The Try Guys Try Pottery

  • Published on: 30 March 2019
  • The boys learn how to throw clay and make a bowl from scratch! Who do you think will make the best one?

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    Still Life Ceramics
    Mel Keedle
    Ana Henton

    YB Chang

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  • Runtime : 22:25
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  • Mark Dickson
    Mark Dickson   12 hours ago

    Zack’s finished plate/bowl even looks like a olive😂😂😂Like if I am right

  • Hannah Bingham
    Hannah Bingham   3 days ago

    Exactly the wholesome content I needed right now.

  • Triple Demz
    Triple Demz   4 days ago

    No one:The Try Guys: SqUeEzE tHaT bOwL

  • Barley _Brooklyn23
    Barley _Brooklyn23   6 days ago

    Ok they litrally are so niceNed: Ariel loves poetry so I’m gonna make her oneZach: since moving in with Maggie I wanna make her pottery Keith: I’m gonna make something for Becky You guys are litrally so wholesome💕

  • Karl Mora
    Karl Mora   6 days ago

    I recognised one of the books on Ned's shelf. It's called the Flavour Thesaurus and it's about which foods pair together well. I want that book.

  • Jada Collier
    Jada Collier   1 weeks ago

    I love the looks that women was giving them

  • Narro DeLosNubes
    Narro DeLosNubes   1 weeks ago

    I love all their designs but Keith's was something I'd buy myself.

  • Ella Saul
    Ella Saul   1 weeks ago

    Don't lie who's watching all the try guys's videos during quarentine....

  • aman flower
    aman flower   1 weeks ago

    “ that’s what I want! To make Maggie happy!! “ God, are just perfect! Maggie is a lucky girl, (and so is Zach)

  • april arredondo
    april arredondo   1 weeks ago

    I rewatched this after having taken a ceramics class and I am so proud

  • iknowchristalena
    iknowchristalena   1 weeks ago

    Can we get an on going 'My Wife' counter for Ned? So cute!

  • ruiqi22
    ruiqi22   1 weeks ago

    Wait this is so cute. The way the Try Wives all reacted too <33333

  • Anime Trash
    Anime Trash   1 weeks ago

    Oh my god the end is so cute when they show their bowls to their wives UGH adorable

  • ella finken
    ella finken   1 weeks ago

    one time my bowl exploded in the kiln

  • Snowy
    Snowy   1 weeks ago

    “Olives will be delicious, in a booowl??”

  • Aimee Notaro
    Aimee Notaro   2 weeks ago

    Me watching this after Victorious and seeing a black turdle neck after Sikowitz told Tori that the world needs weenies cuz someone needs to wear turdle necks!!!

  • Bree Jenkins
    Bree Jenkins   2 weeks ago

    I loved pottery classes they sooth the soul.

  • Addie Welch
    Addie Welch   2 weeks ago

    Now I want to eat olives out of handmade pottery

  • Meredith Hagan
    Meredith Hagan   2 weeks ago

    Both the women that help the guys with their bowls clearly love their job so much, and it’s wonderful!

  • Mira Szudek
    Mira Szudek   2 weeks ago

    this wholesome content is what I love the most about the try guys

  • nickwong31
    nickwong31   2 weeks ago

    What an amazing teacher. Teachers like her make learning fun for sure!

  • InfiniteForests
    InfiniteForests   2 weeks ago

    Not only were the bowls beautiful, the ending was too

  • hitchcock scene
    hitchcock scene   2 weeks ago

    can i just say that the try gals are so beautiful like becky looks like a brunette julia stiles

  • WolfSister 175
    WolfSister 175   2 weeks ago

    “Accept me or don’t” from Zach just reminded me of “Take me baby, or leave me” from RENT.

  • Dragon Lady
    Dragon Lady   2 weeks ago

    Beautiful Keith with his Beautiful Bowls and The Rest.

  • Whitley Randalls
    Whitley Randalls   2 weeks ago

    Why am i not surprised that Eugene does drag😂😂😂😂

  • Breanna
    Breanna   2 weeks ago

    Btw I love the close up of the black woman when they were making their clay fart symphony. That's the face of "what kind of white sh!t is this?!" if I've have seen one.

  • DonnGirl
    DonnGirl   2 weeks ago

    11:10 😂 Eugene as a drag queen 👑

  • Noémie Claire
    Noémie Claire   2 weeks ago

    "I love my lump. I'm gonna name him... Boris."Zach is too precious for this world

  • Singvlarity
    Singvlarity   2 weeks ago

    why there are so many comments about Eugine and he isn't even here

  • Tamara Davis
    Tamara Davis   2 weeks ago

    They are soooo proud, I'm teary! Good job guys!

  • FromTheHarte
    FromTheHarte   3 weeks ago

    i have  axciety i keep thinking what would have happend if u droped the bowl