COVID-19 Pandemic: ANC Special Coverage (6 PM, 5 April 2020) | ABS-CBN News

  • Published on: 05 April 2020
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  • Runtime : 3:36:52
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  • phong pham
    phong pham   3 weeks ago

    I think WHO should shut down right away.....the corrupt from WHO ( Tedros Adhanom ) killing almost 300,000 life....I bet the WHO ( Tedros Adhanom ) took some money from CHINA ( Xi Jinping), so for peoples work for WHO please stand up and lets the world know what happen ( Tedros Adhanom )did, don't you guy feel guilty enough???? Remember, USA already boy scout the WHO, so soon or later the truth will come out. I give advise for peoples work for the WHO right now, contact to US government and tell them the truth right now. You might get the new jobs from US and you will feel good about it or you will regret for the rest of your life and may be your family die from Covid China.

  • 嘉露
    嘉露   1 months ago

    Condemn Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus !譴責譚德塞包庇中共隱匿武漢肺炎,以致病毒肆虐全世界譚德塞必需道歉下台!

  • Ming Lai
    Ming Lai   1 months ago

    Tedros is just a CHINA's dog but nothing!!!!!!!!

  • Niko
    Niko   1 months ago

    Shut down W.H.O or at least change their name to C.H.O

  • Roderick Medina
    Roderick Medina   1 months ago

    WHO is no longer a credible organization. Apparently corrupted by CHINA. Recently, U.S.A. will withhold contribution in the amount of One Million (US$1,000,000.00) Dollar.

  • Geric Soreda
    Geric Soreda   1 months ago

    WHO is operating under the skirt of China. Delete this corrupt organization and throw to jail the officials responsible for the death of tens of thousands defenseless human beings.

    LJ ADONA   1 months ago

    Para sa mga nagtatanong

    HUSTLE GAMING   1 months ago

    Boset yan WHO GENERAL NAYAN. Isa rin palang tuta ng China!!! Sarap mong sakalin!

  • dennis seeker
    dennis seeker   1 months ago

    my god do you know what you are doing? the lockdown you are starving the people of the Philippines, as they lack food their immune system will be weaker and get the virus more easy. they are curing this virus in the usa" Several studies have shown tremendous success with hydroxychloroquine and Z-Paks to treat the virus." aslo the right vitamins will help so much including mega dose of vit c when some one is ill 50,000 100,000 mg Iv drip works wonders, and if all people would be taking vit c - d - a etc the rate of infection would drop young healthy do not die from this , if you are going to lockdown then you are responsible to care for the people feed them keep thrir immune system strong other wise you are killing them with the lack down, you lock people inside but they need the vit d from the sun. what are you thinking do you want to kill people ????? how many must die before you take action?

  • Madmonkeyitch
    Madmonkeyitch   1 months ago

    Tedros should transfer office to Wuhan wet market and eat bat, rat, cat, pangolin soup since he claims it’s safe!

  • Gold Crown
    Gold Crown   1 months ago


  • Maikeu Sarang
    Maikeu Sarang   1 months ago

    Make the CCP pay. WHO Director-General resign!

  • Ameer Khalifa
    Ameer Khalifa   1 months ago

    S/O sa mga subscriber nitong nanloloko sa atin since then, baka gusto ninyong i-unsubscribe na! tapos na ang LEGACY ninyo sa PILIPINAS, nandito na ang mga MAKABAYAN. #AllahuAkbar #Alhamdulillah #SubhanAllah

  • Jun Macalalad
    Jun Macalalad   1 months ago

    yun mga policy makers and economic planners should be able to identify areas and group of workers that can be "unlocked" ahead to continue with the economy -- like manufacturing or government agencies..

  • Jun Macalalad
    Jun Macalalad   1 months ago

    after quarantine, dapat wide-spread testing should be done.. simultaneously ... to identify pockets of virus impact.. and then lift isolation.. that should be done now.. after more than 3 weeks of isolation

  • maria tina zaldivar
    maria tina zaldivar   1 months ago

    prayers, patience and unity. . .tama na wag madaliin ang lockdown dahil pg mas lumala ang pgdami ngp pg spread ng covid bka hndi na macontrol ng bansa at bka maubusan ng funds para msuportahan ang mamamayan, tayo at mga pamilya din natin ang kawawa. . GOD BLESS everyone.

  • Harley Robredo
    Harley Robredo   1 months ago

    Viral:Asawa ng lalaking nagpakamatay habang nka fb live Nagsalita na panoorin👇

  • AnY How
    AnY How   1 months ago

    bring all the positive case on a remote island... to isolate and contain the virus... and eventually lift the lockdown one by one with proper protocol and correct data...

  • リチー
    リチー   1 months ago

    ANC won't be ANC without Nikki (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

  • Ron Johnson
    Ron Johnson   1 months ago

    The head of the W.H.O is a close friend of China check out you tube videos about him and president Xi.

  • Badoodles
    Badoodles   1 months ago

    That graph is not accurate. Cases already existed since the death of that first victim.

  • I am Joanna
    I am Joanna   1 months ago

    Being an irresponsible carrier makes you a murderer.

  • DeSigNyeR
    DeSigNyeR   1 months ago

    Hope matapos n to afterholy week...Keepsafe everyone,keep praying

  • Pigletxis Mhike
    Pigletxis Mhike   1 months ago

    Hay naku. Again, ang talagang apektado sa quarantine na ito eh ang mga may trabaho, mga empleyado, may mga business, mga nagtratrabaho sa mga puv because sila ang di makakilos dahil nga sa lock down. Yang mga poor na sinasabi niyo not all pero most of them dont work, mga seniors who dont work and are already getting their MONTHLY benefits, the 4ps who are also getting money from the governnent before this happened. Bakit sila ang inuuna nila dito. Wag nyo nalang ibigay yang pera na yan. Mali naman kasi mga tinutulungan niyo.

  • hedge hog
    hedge hog   1 months ago

    the news reporter is cute!!

  • Surfer Franco
    Surfer Franco   1 months ago

    Prayers for those who succumbed to C19 🕯 💐 🌺 ❤️ 🕊 🙏🏾