International Street Food Taste Test

  • Published on: 11 December 2017
  • We try and identify where in the world we could go to try some amazing street food offerings. #GMM1238.1
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  • Runtime : 14:40
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  • Rex Yang
    Rex Yang   54 minuts ago

    Don’t eat bats people

  • Kristin Stenson
    Kristin Stenson   5 days ago

    Curious about how they’d get rats BUT didn’t question acquiring guinea pigs????

  • Katelynn Maye
    Katelynn Maye   6 days ago

    Link did do better once they switched darts lol, until the last round

  • Omran Amiri
    Omran Amiri   1 weeks ago

    Anybody else watching this because school

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I   1 weeks ago

    Ayeee im from trinidadJust had to be the place that they didnt taste

  • Jaylie Bear
    Jaylie Bear   1 weeks ago

    watches this while cleaning Guinea pig’s enclosure“This might be Guinea Pig” .....

  • Nóra Szalai
    Nóra Szalai   1 weeks ago

    the way she pronounced “Lángos” as “lengosz” 😂 as a Hungarian, kinda painful lol

  • Nik R
    Nik R   1 weeks ago

    they’ve been friend for like their entire life but Link still can’t just accept the fact that Rhett is better than him in darts 😂😳

  • Spooky Stela
    Spooky Stela   1 weeks ago

    It’s been 2 years and I still wanna try the tunnbrödsruule from the first round

  • Olivia Faith
    Olivia Faith   2 weeks ago

    They cheated Link. That was not his Peru. He could’ve even been equal with Rhett or an inch difference lol

  • numbereightyseven
    numbereightyseven   2 weeks ago

    I'm glad they gave up this multi-vid system: I'm playing this at 0.75x speed, and it's much easier to watch. More naturally them.

  • GamersOnlieTV
    GamersOnlieTV   2 weeks ago

    Literally never seen romania on any of the games...makes me sad

  • Cisco Tirado
    Cisco Tirado   2 weeks ago

    Link acts like he is Rhett’s bit**. Like I feel bad for link. It’s sad to see him look weak

  • Bob Charlie
    Bob Charlie   3 weeks ago

    Love how Rhett knew Link wasn’t going to be able to handle the Taiwanese snack.

  • Kendrick Ang
    Kendrick Ang   3 weeks ago

    ffs its chou do fu. not chow dao fu. u can pronouce it as( throw without the h, toh foo)

  • Gustav
    Gustav   3 weeks ago

    I need that outro song!

  • Heather Long
    Heather Long   4 weeks ago

    I love this game! I'm binge watching thesebinternational taste test videos

  • Me Noname
    Me Noname   4 weeks ago

    Wait does Chase wear the same outfit every episode or are they all filmed in one day, and rhett and Link change clothes? 🤔

    DINOLOVER6717   4 weeks ago

    12:06 😭😭😭 he said “ok....ok.....let’s not....” that’s me all day, if we’re gonna do it JUST DO IT

  • shirakikuu
    shirakikuu   1 months ago

    5:42 the moment where link poo poos an entire culture... :(

  • Pachiwolfi
    Pachiwolfi   1 months ago


  • Jamille Panasco
    Jamille Panasco   1 months ago

    BEFORE 11:51 Rhett: How did you guys get raT?AFTER 12:20 Link: Taste like tuRkey.Then Chase's reaction... 12:29

  • Dulce Infierno
    Dulce Infierno   1 months ago

    Chase going to the board Link starts throwing darts/tantrumChase: ight imma head back

  • LovelyRosetta
    LovelyRosetta   1 months ago

    How is nobody talking about the guinea pig?

  • allaboutamanda
    allaboutamanda   1 months ago

    wow, Link was pretty mad. But we still love link !!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Anderson
    Elizabeth Anderson   1 months ago

    Stinky tofu does not look like that when I was in Taiwan, and it tastes amazing.

  • Snail Gazer
    Snail Gazer   1 months ago

    The fact that Link thinks tasting the food will not help him guess where it's from may be part of why he loses every time.

  • Lux Vita
    Lux Vita   1 months ago

    The Hungary thing egsist in the cheh republic too but with garlic sauercream and cheese