• Published on: 04 December 2016
  • Hey guys! Today we wanted to try an act of kindness experiment and it worked. There are good people in the world! I hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching!

    Give the ace experiment a try and let us know how it goes!


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  • Runtime : 19:38
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  • NephilimM15
    NephilimM15   6 days ago

    God bless you guys doing a good deed and providing entertainment

  • Patrycja
    Patrycja   4 weeks ago

    I dont think they did it the right way though :P I would of written give him this 40 dollars and we will reward you with 20. If the person would give it to the homeless for reseaving only 20 dollars for it, it would be a good deed. Anyone would do that if they would het 60 dollars for giving someone 20 :P

  • Natalia English
    Natalia English   1 months ago

    That is so nice of you guys love you guys Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s not gonna stop you and do what you want to do love you guys so much keep doing what you’re doing that’s not gonna stop

  • KDW _4L
    KDW _4L   1 months ago


  • Felicia and Layla
    Felicia and Layla   1 months ago

    i would be happy with the $20 single mom ballin on a budget hehe my cash app is $ASDmom1004 :)

  • Yagurl Niyah
    Yagurl Niyah   1 months ago

    Austin got his hug ducked🤣🤣 18:22

  • dorinfw
    dorinfw   2 months ago

    If you're a good person you shouldn't need a reward for doing good

  • Jenaya Vargas
    Jenaya Vargas   2 months ago

    Like if here after catherine announced baby #3

  • Kyle Kohl
    Kyle Kohl   2 months ago

    All these videos are fake 😂

  • Joan Kyer
    Joan Kyer   2 months ago

    This is super cool that people do good deeds for the homeless. Even if people sit there asking for money and you know them and you say dam they are not homeless. Maybe they just need some help you can develop friendship and help each other out. Might not be money wise but yeah just help those asking. Cheers to you Ace family for helping this guy out

  • Miss Molly
    Miss Molly   2 months ago

    You should have made it $100.00 and then doubled that to $200.00.  $60.00 just wasn't that exciting.

  • Maria Maldonado
    Maria Maldonado   3 months ago

    Literally sobbing Everytime i see Elle 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Alexis Anne
    Alexis Anne   3 months ago

    It is hard to find kindness. But you deliver that so well.

  • Carrie Becker
    Carrie Becker   3 months ago

    I'm not trying to be negative, but I don't see how she did a "good deed"? Yes it was awesome to give him $20, but she did it to get $60. Austin and Catherine are the ones who did the good deed.

  • Jackie Yearwood
    Jackie Yearwood   4 months ago

    Y'all guys r amazing it's just a few is this world that would take there time outta of a day to help as many people as you ace fam would do thanks alot for caring you guys will definitely earn a star in your crowns one day I am a recent prescriber to your channel keep up the good work and god bless you guys!

  • Linda Fuentes
    Linda Fuentes   4 months ago

    She was so nice , my sister would’ve took it 🤭😂

  • Victoria White
    Victoria White   4 months ago

    Me right after they put up their Snapchat (oh my gosh I can finally follow them)

  • Rose N
    Rose N   4 months ago

    i love how she said “we were gonna give him all the other money too” i was thinking the same aww 🤍

  • Lee-Mee Muffin
    Lee-Mee Muffin   4 months ago

    Just letting you know that there are YouTube’s who have wayyyyyyyyyyy less subscribers than you and they are helping a lot more..$20???? Lucky person....give more back to the people who made you who you are today...unnu too damn mean‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️kmt

  • Mica Castro
    Mica Castro   5 months ago

    She’s a good person and by the way she’s beautiful inside and outside👌🏼and I love you Ace Family

  • DDTV
    DDTV   5 months ago

    “some random black guy” what