Draw My Tweet!

  • Published on: 20 June 2015
  • We came up with a new fun game to play... Draw My Tweet!
    Thank you to everyone who sent us your crazy random tweets! Remember to hashtag #drawMyTweet if you want us to pick yours!

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    Android: http://goo.gl/RQZUKR 

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  • Runtime : 10:24
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  • Lucas Sabo
    Lucas Sabo   2 weeks ago

    Years later and I realise now what "Pen 15" is... Jesus...

  • Britney Diane
    Britney Diane   2 months ago

    can we pls have josh in the crew forever, I seriously love him in videos!

  • Kirsty Remedios
    Kirsty Remedios   3 months ago

    In this video they all remind me of the way frat guys act 😅😅

  • Another AvatarLover
    Another AvatarLover   4 months ago

    After 4 and a half long-ass years, I finally got the Pen15 joke lmao

  • Nicholas ngu
    Nicholas ngu   5 months ago

    Any one watching this after watching part 2/

  • SoJinxed Hunter
    SoJinxed Hunter   6 months ago

    PEN15 huh..... Im gonna scroll through the comments section to check if somebody has pointed out that kinda spelled out P3NIS... y'know?.... YUP somebody has called that out already DANGIT!

  • Leon Exists
    Leon Exists   7 months ago

    After rewatching this 10 times, I finally get the pen15 joke

  • Ida Grønvaldt
    Ida Grønvaldt   7 months ago

    I've watched this soo many times and I JUST realised the pen15 joke xD

  • NazzleDazzle
    NazzleDazzle   7 months ago

    1:12 Ryan doing the Hercules clap from Nutty Professor 😂😂😂

  • NazzleDazzle
    NazzleDazzle   7 months ago

    Who's here after they finally made an episode 2?

  • Jade C
    Jade C   7 months ago

    No one appreciated this but Sean called the sloth drawing at 3:00 a beebah and it unlocked old memories of watching that god awful show lol

  • XFChris Walt3r
    XFChris Walt3r   7 months ago

    What happened to their excitement and energy ever since Paco joined along man! I miss the old RHPC

  • Cherry
    Cherry   7 months ago

    What was the last one?

  • Tk Sk
    Tk Sk   7 months ago

    Watching this again after a new episode of Draw My Tweet is released today.

  • Katie
    Katie   7 months ago

    4+ years later there’s a sequel

  • 8alrog
    8alrog   7 months ago

    Who just watched draw my Tweet 2 ? :D

  • Existential crisis moth

    I don't get how the last part is chipotle.. 😭 was that an inside joke or something?

    MAGA PLEX   7 months ago

    How did they get catdog from that? 5:20

  • Animu Guy
    Animu Guy   8 months ago

    1:06 reminds me of big chungus

  • Geaulo
    Geaulo   8 months ago

    Hey why is this in my recommended after 4 years?