The BEST Plays of the 2019 NBA Finals | Presented by YouTubeTV

  • Published on: 14 June 2019
  • Check out the Best Plays of the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors from the 2019 NBA Finals presented by YouTubeTV.

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  • Runtime : 12:52
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  • G L E N N
    G L E N N   19 hours ago

    Kunh d lang na injured si Klay sa game 6 tangina hahahaha

  • Axcel Buscas
    Axcel Buscas   20 hours ago

    Raptor wins because allmost all of the players of GSW are injured.... (sorry for my grammar)

  • adityas
    adityas   2 days ago

    This is all good but the Toronto announcer's 'Hello' is the most annoying thing i've ever heard.

  • Julia Sabah
    Julia Sabah   6 days ago

    Have no doubt I will go even further with this program as well:

  • Stroller
    Stroller   6 days ago

    1:21 that face is cracking me. hahaha

    ENGINEER AKRAM   1 weeks ago

    Best basketball in the world

  • Brian Beggs
    Brian Beggs   1 weeks ago

    My only wish in life is to make you laugh everytime

  • Bunto farming
    Bunto farming   1 weeks ago

    Siakam euro stepped Draymond so badly on that last play, Draymond still looking for him till this day

  • shaaloook
    shaaloook   1 weeks ago

    1:59 the bald guy is emotionless

  • Lovely Blasian
    Lovely Blasian   1 weeks ago

    All basically Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raiders

  • Power DF
    Power DF   1 weeks ago

    lmao raptors beat a handicapped warriors team! congrats

  • Delta
    Delta   1 weeks ago

    This is still stressful watching it even when you know they win

  • the wolf
    the wolf   1 weeks ago

    One of the best final playoffs i ever see. I just regret the injury of durant an Thompson...

  • Rafe
    Rafe   2 weeks ago

  • Josh w
    Josh w   2 weeks ago

    No one:Kawhi: Stops Curry and LeBron from both getting a 3-peat

  • Zuhair Prod.
    Zuhair Prod.   2 weeks ago

    Who hear is from Toronto let’s goooo we won the finals

  • Squishy_Poo
    Squishy_Poo   2 weeks ago

    Is it me or are they showing WAY more GS footage than raptors 😒 Just another showing of how bias the NBA is to no Names and especially the raptors. I mean they won the fricken championships man at least acknowledge them with the same energy you would others??

  • Ray Manalo
    Ray Manalo   3 weeks ago

    Why do you keep bringing game 1 then game 2 then game one again, you stupid!!!

  • Yan Hans
    Yan Hans   3 weeks ago

    tecent gives u 10billions D per year……

  • Isaiah Ellison
    Isaiah Ellison   3 weeks ago

    I hope yall know that if KD was on court this whole series woulda been wraps lmaooo

  • Raphael A-R
    Raphael A-R   3 weeks ago

    Kawhi was the Finals MVP, averaged 28.5ppg, but had like 4 plays this entire video smdh...

  • Mj Faelnar
    Mj Faelnar   3 weeks ago

    Raptors not deserve to be NBA champion warriors deserved

  • bryant montero
    bryant montero   4 weeks ago

    Stephen curry was the best shooter of this TEAM and of all the NBA