The Most Entitled Mukbang Youtuber: Veronica Wang

  • Published on: 31 March 2019
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    Veronica Wang Complaining about everything
    Chipotle vs Burrito Boyz 먹방 Giveaway | Mukbang - Eating Show
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    Andreyun - In and Out
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  • Runtime : 15:6
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  • Andi F. Izdiharuddien

    The video at 6:00 actually do not fall under fair use. Watch Viva Vrei Vlogs MxR vs Jukin Media, he explained what and which kind if videos would fall under fair use.Disclaimer i don't know this horrible lady.

  • chicken nuggies
    chicken nuggies   1 days ago

    watching people eat is just a way for me to cope when I run out of food in my house

  • David Hughen
    David Hughen   1 days ago

    Miss Wang if a company don’t want you filming on it own property, you have to stop filming... fuck you that thick 😂

  • gabriella schmitt
    gabriella schmitt   1 days ago

    🤨 I have a sneaking suspicion had that video been posted by maybe Buzz Feed or another MUCH bigger and well known company, she would have commented saying how flattered she was that they knew who she was and that it was so funny etc ass kissing etc. She could’ve received SOME praise had she come out saying something like “I saw the video shookbang came out with me and Stephanie and it was so funny 😆 omg I sounded so crazy lol u guys r great 🤤 🥟 ” But no. Instant overreaction on her own misinterpretation, outlining her OBVIOUS insecurities. DUMBASS

  • SpinalTap
    SpinalTap   2 days ago

    Little late but i'd love to have seen her try to take her shit down here.

  • Clownish dankulish
    Clownish dankulish   2 days ago

    Her master piece is of a random pair of hands truly a respectable modern art piece

  • rokudaime
    rokudaime   3 days ago

    so first of all her glasses are bigger than her iq. second of all she literally cries because she took down a video xd

  • Valerie Hodgkinson
    Valerie Hodgkinson   4 days ago

    As someone who works in fast food, I wouldn't feel comfortable with anybody trying to film in the restaurant for any reason tbh. Just let us do our jobs XD

  • Gunzy
    Gunzy   4 days ago

    She belong to the streets

    CROSH   5 days ago

    I spread love! But Go f*Ck yourself!

  • dualkazzy
    dualkazzy   6 days ago

    She's the type of person to believe cody ko is a "cyber bully"

  • F00G
    F00G   1 weeks ago

    she looks like one of the girl chipmunks from Alvin and the chipmunks

  • Cgod
    Cgod   1 weeks ago

    lowkey burrito boyz is way better than chipotle

  • Media On Display
    Media On Display   1 weeks ago

    Oh gawd this is so gross. I hope they ban this type of content when enviably children start doing muckbang and get millions of views. YT is so gross

  • GGGlider
    GGGlider   1 weeks ago

    If you look up Mukbang Beef it’s actually hard to find this in the sea of beef related mukbang 🥩 😂

  • DasMüven
    DasMüven   1 weeks ago

    Idk why these videos are so satisfying 😂 I could watch this guy all day

  • Liam Alcoba
    Liam Alcoba   2 weeks ago

    Shes just a karen but with a youtube channel

  • bored
    bored   2 weeks ago

    i think the only mukbang youtuber i like is stephanie soo

  • Smoker Joker
    Smoker Joker   2 weeks ago

    🤔I'm starting to think she don't know what opposit mean🤨 and why say complete opposite when uncomplete opposite doesn't make sense 🤷

  • EmoReverse Card
    EmoReverse Card   2 weeks ago

    Man if she didn’t want to get criticized she picked the wrong platform to be on.

  • Ava Rose
    Ava Rose   2 weeks ago

    Those glasses are bigger than her future

  • NewBroly
    NewBroly   2 weeks ago

    she's no youtuber muckbangs arnt content because if it was i wold have 1M subs so fast

  • Vanessa Baldwin
    Vanessa Baldwin   2 weeks ago

    This is my first time hearing about this woman and I already hate her...

  • Mrs. Rodriguez
    Mrs. Rodriguez   2 weeks ago

    She needs to get "ENTITLED" tattooed on her forehead.

  • Micheal B
    Micheal B   2 weeks ago

    Canadian are nice of your not a complete asshole cause we can send it right back at ya

  • Kyle Stewart
    Kyle Stewart   2 weeks ago

    4 seconds of hearing her speak told me everything I need to know about her. I think I’m done here

  • Merilyn Chan
    Merilyn Chan   3 weeks ago

    Veronica: I spread love with my family, I spread love with my friends.My stupid ass brain: Did they give you consent?