Recreating Discontinued McDonald's Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

  • Published on: 07 September 2018
  • We've recreated discontinued McDonald's menu items and are both tasting & testing them to see if their cancellation was a blessing or a mistake. GMM #1374

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  • Runtime : 14:50
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  • Aakif Azeez
    Aakif Azeez   7 hours ago

    In Australia I saw a McDonald's with a mcrib it looked like a really old McDonald's

  • Nestor
    Nestor   8 hours ago

    They ProteccThey AttaccBut most importantly...They review McSnacc

  • Noxcoma
    Noxcoma   1 days ago

    Bojangles fries are the best

  • trash content
    trash content   2 days ago

    With the onion nuggets the could have had Szechuan sauce

  • Aidan Jump
    Aidan Jump   2 days ago

    We still have fried apple pies in England

  • M E
    M E   3 days ago

    It left a little ChEeSe dollop

  • The Joker
    The Joker   3 days ago

    europe still has the McRib and they are amazing

  • Podd and Poddle
    Podd and Poddle   4 days ago

    The fried apple pie does still exist in Germany I think xD

  • DJOfRadioGallifrey
    DJOfRadioGallifrey   4 days ago

    Im from the UK, they have deep fried apple pies in mcdonalds here.

  • Victoria Hayden
    Victoria Hayden   5 days ago

    UK 🇬🇧 still has the fried apple 🍎 🍏 pies 🥧 - they are awesome!!!

  • Hailey
    Hailey   5 days ago

    Does anyone remember when they had cheese fries at McDonald’s?

  • Phoebe Taber
    Phoebe Taber   6 days ago

    you can get fried apple pies here in Australia

  • evilkillerwhale
    evilkillerwhale   1 weeks ago

    <there's literally no science suggesting eating cholesterol is bad for you. There is only science saying your damaged veins being full of cholesterol is bad, which literally implies sugar is bad for you>

  • Jackson Tubis
    Jackson Tubis   1 weeks ago

    If you want a fried apple pie, go to Popeyes

  • TaylaAnn XO
    TaylaAnn XO   1 weeks ago

    We have deep fried apple pies in all Australian McDonalds as far as I know.

  • Chloe murphy
    Chloe murphy   1 weeks ago

    We still got fried apple pies in Ireland

  • Laine Lavalley
    Laine Lavalley   1 weeks ago

    Go to burger king if you want really good onion rings

  • Big Nene
    Big Nene   1 weeks ago

    In the uk we only have fried apple pies

  • MarGuy Thatguy
    MarGuy Thatguy   1 weeks ago

    watching this video makes me feel better about my life for some reason

  • nicole
    nicole   1 weeks ago

    watching this as all mcdonalds in the uk close 😔

  • Sean Jackson
    Sean Jackson   1 weeks ago

    They had a beef patty in the hula burger so i dont know why you guys didnt put one in it

  • Xand 3305
    Xand 3305   1 weeks ago

    Those Apple pies are literally still in Australia and their godly

  • Alby Anderson
    Alby Anderson   1 weeks ago

    The weird thing is in the UK the only apple pie they serve is fried

  • Saba Amini
    Saba Amini   1 weeks ago

    How isn't the cheese curdling the pineapple?

  • Jrmiah msn
    Jrmiah msn   1 weeks ago

    I want the recipe for the onion nuggets

  • Adele Sloan
    Adele Sloan   1 weeks ago

    Australia ONLY has the fried apple pie

  • John Lemuel Suarez
    John Lemuel Suarez   1 weeks ago

    Still have apple pies here in the Philippines and they are my favourite!

  • Miguel Cuevas
    Miguel Cuevas   1 weeks ago

    I think fried apple pie is still served In uae