Reporters Asking NBA Players Stupid Questions

  • Published on: 02 November 2018
  • A compilation of reporters asking NBA players stupid questions with some hilarious reactions and responses from players such as Russell Westbrook (duh), Stephen Curry , Chris Paul , LeBron James , Kevin Durant and more.
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  • Runtime : 13:4


  • FanaticMixes
    FanaticMixes   2 months ago

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  • JJ Linze
    JJ Linze   8 minuts ago

    4:44 with captions "I don't need stripper" 😂

  • Stirling7
    Stirling7   13 minuts ago

    0:56 I’m not the biggest lebron fan but yoo I’m cryingggg.

  • Smeon Muruts
    Smeon Muruts   46 minuts ago

    Reporters be like what went inside ur teammates head at exactly 4:23 in the 4th quarter left or right?

  • Jack Harnois
    Jack Harnois   1 hours ago

    Reporter: You had a season high 38 assists Lebron: -_-

  • Xbox Pro
    Xbox Pro   3 hours ago

    4:42 made me cry laughing

  • Rebecca yo
    Rebecca yo   3 hours ago

    kobe’s response were so good and respectful

  • Stephfilmz _
    Stephfilmz _   3 hours ago

    No one:Nba reporters: on a scale 1/10, how do you get a rebound

  • Austin L
    Austin L   4 hours ago

    Currys hairline said:———————___________

  • TheChaiThomson
    TheChaiThomson   5 hours ago

    nobody:Reporters; how may letters of the rainbow can you taste, left or right?

  • Sam Snowden
    Sam Snowden   10 hours ago

    I honestly feel bad for the reporters that’s a lot of embarrassment to take

  • davo_sax
    davo_sax   11 hours ago

    “Mike Schwartz here with ESPN...”

  • Walker 1019
    Walker 1019   11 hours ago

    He said how do you feel about clippers coming back

  • Princessme
    Princessme   13 hours ago

    “How long have you been a black player in the NBA?” This sent me to next week😂

  • Static Xylem
    Static Xylem   13 hours ago

    No one: NBA reporters: do you like potatoes? If so how did this affect your gameplay?

  • M CJ
    M CJ   17 hours ago

    First reporter let his awful question stink the room up before asking Chris to expand on it further. 😂

  • Skept
    Skept   1 days ago

    Reporter:If your mother had a snake bite her on her chest would you suck the venom out to win the championship?Shaq: no but I will with your wife.

  • ImperfectNinja
    ImperfectNinja   1 days ago

    So this is what happens to all the kids that bs on questions for book discussions

  • e n v y
    e n v y   1 days ago

    5:30 pause did he say lebron had 38 assists ?

  • e n v y
    e n v y   1 days ago

    4:10 curry hella confused 😂

  • Caiden Ivy
    Caiden Ivy   1 days ago

    2:00 why mans sounds like Stewie Griffin?!😂🤦‍♂️💀

  • JayDehFunnehBaller
    JayDehFunnehBaller   2 days ago

    No one:NBA reporters: “What was the motivation for you being so dominate in this game, true or false?”

  • Dylan the Bot
    Dylan the Bot   2 days ago

    i love curry no homo but is his hair line tilted or is it just me?

  • 2K20 Channel
    2K20 Channel   2 days ago

    The reporter really just said lebron had 38 assists that’s straight cap

  • Arooga Loops
    Arooga Loops   2 days ago

    When you play fortnite and you get killed inside one minute of playing: 6:53

  • YoungPapi 17
    YoungPapi 17   2 days ago

    Nobody: NBA reporters: What’s your favorite flavor of color?

  • The comment above Is whack

    Sarcastic lebron reminds me of this douche bag dumb basketball player named Jose who has the shortest temper but biggest ego