Minecraft but the FLOOR IS LAVA

  • Published on: 16 August 2019
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  • Runtime : 17:
  • SATIRE Minecraft but the FLOOR IS LAVA minecraft pewdiepie minecraft pewdiepie pewds pewdie pdp


  • Blue Gaming MC&GD
    Blue Gaming MC&GD   16 hours ago

    When the pig is there they atcually spawn it I can see felix throw the spawn pig egg

  • Xiao Kai Chi
    Xiao Kai Chi   20 hours ago

    Put captions on 3:11 the caption editor is calling for help

  • Phil Trash #2
    Phil Trash #2   1 days ago

    “I warned you about stairs bro” WHAT WHAT WHAT IM LOSINGNMY MIND WHAT

  • Croax Gaming
    Croax Gaming   3 days ago

    7:44 " Get to the ceiling bro.."Pewdiepie ceiling gang confirmed

  • Matea Jureta
    Matea Jureta   3 days ago

    7:44 Felix is a traitor he's celing gang....

  • PossessedByAnOwl
    PossessedByAnOwl   6 days ago

    15:57 pig spawn egg on groundfelix 3 seconds later: how did you make it?

  • Elif Sever
    Elif Sever   1 weeks ago

    Floor gang: “am i a joke to you?”

  • Ethan Bolyer
    Ethan Bolyer   1 weeks ago

    If they got iron they could’ve made an iron door and just sat there at the bottom lmao

  • Jarjarvideos
    Jarjarvideos   1 weeks ago

    This comment section really sucks for such a good video

  • Asha Emile
    Asha Emile   2 weeks ago

    0:02 the ceiling gang energy here disturbs me

    LIFE OF VENKY   2 weeks ago

    Now he wont regret being on the ground cause he is floorgang

  • Alay Mahi
    Alay Mahi   2 weeks ago

    Floor is lavaFloor gang: Is this illegal

  • Payel Ghosh
    Payel Ghosh   3 weeks ago

    Me: a floor gang memberPewds: 7:44Me: YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE

  • Dog Kaisher
    Dog Kaisher   3 weeks ago

    Delete this video pewds, This isnt floor gang

  • flublubs ravioli
    flublubs ravioli   3 weeks ago

    Just make an epic shovel, kill an entire mountain and build up

  • Luciano Paniagua
    Luciano Paniagua   3 weeks ago

    Soy el unico español creo que ve sus videos y pone los sudtitulos

  • Midnight_Echo
    Midnight_Echo   3 weeks ago

    "Why are on the ground Ken we are supposed to be in the sky"I KNEW IT... PEWDS HAS ALWAYS BEEN CEILING GANG

  • yousfi youcef
    yousfi youcef   4 weeks ago

    Title: the foor is lava Me:After 1 month of floor gang

  • WrongHero17
    WrongHero17   4 weeks ago

    Pewds and Ken: make the floor is lava videoMedia: pewdiepie is support global warming