Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents "Terry Bogard"

  • Published on: 06 November 2019
  • Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai for an in-depth look at Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series and SNK history in this new video presentation!

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  • Runtime : 48:52
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  • Benjamin Sacks
    Benjamin Sacks   4 hours ago

    02:46 and 25:55Ah, I see Masahiro Sakurai is a gamer and game developer of culture as well!!😀😃😄😁😆😂🤣☺️😊😎🤩👏👍👊💥🔥🥊🥋

  • Master Gaming Dude
    Master Gaming Dude   1 days ago

    My big brother used to own a neo geo console when i was five and we used to play fatal fury all the time Terry is still my favorite character to this day mostly because i didnt know any other characters and it was so awesome to see my boy in smash bros im a huge king of fighters geek

  • Josh Lara
    Josh Lara   4 days ago

    We have Ryu, Ken & TerryLet's get Wolverine, boys!!!

  • MrTriGerD 777
    MrTriGerD 777   5 days ago

    Good boys and girls? Looks up Palutena reveal trailer

  • J Jimenez
    J Jimenez   6 days ago

    So, it is all about appeal, and being "fun" to play. They don't care about being recognized or not. Now i get why they have so many nobodys in the roster

  • J Jimenez
    J Jimenez   6 days ago

    The most popular stupid game that is not a fighting game.

  • 閑照結城
    閑照結城   6 days ago


  • Bvg Tf DDT re4
    Bvg Tf DDT re4   1 weeks ago

    Dragon ball fighter z character and smash character #ex scene please

  • Ned Rostram
    Ned Rostram   1 weeks ago

    Dragon Quest Hero: The character Japanese players wantBanjo-Kazooie: The character Western players wantByleth: The character Nintendo wantsTerry: The character Sakurai wants

  • tcchip
    tcchip   1 weeks ago

    I don't own a console and have never played a Smash game. But as a King of Fighters (and Terry) fan, I love just how much heart is in this video, and how happy Sakurai is at being able to include Terry into the game with a so many cameos and music tracks from the SNK games. Mad props to him.

  • Why?IT 25
    Why?IT 25   1 weeks ago

    After dlc pack 1 I'm still wanting a guarou mark of the wolves terry outfit

  • Antwain27
    Antwain27   1 weeks ago

    “Super smash bros Ultimate is for good boys and girls from many different ages”still lets Shulk fight in only his underwear and lets Zero Suit Samus fight shirtless

  • Vintage Luck
    Vintage Luck   2 weeks ago

    Nintendo: Terry directSakurai: being a fanboy for a game made by a competitor of the company you work for for 45 minutes.

  • Hiro CVA
    Hiro CVA   2 weeks ago

    Most Male's on on youtube are angry and use horrible thing's. Don't hurt your mother. Please. Ever. Midori. Mean's green hunny. No hurting bunny's. There nice. And cuddly.

  • DoggoBoi 45
    DoggoBoi 45   2 weeks ago

    Sakurai: how many songs can we have for terry?SNK: Yes

  • Obinna Ireh
    Obinna Ireh   2 weeks ago

    Sakurai: Smash Bros is for the little good boys and girlsAlso sakurai: fOr HiS NeUtRaL sPeCiAL hE wIeLdS a GuN(late comment ik)

  • Antonio Playz
    Antonio Playz   2 weeks ago

    This is late but no one noticed how spoke a little badly about the NES

  • Mega Simp
    Mega Simp   2 weeks ago

    27:41I think the shared content of ultimate kinda counteracts that but okay

  • lucky is epic
    lucky is epic   2 weeks ago

    terry was such a good inclusion I really like him :D

  • Matthew Trigg
    Matthew Trigg   3 weeks ago

    Wait. If Smash Bros Melee and Brawl were rated T in America, does that mean they're NOT for good boys and girls?

  • Jessica Andersen
    Jessica Andersen   3 weeks ago

    Bro when will sonic not be lonely like the DLC understand but sonic has been here for over 10 years!!! Sakurai plz make at least 3 to 2 sonic characters plzzzzzz

  • Alejandro Medrano
    Alejandro Medrano   1 months ago

    this made me main terry in every fighting game he appears, except smash

  • L
    L   1 months ago

    Hope to see Master Chief in one of these. A man can dream.

  • Kris
    Kris   1 months ago

    Im kinda disappointed terry didnt get his other look as a costume, but otherwise, i love him!

  • Elchemitas 47
    Elchemitas 47   1 months ago

    When sakurai tells about Terry because no one knows himlaughs in Mexican Arcades