Why Denmark Is .16 Seconds Behind The World

  • Published on: 18 February 2019
  • Measuring time is a complicated thing. Computers, banks, and stock markets in Denmark all use UTC, the international standard: but according to the law, they shouldn't.

    Edited by Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin)
    Thanks to Thor Nielsen for the suggestion!

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  • Nathan Siepel
    Nathan Siepel   1 days ago

    Congratulations you are now .19 seconds older

  • Maze
    Maze   1 days ago

    shhhh don’t tell anyone about our Denmark secrets

  • Tobias Johansson
    Tobias Johansson   2 days ago

    That might explain why they talk like the sound of a vommit

  • Choker Boy
    Choker Boy   3 days ago

    who else thought they were about to show a day and night on the island

  • K.D.P. Ross
    K.D.P. Ross   3 days ago

    'Laws should, in general, be in accordance with reality.' ... That's adorable.

  • Vegan Socks
    Vegan Socks   4 days ago

    if so why didn’t they tell us about 9/11 smh dirty rats I bet they were in on it.

  • Kei Gil
    Kei Gil   4 days ago

    am i the only one who don’t literally understand the title? :((

  • The1stFishBone
    The1stFishBone   4 days ago

    Where is the medium sized gravel on that beach! There's Sand and then there's tennis ball sized rocks. What the hell is going on!?

  • Isa V
    Isa V   4 days ago

    I guess UTC also doesn’t care that Coordinated Universal Time makes CUT, not UTC

  • Alex Seesing
    Alex Seesing   5 days ago

    :D xD Great observation at the end of this video! Love from The Netherlands (though I don't know how our time tracking is managed by law).

  • David Navarrete
    David Navarrete   6 days ago

    I'm just here to comment that "0.16 seconds" looks way nicer than the awful-looking ".16 seconds"It'd be nice if you update the code to show numbers properly, because when I read that I even though you meant SIXTEEN seconds, and I was like "More than quarter of a minute??"Nice video, though. Cheers!

  • Mads Helmer Møller
    Mads Helmer Møller   6 days ago

    Ok Danish people let’s flex on them æøå og rød grød med fløde og hygge 😂

  • Trevor King
    Trevor King   6 days ago

    So if I go to Denmark I’ll die .16 seconds later?

  • Galv
    Galv   6 days ago

    Tom goes all the way to Denmark to talk about a problem in his own backyard.

  • Dio Zetein
    Dio Zetein   6 days ago

    Surely the doctor must have something to do with it.

  • dindins
    dindins   6 days ago

    i had no idea this was a problem

  • Marcus
    Marcus   6 days ago

    I knew it, Denmark is slower than everyone on Earth and so then are danish ppl

  • Derek Finch
    Derek Finch   6 days ago

    But wasn't it the case in most European countries that most countries had no no proper way of telling the time I'm I all had their own methods and none of these were in line with any other nations please enlighten me if this is not true

  • Kathryn Pitt
    Kathryn Pitt   1 weeks ago

    Does this technically make you a time traveller? Einstein said it was impossible. Take that, Einstein!

  • PATE jr
    PATE jr   1 weeks ago

    Plane enters to denmark's airzonePlane: STOPS

  • Uldis Barbans
    Uldis Barbans   1 weeks ago

    Unsure how the location on the island even mattered...