Single Point of Failure: The (Fictional) Day Google Forgot To Check Passwords

  • Published on: 16 January 2014
  • - @tomscott - I spin a (fictional) tale of the day that Google accidentally opened everything. Performed at GeekyConf, with thanks to Betsy Weber and Natalie Downe on camera.
  • Runtime : 13:5
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  • C.easium!
    C.easium!   3 hours ago

    I feel like this video was made in 2020

  • Vincent Urquhart
    Vincent Urquhart   1 days ago

    Couldnt someone just sign into maria account just to change it back

  • catfish552
    catfish552   1 days ago

    12:15 Tom garden-path sentences himself.

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown   1 weeks ago

    that was both incredibly eye-opening and terrifying.

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie   1 weeks ago

    “Facebook became the most trusted site” that ages like fine milk.

  • iXortri
    iXortri   2 weeks ago

    Look at the search history at 6:04. *let's save tom*

  • B.D.B.
    B.D.B.   2 weeks ago

    Just disabled my google activity history. You know, just to be safe...

  • maruftim
    maruftim   2 weeks ago

    Well this is some kind of a horror story

  • Stratelier
    Stratelier   2 weeks ago

    "Forgot" is such an optimistic term ... like saying you "forgot" to lock the door on your way out when what you actually did was remove the door from its hinges.

  • Digi Byte
    Digi Byte   2 weeks ago

    How is this finctional? I remember this happening back in the day

  • ella
    ella   3 weeks ago

    12:09 is very relevant now

  • Melvin
    Melvin   3 weeks ago

    It’s now even worse as Google introduced Cloud Services and signup with google

  • Doggo
    Doggo   3 weeks ago

    "4chan entered chat""You have lost connection to the server"

  • bahazbz
    bahazbz   3 weeks ago

    I literally just now realized Tom Scott wears the same red T-shirt in almost every appearance.

  • Cat Lacey
    Cat Lacey   3 weeks ago

    "It takes more than one point of failure to change the world", feels all the more profound as the world changes dramatically around us now.

  • LastName Almaember
    LastName Almaember   3 weeks ago

    "this bug happened at dropbox for 3 hours"in the background:"Four hours"2:47

  • Mickspad
    Mickspad   4 weeks ago

    I'm a bit confused as to why this says fictional, I'm assuming that this is a "what if" scenario but this is being performed live and in front of an audience as if it's real, could someone please explain

  • Steven Koerts
    Steven Koerts   1 months ago

    return True is actually widely used when software is in development.

  • Jeff_ D
    Jeff_ D   1 months ago

    China: Not my problem.

  • Melih Çelik
    Melih Çelik   1 months ago

    If you haven't told me this was fictional, I would have believed you. I mean, those pictures were accurate. They were like screenshots, not photoshopped. And the script is really good and believable. This shows that if Google fails someday, and since its huge it will fail sometime in the future, you can see the internet falling apart. And the worse part is that, people don't want to change that much thus most of Google users will stay within the google. Heck, I am using Google Apps for everything and I think I would have not changed my service provider because of some incident like this as long as they rollbacked everything.And the real worst part is that I know I would do that. I know that I am too lazy to shift everything in my life to some other service, I know that not using Google apps in my phone would hurt me in some ways and I know that staying deep withgin some company system is bad and I am still doing it. There is still Apple that I can use, Apple accounts and phones but I can't get away from Google in the moment. My messages, backups, picrures, contacts, documents simply my everything are backed up in google accounts and I don't want to back them up in somewhere else.

  • Gaming Cinema
    Gaming Cinema   1 months ago

    Obviously fictional because smosh was not ruined

  • Dominic03
    Dominic03   1 months ago

    Why is this just now going onto my recommended?

  • Patricia Mercer
    Patricia Mercer   1 months ago

    Weird to look back on this during the Covid 19 crisis.

  • robert bullen
    robert bullen   1 months ago

    "In the aftermath" is this going to be 2021?

  • Zalaxci
    Zalaxci   1 months ago

    This is why you shouldn't use Google for everything and instead use other sites for mail, cloud etc

  • Noah Beitel
    Noah Beitel   1 months ago

    This has new meaning in the middle of covid 19

  • werr3222werrr
    werr3222werrr   1 months ago

    Me: doesn’t have the same thing for anything

  • Meat dress
    Meat dress   1 months ago

    "It takes more than one single point of faliure to change the world."Is this Mr. Robot?

  • Meat dress
    Meat dress   1 months ago

    "It takes more than one single point of faliure to change the world."Is this Mr. Robot?

  • Ali Amar
    Ali Amar   1 months ago

    This is why I use incognito mode.