WEIRD things you can buy ONLINE

  • Published on: 16 January 2020
  • WEIRD things you can buy ONLINE! What' the craziest or weirdest thing you have seen for sale online on sites like Amazon? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch SPOILED girls Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!

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  • Sydney Johnston
    Sydney Johnston   1 days ago

    I had a lot of imaginary sisters but I have one and it is alot

  • jordin johnson
    jordin johnson   1 days ago

    The science between thinking u sound good while sing but not when ur recorded is because when u sing or talk ur vocal chords produce lower notes that r so quiet that they r only heard by u and recording devices also cannot pick up these lower notes- my music teacher

  • Itz_Meh UwU
    Itz_Meh UwU   3 days ago

    When you have the Satan piggy bank: disappears from existence

  • Wolfie_Gacha :3
    Wolfie_Gacha :3   4 days ago

    I have never recorded me singing but I have recorded my voice making stupid videos on my phone. I sound way older than I really am

    JOCELYN FANELL   4 days ago

    I did the owl pellet thing in 2nd grade... 🤢🤮

  • Jaslene Dee
    Jaslene Dee   6 days ago

    I’m legit rn eating Cheetos gfrom subway

  • satxrn
    satxrn   1 weeks ago

    My cousin is so good at singing! 😝 ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧

  • N E
    N E   1 weeks ago

    Where can I get myself one of those bendy phones

  • Abbey Pacheco
    Abbey Pacheco   1 weeks ago

    my class lets us do the owl pellets for fun in science class in fifth grade

  • Cadence
    Cadence   1 weeks ago

    I had to dissect an owl pellet in 5th grade

  • Christina Moreno
    Christina Moreno   1 weeks ago

    When you said you always think your good but you Realize that your not I was like I’m with you girl I sing all the time and I am like I am so good but when I here it I DELETE IT because I am horrible but when I did a singing contents with my friend as the judge and my enemy agents me and the judge is friends with my enemy but I sill won hehe🤗

  • ninjahaven13
    ninjahaven13   2 weeks ago

    Maybe sssniperwolf can create a bunch of imaginary Ashleys and sell them, lol

  • Declan Baglin
    Declan Baglin   2 weeks ago

    My school sold Owl throw up and then a few people complained that they were selling owl threw up and food at the same place with no gloves or hairnets (they sold them at this thing called Friday market )

  • Cynthia Medina
    Cynthia Medina   2 weeks ago

    Everybody:yaaa I’m so happy!Me:WAA MY TIKTOK ACCOUNT GOT DELETED BECAUSE I MADE A NEW ACCOUNT AND NOW I RE DOWNLOADED TIKTOK AND I CANT BET A NEW ACCOUNTEdit:true story it happened a couple minutes go

  • Miguel Riojas
    Miguel Riojas   3 weeks ago

    My 5th grade teacher actually bought the owl throw up thing and we had to open and like search though them and we found the bones of the little animals that the owl had eaten.

  • Anna Davis
    Anna Davis   3 weeks ago

    Sniperwolf can you text me pls I have no friends

  • Fennico Fox
    Fennico Fox   3 weeks ago

    4:01 it’s actually fun you get like four skulls In each pellet we did it in class

  • Brooke Noland
    Brooke Noland   3 weeks ago

    I had those bacon bandages! 😂😅🤣 I got that and a pack of bacon from my gramma when I was like 7! lol, I’m a nerd.. let’s go!!!