvarfordt   2 weeks ago

    Wait, what.. So you had me sit here for five minutes before you said that Denmark is actually not .16 seconds behind the world at all? There just isn't any law explicitly stating they have to stay ~0.16 seconds within whatever is the.. how do you even legislate that?Wow this video was really reverse-engineered from hearing that they were potentially changing that, wasn't it? Nice dumb pointless coding though, jerk.

  • Teragauss Cuddle
    Teragauss Cuddle   4 weeks ago

    Oh dear. Please do not stay on Dag Hammarskjöld's "vag".

  • Ludvig Witschel
    Ludvig Witschel   1 months ago

    I'm Danish and had to hear the intro 3 times, to find out which city you visited, because of the accent.

  • iikk_a
    iikk_a   1 months ago

    ”According to Danish law, we are now onligated to raise your ping by 0.2 seconds. Hope you understand”

  • RRP
    RRP   1 months ago

    are we taking into account the dam built in china speeding up the spin and effects on the pole

  • preferably undead
    preferably undead   1 months ago

    Only .16 seconds? In the Tennessee, in the US, we are 16 decades behind everyone else

  • John
    John   1 months ago

    I allways knew denes were a bit behind.... /An obviously superior neighboring swede. :D

    PWBERRETT   1 months ago

    What language did you write your code in Tom?

  • datotherkid
    datotherkid   1 months ago

    absolute madlad, going all the way through a country that doesn't exist to be on a desolated island in the middle of nowhere, to talk to a camera. insane

  • carminesilverado
    carminesilverado   1 months ago

    I don't buy into the idea of time it is the conception of standardized time by the American Rail Roads brought out about 1850 - yes we regulate and live by it but the concept is arbitrary

  • James Hughes
    James Hughes   1 months ago

    you purposely put the clip in of the satnav saying VAG! lmfao

  • Skylex
    Skylex   1 months ago

    who was here at .16 ?

  • M. Perfekt
    M. Perfekt   1 months ago

    Are you James May's long lost son?

  • Blaze Softfeather
    Blaze Softfeather   1 months ago

    Coordinated Universal Time.... UTC... Something don't add up here... Universal Time Coordinated?

  • Jonathan Blunt
    Jonathan Blunt   1 months ago

    0:13 Dag hammer Schultz vag... what a creative street name

  • GD foof48
    GD foof48   1 months ago

    Hey Tom the code broke I think you should probably check it

  • PaelMoon
    PaelMoon   1 months ago

    I could swear the gps told him to stay on the vag.